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Apostle Joshua Selman Biography: Marriage, Age, School & Quotes

Apostle Joshua Selman is a revelational teacher, chanter, and deep worshipper. He’s the founder and convener of the popular ministry cited as Koinonia and Eternity Network International. 

That said, today I will be walking you through a complete unbiased biography of Apostle Joshua Selman

More importantly, I will be debunking some facts about him that are not true, Some of which you must have heard and believed for a while. 

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Detailed Documentary of Apostle Selman’s Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is a revelation teacher of the word of the kingdom. He pioneered the Eternity Network International (ENI), a ministry he started back in 2011. 

He hails from Jos, Plateau State, Northern part of Nigeria. Although he was schooled and spent most of his youthful life in Zaria, Kaduna State, northern Nigeria. 

He started out in school as a composed student, one that loves reading and studying the bible diligently while his peers played. He ministered to people during his campus days alongside some of his friends.

This however helped shape his life, destiny and focus for the task ahead. 

Shortly, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and thus began his ‘journey’ to the realm of the supernatural.

Among some of the encounters that lifted him to higher ministry was on 2nd December 2002, when someone tapped him on the hand while sleeping, when he awoke, he knew it was Jesus but couldn’t explain how he knew. 

That said, this experience ushered him into a state where he always had encounters with heavenly spiritual entities even as a young man. 

He schooled at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria where he studied Chemical engineering

And with the help of his friends on campus, they preached the word of God in any gathering they were permitted to be. This however paved way for teaching anointing that’s always depicted in all his messages. 

apostle Joshua Selman ahmadu bello university

You’ve probably listened to Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages but If you’ve not listened to his messages (which I doubt) you are missing out big time.

Personally, as a believer, I’m not a fan of some Nigerian pastors due to the recent manifestation of devilish prophecies and inconsistent teachings with the kingdom of God. 

But with Daddy Selman, it’s quite different.

I haven’t met him in person. But listening to his messages has rekindled a great deal of spiritual stamina to weather and navigate the storms that have surfaced in my journey.

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That’s why I can flesh out his Biography through in-depth research and information made by some of his closest associates.

Having said that, as promised in the opening of the article, I will be debunking some information about Apostle Joshua that is not true. 

More so, some frequently asked questions about him:

Birth Name:Joshua Selman Nimmark
Stage Name:Apostle Joshua Selman
Born:June 25th, 1980
Birth Place:Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Plateau State
Spouse:Non Yet
University:Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
Occupation:Televangelist, Apostle..

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What Did Joshua Selman Study At the University?

Apostle Joshua Selman majored in Chemical engineering from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Northern region of Nigeria, popularly known as ABU Zaria

Is Joshua Selman Married?

Apostle Joshua Selman is not married at the time of this publication. Now, there have been untrue information flying around the media that he’s about to get married to one Sandrah Areh. 

Debunk any information that he’s getting married to Sandreh Areh. He’s yet to tie the knot. 

Here at Kingdom Echos Media, we are committed to dishing out authentic information, and we try out best to debunk untrue facts. 

Who is The Spiritual Father of Joshua Selman?

Apostle Joshua Selman has always associated his growth to late, Dr. Myles Munroe, Benny Hinn, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, T. L. Osbourne, Reinhard Bonnke, etc. 

With that, Apostle Selman has also mentored some dangerous preachers of the word including Pastor Jerry Eze, Apostle Jonathan Shekenwonya, etc…

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Quotes of Joshua Selman

  1. Every Apostolic ministry must be able to communicate a dimension of the revelation of God’s word to a dispensation.
  2. The epicenter of dominion is wealth.
  3. One of the keys of great people is their disloyalty to any information that does not produce results
  4. The world celebrates and rewards men of value.
  5. We win in life by strategies.
  6. Genuine Knowledge brings liberation.
  7. The proof of your unattachment to things is your willingness to let them go.
  8. The hardest person to help is a man who is resistant to change.

For more quotes visit the ministry’s Facebook Page Koinonia ENI

A Little About Koinonia Joshua Selman’s Ministry

Koinonia is a weekly program assembled by Eternity Network International. Through this meeting, God has been lavished extensively granting loads of revelation to people.

In furtherance, it’s a conglomerate of the end-time army of spirit-filled, kingdom-minded, thoroughly trained believers with a passion to see God’s kingdom come.

If you attend service with Koinonia

Koinonia meets every Friday by 6:00 pm and 5:30 pm for Miracle Service every last Friday of the month; at GGC, New Extension, Samaru, Zaria.

In conclusion – Apostle Joshua Selman Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman is a fast-evolving and revolving phenomenal televangelist.

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