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ThankGod Uket is Gospel Music Promoter, YoTube Creator, Content Writer, web Designer and founder of Kingddom Echos. He has helped numerous upcoming gospel artiste gain mastery of their craft. 

about thankgod uket

My Work Story

In 2015, I finished writing my West African Examination Council (WAEC). I craved for ways to get a job (there were not too many high-paying Jobs then)…

Before furthering my education, I opted to work at an aluminum distribution company, in Nigeria. technically, my job was to offloading and loading aluminum in vans. 

After working for 3 days, I fell ill and couldn’t continue because of how tedious and energy-absorbing it is.

But I really wanted to lift the burden off my dad and mum… one day, I set out to look for a job anywhere. literally, I walked the streets of Lagos looking for vacancy signboards.

And finally, I found got a job that paid me pennies, natters worse, I was maltreated. I was brutally beaten by my employer because I didn’t hear what he said.

Fast-forward to late 2019, when I gained admission into university after several failed trials. One day in school, I and my roommate; Solomon stayed hungry for three straight days. It was hell. My dad was a policeman without decent pay, o was Solomon’s dad.

Miraculously I scaled through. But that three days with no food, birthed this blog today. I vowed that I was going to make money. During the semester break, I walked as a security operative.

One night, on duty, I heard a voice loud and clear; “BLOGGING”. The voice drove me like a mad man to borrow money(From my mum that is late now) to buy my first laptop. I started a site and my blog was hacked and income was stolen.
In 2020, March, I bought this domain; And it is what it is today.

Kingdom Echos have been helping music artist gain recognition. And also, I write in-depth and well-researched articles to help upcoming artist reduce their cost.


Through teaching them YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. the way they can cut costs. (based on my experiences)
Feel free to look through our site for a free Nigerian gospel song.

Please subscribe to our channel for more spirit-filled gospel music and teachings from prominent men of God.

My Personal Story

People see me and they’re like ” how come you don’t look like your sight? no fancy clothes, no expensive wristwatches?” I just smile comically.

I’m a pretty simple, relatable, and easygoing guy. I’m the firstborn of six, and I lost my precious jewel (mum) on 2020, August 17. It was a tall order for me. But I managed to scale through.

I’m schooling at the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. I grew up finding for y self, and I’m of the notion that no one owes you anything.

Waiting to be helped by people is not my thing because no one has ever helped me. Apart from parents. So I channeled my energy to Internet marketing to make sure I live independently.

Apart from that, I’m a pretty simple guy and a lover of the word God. I love singing but I have a froggy voice. very annoying to me.

I’ve got a youtube channel where I teach people how to create websites and profitable Youtube channels.

That’s me.

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