About Kingdom Echo

Kingdom Echo is a music marketing and distribution website that propagates the gospel through strategic promotion of gospel music and providing proven music marketing hacks, tips and techniques for upcoming and successful artiste.


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By divine mandate, we help make musical artistes’ journey a
lot easier with our in-depth articles and expository topics, plus social media
opportunities for building a highly influential brand as an artiste. 

How Kingdom Echos Came About

We bought the domain on March, 2020. Prior to that time, we had always had it in mind to start a blog as an extension of our love for the gospel but never had the funds to kick start.

So, we stumbled on some idea that deceptively helped us start a blog on Blogger.com. On blogger, it’s extremely tough to get the level of functionality needed to move the needle in our Kingdom Business.

After getting a revelation from One of the most prolific ministers on earth, Apostle Joshua Selman. We kicked off with the domain Kingdomechos.com, mysterious right?

Prior to that time, I, ThankGod Uket (Editor and administrator) had already started a poetry website. It never got any traction for months. Along the line I got hacked and my first 45 dollars gone. That feeling right? Ugh!!!

Fast forward to today, Kingdom Echo media house is packed with a lot of stuffs. We also have two YouTube channels;

Kingdom Echo official YouTube channel and kingdom AdSense for those that want to start a business on blogger.com. the goal is to help webmasters avert the mistakes I made when starting my blog that led to the hack. 

Our FAST Growing Community On KingdomEchos TV


Our Services

Music Marketing

We distribute and market your songs online through proven channels, Telegram, Instagram like Toutube and other social media platforms.


Web Designing

Build your sleeky, professional, and responsive website. Never worry about irresponsive websites for your artiste profile/online business. 

Lyric Video Creation

Professional animated lyrics video with up-to-date equipements. You don’t have an official video for your song yet? Lyrics Video is great way to go!

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