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What Is The Best Age To Start A Music Career?

There’s a huge misconception about age in music. Unlike medicine, music is not a profession but a hobby and doesn’t require classroom intense lecture.

You are probably asking, is it too late to start singing at 30? What age do most musicians make it? Is 25 too old to start a music carrier?  And many other mind-boggling questions about age in music.

Fortunately, the former firm I once worked as a laundryman, my 40-year-old manager, and chorister asked me the same question.

The answers in this copy are geared towards that.

In this article, I will work you through all you need to know.

So, without further ado.

Let’s delve right in.

What Is The Best Age To Start A Music Career?

There’s no stipulated age. Neither does age guarantee your success but a for leverage starting out early. I highly recommend teen age.

There’s a ton attached to music, either singing, playing instruments, or music production.

It utterly requires massive mental energy to brainstorm ideas.

Its dynamic nature is the reason you need to stay up to speed on the trends in music.

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It’s also the reason age is vital in taking music career.

That brings us to this……..

Is 25 Too Old To Start A Music Career?

Before I answer that.

Mind you, there are other possible variations of this question.

If you mean, taking up musical instruments as a career to make a significant impact in the world of music? It’s overwhelmingly No!

But there are some conditions attached.

I will emphasize on them in the succeeding paragraphs.

So, don’t miss out.

Variation 1. Learn To Play Musical Instruments

Is 25 too old to learn musical instruments?  No, you are not too old but rather right on time.

By the way, I have a detailed guide on how to learn music for free. By that, I mean from the comfort on your home with little or no cost. Check it out here.

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With that said, learning a musical instrument is wholly simple and not complicated as the so-called music gurus make it seem.

I’m not a fan of some generic patterns of thinking. I don’t know what article you have read or advice you’ve incorporated in your thinking.

You Can Accomplish More In A Short Amount Of Time When You Have A Focused Objective.

Set your priorities right and hit the highway.

Variation 2. Become A Singer And Performer.

I won’t ramble about.

25 is rather too old to become a singer or performer. This is way far from the ideal age because of the responsibilities and huge commitments attached to making a huge success.

At 25, the possibility of understanding musical concepts, theories, and notes is relatively low and almost unrealistic.

The reason is, your scale of preference and priorities vary from when you were a teenager with fewer responsibilities. 

Below are some prudently selected possible factors that will hamper your ability to take music as a career.

  • Your Family
  • Personal commitments
  • Sexual gratification
  • Desire to be important
  • Hassel of fending for self and family

Nevertheless, can you become successful as a musician at 25? Yes, you can. You are psychologically sound to comprehend. But it’s going to be daunting.

Is 30 Too Old To Start A Music Career?

I know it’s weird, but these questions are flooding mailbox like ravaging fire.

Let’s face it.

30 is way too old to start a music career. There are a ton of huge commitments and responsibilities attached to music. It’s extremely demanding.

Think of the rehearsals, social media hassle, and songwriting, marketing, and studio sessions. It’s extremely demanding and will hamper your fatherly or brotherly role.

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All I’m saying is, the earlier the better.

There’s a popular aphorism: “catch them young” but it’s never too late if you have divine mandate to propagate the gospel, otherwise I do not recommended it at all.

At age 30, what I recommend is learn music for the fun of it not as career.

God however has the final say. If you can weather the storm, go for it!

In Conclusion

Your ability to assimilate music theories has a direct correlation with age. No one should tell you otherwise.

I believe in miracles but remember God is not a magician.

If you are not psychologically and spiritually prepared God cannot propel you to success.

There’s time for everything. 30 is not an advisable age to venture into the music business.


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