Apostle Joshua Selman: 5 Must-Have Life-Changing Messages (2020)

Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages have been nurturing lives with his revelational teachings from the realm of the spirits.

The word of God is super important and critical for the control of the four cardinal pillars of earth. koinonia audio messages 2019 and Apostle Joshua Selman messages 2019 are all embedded here just for you, so stick around!

To command a force from the Kingdom of heaven into the earth realm, its necessary to become Jesus himself. Heaven is a sovereign territory and the Earth is dominated by Lucifer and his acolytes.

It takes formidable and superimposition of a force to pass through the jurisdiction of the earth’s government and make an impact. What it means, is it takes the intervention of the Holy Spirit to make an impact. If you cannot do this, your prayers will be like a toothless dog.

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In this soul-stirring messages by Apostle Joshua Selman your mind and soul will align to things of the spirit plus giving you the spiritual technology to invoke forces from the kingdom of heaven into earth.

But How Do I Get The Best Of The Teaching?

You have just asked a super important question. You might not understand the reason I said that podcast transcends beyond what anyone can comprehend, it’s the next big thing.

It’s extremely different between listening to messages and watching. The mind is hardwired in a way that allows us to respond to sounds and echoes. The rate at which you respond and pay attention to audio is quite different from the video.

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What do I mean?

Take for instance, when you are watching a movie, you can easily grab a cup of coffee while listening to the voices which tends to disconnect you from the flow. But it’s almost impossible to listen to a podcast while reading a book or even drinking coffee.

Why? The mind is fashioned to pay more attention to audio instruction than video because you cannot see the person talking and the only medium of seeing the person is directing massive mental energy to what that person is passing across.

Back to how you can get the most off a gospel song.

I will give you proven tips that have helped me develop my spiritual life and mental alertness.

1. Isolation

This is huge! Extremely huge! You know why? The bible talked about the secret place. The secret place is a place where you connect with God from the earth realm.

Isolate yourself to a place of peace and free flow of emotion, what I mean is a solemn and noiseless environment, where the whizzing breeze is louder than rumbling waters.

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That gets us to the next step….

2.     Use headphone/earpiece

You will come to terms with me that the best and quality sounds and experience of a song is best enjoyed with headphones.

But be extremely careful not to elude the stipulated percentage of volume to keep your eardrum off damages, within 70 to 75% is pretty good.

3.     Close your eyes

Why do we close our eyes during prayers, why does other religion preach this belief? Back then when I was a kid we were told closing of eyes prevents us from seeing God.

When you close your eyes, your human senses increase and your ability to feel, sense and hear alleviates too. That’s why yoga is best enjoyed with eyes closed.

4.     Smash the play button

This is the most important aspect of this article. This is when you’ve satisfactorily adhered to the aforementioned steps. Allow the words flow incessantly mind bank into your spirit and human being.

5.     Stick to our blog.

Left to me this is the best step here, if you don’t stick to this site, how you get all the soul-stirring songs and edifying teaching we crank out to you on a daily basis.

Download these powerful messages by Apostle Joshua Selman.

The Character of the Word God by Apostle Joshua Selman

Prayer and Spiritual Encounter

Peace By Apostle Joshua selman Mp3

How to manifest Your Destiny

In coclusion

Apostle Joshua Selman messages 2017 are also included in this list. If you will like us to include koinonia audio messages 2019 tell us in the comment session. what did we omit from our list? are there other Koinonia ENI messages you like to publish?

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