3 Effective Hacks For a Successful Miracle Prayer

3 hacks for a successful prayer
miracle prayers exist
Can I pray for a miracle? Do miracles happen through prayer? Or why are my prayers not manifesting miracles?
A lot of times, you must have questioned yourself or even high situated profound spiritual men like the pastors, bishop, deacons or reverend. But you seem not to be convinced with their answers.
Put your worries to rest, I will take you on a ride into the mind of God concerning prayers and miracles.
Obviously, you pray for miracles, make vital sacrifices, pay tithes and contributions, routinely go to rituals in church yet still however nothing occurs.
Trust me, it’s disappointing and infuriating to pray and nothing transpires.
A lot think the formula is simple.
  1. Pay your tithes and offerings
  2. Attend rituals in church regularly
  3. Do your respective duties as workers
  4. Then ask in prayer and God answers
But here’s the thing, after fulfilling all these miracle propelling steps, it isn’t enough to birth that which you desire and require.
Yes, the formula is simple but doesn’t automatically give you that which you have asked from God.
I’ve seen Christians, follow the above-listed steps but still, nothing happens and they believe Satan is impeding their prayers from ascending to the ears of God.
Really? That’s because you are not thinking of the fundamentals of praying an effectively that bring its way miracle even immediately.
There are fundamentals, prerequisites knowledge you need to possess to effect a change through prayer.
There’s a need to understand the meaning of miracle prayer.
What is a miracle prayer?
3 hacks for a succesful miracle prayer
Miracle prayer is the authoritative declaration of possibility currently unavailable in the physical realm.
You see, again, miracle prayer is creating a portal for heaven to downpour the Garden of Eden on earth (Deuteronomy 28:1-15).
Come to think of it, do you pray persuasively or authoritatively? The world today is existence because of the authoritative declaration of God during creation (Genesis 1,2,3)
He(God) never spoke persuasively like can there be light, of course, NO, but let there be light (Genesis 1:3) and there was light to date.
Let’s take a look at the ingredients that must cook and characterize an effective miracle prayer.
 1.  Be ready to pray again and again.
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Why are you in a hurry? Who said you can’t manifest through prayer? Do you even pray occasionally or ceaselessly?
These simple but logical questions are some fundamentals that manifest a possibility in prayer. Consistency and perseverance must be the watchword (Thessalonians 4:13).
This is what you are trying to do in the place of prayer;
  • Changing the atmospheric condition to suit the Gods presence 
  • Taking charge of territorial powers
  • Bringing the kingdom of God down
  •  Performing miracles.
These steps cannot be accomplished in a day for infant believers but consistently calling on God even in peril, tribulation or confusion. 
It only means you acknowledge God first before anything (Matthew 6:33).
This is the secrets of great men scattered across the world, consistency.
There’s a possibility audacity inconsistency when you pray habitually, you unconsciously create a portal that on legal terms God is forced to respond to your prayers.
Until you cultivate the habit of praying around the clock you receive NO for an answer.
Here’s the good news there’s a reward far above rubies and gold (Revelations 22:2). Truth be told, praying habitually has honor value, time redemption value, monetary and spiritual value.
So why stop? Why sober? Continue praying but remember pray authoritatively not persuasively.
    2. Ask in Jesus name
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Immediately after the death and resurrection, the name Jesus became extraordinarily powerful and made the only gateway to mysteries, miracles of father (God)
I’ve seen Christians pray repeatedly resounding the name of Jesus like the drums of war but nothing seems to happen.
Then fasting is added because it is believed to be the speed of prayer yet abortive.
Yes, fasting helps, but you cannot bribe God off your habits.
Consider this: Jesus was made king of kings and Lord of lords to govern over those that have satisfactorily adhered to the principles and laws that govern the kingdom.
Therefore, there’s a tendency of calling on the name without any effects
This is where you got it wrong. How? the name is effective only to those that have paid the price to attain a son-ship.
Truth be told, He’s the only permitted route to access the father
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Jesus is the only way
(John14:6). The access point to propel God into making available that which you seek through prayer is massively embedded in the name.
This is why your miracle prayer seems to be of no effect.
Allow the name to find full expression in you, that you start manifesting like someone under the influence of a spiritual force.
Then suddenly your appetite and valued system is re-edited that you now hunger for bible study, power, evangelism and kingdom advancement, it gradually spreads like wildfire.
If you abide in me, and my words abide in you
Ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto
You (John 15:7) KJV.
Its time you evaluate your faith, relationship, and dealings with God. The only way to doctor your relationship to align with God is through incessant study and practice of the word of God (character of God).
    3. Be a practitioner
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Do your duty as Christian
Have you fully submitted yourself to the influence and dealings of God? Is your mental ideology hovering around Godly things?.
Often times, Christians come up with this religious proposition, that Jesus already paid the price on cavalry tree, therefore we should live lawlessly.
Truth be told, I have been privileged to interact with different Christians during evangelism only to unearth this deep-seated mentality that Christ paid the price so we remain sinless.
Unfortunately, this belief is engineering the behavior of Christians henceforth, hindering our prayers from getting to the ears of the father Don’t take my words for it, check this out.
But be ye doers of the word, and not
Hearers only, deceiving yourselves
(James 1:22) KJV.
Guess what? There’s a tendency that you can be deceiving yourself. Why? Obedience is the most costly obligation and sacrifice in the kingdom.
Until you have satisfactorily adhered to the principles piloting the affairs of the kingdom you deceive yourself. (Proverbs 16:7).
Do you know? Disobedience labels you an enemy of God.
Wake up soldier, its time to shake the doors of hell and heaven with your informed playing prowess and furthermore apprehend what Christ was apprehended for.
You are now equipped enough to move a mountain.
 Less I forget follow this praying guide
Guide to pray for a miracle
   1.  Acknowledge God through praise and worship.
   2.  Ask for forgiveness.
   3.  Seek that the kingdom of God comes and His will be done.
   4.  Ask for power and grace.
   5.  Hand over territorial powers to God.
   6.  Pray for your miracle.
In conclusion

Even in the most stressful situations, God offers solutions which are only a prayer away.
I bet you with these steps you will be amazed. What are you hanging tight for, bow your kneels NOW? Remember consistency and perseverance are the watchwords.
What are your weaknesses?
Did I omit anything?

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