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Why Can’t I Add Music To Instagram Story? Fix It Now

It’s really frustrating to try to add your favorite music to your Instagram story but couldn’t. 

Well, throughout this post, I will walk you through 5 ways to add music to your Instagram story without stress. 

All in all, I will also show you different free strategies to add music to an Instagram story be it a business or personal account. 

Now if the first method doesn’t work, the second will, if the third doesn’t work, the others will definitely fix it. 

Ensure you do not skip any step at all.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Can’t I Add Music To My Instagram Story/Post?

The reason you can’t add music to your Instagram story is that the music sticker on Instagram is relatively new and available in a few countries. Your residential country might not be on the list just yet. 

Why? Because it might depend on where Instagram can get a license for music (different countries might have different music licensing laws). 

This explains why some countries have the Music Sticker, while others don’t. 

Secondly, some personal accounts have it enabled but some business accounts don’t have it. 

Because they don’t want business accounts using other people’s intellectual property (in this case music) for commercial purposes and this may differ depending on the country you’re in. 

Below are some of the countries that currently have the Instagram music story feature. They are:

  • New Zealand 
  • United States Of America
  • Britain
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • France

What’s more, you can be residing in any of the aforementioned countries and not have the Instagram music sticker. 

There are lots of variations to this…

Secondly, this situation is rare: if you have the music sticker and but cannot find the song, it means the song has not been distributed on any digital platform. 

Hence, the song cannot be added to Instagram stories if the creator doesn’t distribute it there. 

So what do we do?

Enough talking let’s hit the way. 

5 Simple Ways to Add Music to Instagram Story 2022

If the first option doesn’t work, the second will, if the third doesn’t work, and then the fourth will definitely work. 

What you need to do is follow through with the steps as we progress. 

Is that ok? Let’s check out the first one:

Method #1: Update Your Instagram App

If you’re currently using the old Instagram version, chances are the music sticker feature is not on that version. Therefore, you need to update it. 

How? Go to your Playstore or Appstore depending on the operating system (Android or iOS device). 

Secondly, click on the Instagram App if you see Update then do it. If you don’t see an update, it’s already up-to-date. Then close and reopen the app to check if the music sticker is available.           

If it’s not available, try out the next method…      

Method #2: Clear Instagram Data

Essentially, you’re clearing your external data not your postings. 

Step #1: Go to your phone settings

Step #2: Click on App Management (Might differ for some phones)

Look for the Instagram App 

clear data on instagram

Step #3: Click on Instagram and Force it to Stop

Force it to stop

Step #4: Clear the Cache and Data (don’t worry all your photos and postings won’t be affected)

Step #5: Re-login to Instagram and confirm if the problem is fixed. If it’s not fixed let’s go through the next method….

Method #3: Uninstall & Reinstall Instagram App

As basic as it sounds, it has worked for a lot of people just ensure you have your password backed up. Then uninstall the app completely and reinstall it. 

If this doesn’t work then the next method will definitely work. 

Method #4: Use VPN to Enable Instagram Music Sticker on Story

For short, VPN is a Virtual Network Provider. Basically, it allows you to use the network of other countries while residing in your country.

Does that make sense? I hope so. 

Let’s move on. 

Step #1: Repeat Method 2 but don’t log in yet.

Step #2: Go to Appstore/Playstore 

Step #3: Search and Install “Super VPN

install VPN for instagram music story
install VPN for Instagram music story

Step #4: Launch the App and select any of the locations I listed above.

Step #5: Then open and log in to Instagram. You should see the Instagram story music feature now.

Congratulations! Ensure your share your testimony in the comment section. 

I recommend that you uninstall the VPN and see if it works without the VPN, fine. 

If it doesn’t then keep the VPN installed until Instagram adds a music sticker to your country.

But if yours isn’t still working let try the last step. 

Method #5: Report a Problem 

After exhausting the four steps above and nothing worked, then report a problem to Instagram. 

Now, there’s a guarantee that it will work but how soon? I don’t know. It’s worth trying. Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Take a screenshot of the “No Instagram Music Sticker” error

Step #2: On your Instagram App, open your Profile

open instagram profile
open Instagram profile

Step #3: Click on the three Parallel lines above

clicl on the parallel lines

Step #4: Click on the settings 

click on Instagram settings
click on Instagram settings

Step #5: Click on Help and Report a Problem

report a problem on Instagram
report a problem on Instagram

Step #6: Then type in this pitch below:

write this message on Instagram
write this message on Instagram

Hi Instagram

My Instagram story doesn’t have a music sticker. 

Please kindly, fix this as soon as possible to enable people to consume your services better. 

Best regards 

[Your Name.]

Step #7: Then Submit.

It should take approximately 7 days to fix it. Again, it’s not a guarantee. 

Talking about Instagram, if you want to get more followers by optimizing your bio check out the ultimate guide below. 

Wrapping up – Instagram Music Not Working

Did the methods above work for you? If they did or didn’t work then consider leaving a comment below. 

Let me know the method that worked for you or which didn’t. I like to hear from you. 

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