5, Game-changing Hack To Stop Maturbation (5minutes)

5, game-changing hacks for stopping masturbation in 5minutes

Oh yes, you are now familiar with the causatives and meaning of masturbation.

This article will be inexplicit and undependable if I omit the proven hacks on how to stop masturbation for good.

Of course, you heard me, there are revealing hacks to stop the cheap habit.

But before, we hit the highway, implement these steps bit by bit and watch yourself triumph over the cheap habit.

Without so much Ado,

Let’s get started,



5, game-changing hacks to stop masturbation

Have you observed when you are alone your mind is always congested with sexual thoughts?

Never remain alone; an idle mind is more prone to sexual thoughts and thus venerable.

In fact, you need to exercise your cognitive (thinking) energy around the clock.

If you are a student, then this tip will bring a tremendous change in your thoughts, how? By reading every now and then.  

Channel your concentration to delightful and favorite things like singing, eating, playing games and so on.

Remember an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and thus the only gateway to the realities you envision.


5, game-changing hacks to stopmasturbation

Like it or not, porn or blue films will always arouse study urge for sexual intercourse.

You need to abstain from watching pornographic materials, how? By developing a strict habit of neglecting the urge when it materializes.

I know it pretty hard and easy to say, but you do just what you need to do.

If you still have the tendency to watch porn and masturbate, then set up some porn-blocking software on your laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Move your laptops to a public area where people can see, then remove passwords from your device for free accessibility. By doing this you will not be able to hide pornography films and images.  

Mind you, the efficacy of this tip is subject to your consent. You really need to take a strict decision and abide by it.


5, game-changing hacks to stopmasturbation

Ironically your brain is your biggest sex organ, how? Because it is critical to escaping from the addiction of masturbation.

The role of the brain in masturbation cannot be overemphasized. Your mental picture, I mean your phantasm is the key player in masturbation.

Away with that bewildering belief that you can masturbate without a mental picture. If this is true, then why is your brain responding to stimuli?

You just need to stop consoling yourself with this truthful lie that you can masturbate without a mentally driven phenomenon.

And certainly, build your thoughts on masturbation-free hobby.


You are frequently disturbed with the thought of sex; you don’t even know how to contain it.

When intense sex drive invades your head then divert your attention to something you are obsessed with.

The most effective tool is to watch or read comic books, laughter over the years has perceived to be effective in stress-relieving.

When you laugh a lot, you will find out that you are less boarded and concentrated.

Please don’t laugh indiscriminately …so you are not mistaken for an asylum seeker,…..just kidding


 I am not saying you should prayer today and wait till tomorrow.

Prayer is the most sorts after for curbing this cheap habit.

In as much as prayer has been ridiculed by youths and even scientists because of technological evolution. Matthew 7:7

God cannot be omitted from your detailed plan; remember a plan omitting the divinity is another plan to fail, again and again.

Stop circumstantial prayer and start the habitual prayer.


Accept you need help, then use the porn-blocking software. This software will help monitor and restrict you from visiting sites with pornographic content.

In other to sum up, the most accurate measure of your health is your spiritual health.

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I will love to follow you up if this worked for you and if it doesn’t.

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