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4 Best Social Media Sites To Promote Your Music Fast

Let’s face it!

Some social media sites have proven to be relevant in the music business.

When you prioritize the best social media sites to promote your music you’ll get a massive return on investment (ROI).

In fact, you should prioritize some social media sites if you’re looking to be effective, expand the brand, and increase your reach in the music industry.

In short, if you want to reach a more underserved audience, sell more music, and get more dedicated fans and sponsors.

Then, you’ll love what I’ve for you below.

Without further talks, let’s delve right in.

4 Best Social Media Sites To Promote Music & See Results 2020

The social media site will be arranged in other of preference and that’s how you prioritize them. They include;

  • TikTok
  •  Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

1.  TikTok

Recently, the music landscape has changed, thanks to the advent of TikTok.

In fact, TikTok is a subject of discussion nationwide. YouTube is currently looking for ways to ward off TikTok from taking over the Video-based audience.

To get the illustration – TikTok was founded in 2016, and it’s getting over 800 million monthly active users – it took Instagram 6 years to attain this milestone and twitter is over 12 years but still has 320 million monthly users up to date.

To top it all, the engagement on TikTok is second to none. A crappy 15 seconds video will be averaging 700, 000 views to it.

It’s insane, right?

Guess what…

We have a complete Guide to TikTok for Musicians and also how to go viral and increase your engagements.

That said, the reason TikTok is such an excellent choice for musicians is a user-friendly algorithm.

TikTok’s algorithm is quite different from its competitors (Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Snapchat).

The algorithm exposes users to a wider and massive audience for just a 15-second video. It’s crazy! What can still be done with TikTok

Want to know the type of content that drives crazy engagement? Read on!

Types of Content That Drives Engagement On TikTok

In as much as TikTok is insanely crazy with viral content. There’re some contents that promote your music and give it a viral sensation.

1. 15/59 Seconds Hook

TikTok runs on 15 and 59 seconds video hook. If you want to do extremely well on TikTok you got to look for your song with a 15-second hook, then create a visual demonstration that interprets the message in it.

Better still, you can look for a viral clip that interprets the verse or stanza of your song accurately. Then use it.  

If you want to get all our secrets for TikTok Music marketing, then look through this post.

2. Comedy Kits

It will interest you to know that comedy kits exploded TikTok to the world. In fact, the pandemic (Coronavirus) gave rise to the publicity of TikTok and so, it has maintained its reputation in the industry.

During the pandemic, everyone was confronted with the “New Normal”. Incessant deaths greeted our ears every single day for months.

So, the only stay at home hubby was staying glued to our phones. Looking for stuff that would soften or takeaway the ugly moments.

People started plunging to TikTok because of the comedy kits in it. It gave rise to TikTok.

More importantly, as a musician, I highly recommend posting comedy kits once in a while – with your song in the background only when it makes sense, if not, don’t do it.

3. Contests

Thus far, it’s the most effective way to make your song go viral on TikTok and garner huge engagement.

The cool thing about this is, you’ll create a hashtag that carries your song title or theme of the contest.

So, once in a while, I highly recommend hosting rewarding and mouthwatering contests that would keep your audience engaged.

And ultimately promote your song.

Doing this, make sure your song is on the TikTok Music library.  

2.  Instagram

musician post on instagram

Over the years, Instagram has tremendously done well. In fact, it has changed the world of entertainment and merged the globe into one happy family.

These days, after attending a conference, concert, or meeting someone for the first time, instead of your phone number, they ask for your Instagram handle.

That’s how rampant Instagram is.

The video-based network is such a huge opportunity for musicians because of its third-party apps (Lomotif, Viveo, Vlogit, etc.) that allow you to create stunning content at the push of a button.

Pretty cool huh?

According to statistica, about 6 in 10 Instagram users login to the platform. It’s the second most used social media site in the world.

Truth be told, Instagram is the most important for influencer marketing – with a whopping 89% increase.

What that means is, brands that have to do with fame and entertainment will enjoy this benefit.

What does this tell you?

It’s a platform that would skyrocket your reach and builds your brand within a twinkle of an eye. But you need to adopt a consistent posting schedule.

luckily for you, I’ve created a good resource for some of your basic Instagram questions.

There’s this feeling that radiates within your fans when they see your authenticity and personality through your transparency.

They are more likely to buy your song or subscribe to your YouTube channel because it connects with their humane side.

Types Of Content That Promotes Your Music On Instagram

Obviously, all marketing strategies will not work if you on Instagram if you don’t know the contents that drive engagement on Instagram.

1. Behind The Scene Content

Behind the scene, content gives your fans that exclusive, inside look that makes them feel like they really know you.

As an independent musician, make sure you’re sharing plenty of behind the scene contents.

2. Instagram Stories

Storytelling has been around for decades if not millenniums. In fact, stories of the ancient were transmitted by the word of the mouth only.

Fast-forwarded to this contemporary time, big tech companies modernized storytelling a bit differently.

Instagram stories are a pretty good example of engaging storytelling techniques.

But how do you create these thumb-stopping stories?

Use a popular tool called or, they are really awesome. Even without professional knowledge of graphics designing.

Above all, make sure you’re using your song in the background or lip-synching.

That way, it will dramatically increase the odds of people downloading and listening to it on Spotify and Apple music.

3.  YouTube

It’s safe to say that YouTube is the most popular video-based platform in the world – with a whopping 2 billion active monthly users.

There’s a ton of money to be made if you leverage our strategies for YouTube music marketing. It’s pretty streamlined taking out all the technicalities.

That out of the way, if you’ve not been leveraging the power of YouTube in your music marketing journey, you’re leaving too much money on the table.

Statistics show that 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. (buffer 2019).

That brings us to;

Types Of Content That Promotes Your Music On YouTube

Many a time, musicians think they are limited to the amount of content to post on YouTube. I will show you a few. Do you want more?  check out our YouTube music marketing strategies if you want to do well.

1. Lyrics Videos

As an independent artiste, it can be hyper-expensive to fund a music video project while starting out.

Especially if you want a high quality, 8k resolution, and powerful graphical animations.

Stress no more, the pandemic (Corona Virus) actually opened up a ton of opportunities for you as creators.

Lyric videos became prominent on YouTube as lockdown restrictions became evident. Artists could no longer travel to shoot their music videos.

So, it increased the relevance of lyrics video.

Guess what?

I specialize in creating professional lyric videos. You can check that out on our YouTube channel make sure to subscribe and like the video.

Here’s a sample.

If you want me to help you create a stunning lyrics video for your next single, use the phone number (WhatsApp/call) on my bio below.

2. Cover Video

This technique is underused and underrated too. Cover videos have become an integral part of the music business today.

More importantly, it’s one of the most guaranteed ways to garner popularity and brand awareness in your career, fast.

If you’re talented enough to radiate feelings in the hearts of people with your voice, then, this a pretty good bet for your talent.

When you create cover videos, tag the host artiste, chances are the artiste will publish your video on their YouTube channel.

The song Way Maker by Sinach, garnered over 150 million views, making it the first African gospel singer attain this milestone.

But, what is pretty cool is that some cover video garnered over 4 million views too – just from performing someone else’s song.

Wow! Right?

1. TikTok Videos

Surprised to see this? Don’t be, it’s an algorithm change that would kick start 2021.

Be on the lookout.

in the paragraph above, I talked about YouTube looking for ways to ward off TikTok from taking over the video-based audience.

It’s pretty cool. Read on!

YouTube is giving preferential treatments to portrait 60 seconds video make sure you include #shots to the title and description of the video.

Crappy and unpolished YouTube portrait videos are getting over 57 million views to it.

social media sites to promote your mmusic

It’s crazy, right?

Originally, it’s not possible.

How do you leverage this?

Upload your TikTok videos to your YouTube channel.  Make sure you include #shots in the title and description of the video. That way, the algorithm will expose your video to a wider audience.

4.  Facebook

Roughly, Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users in the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

That means 26.3% of the online population use Facebook.

Epic right?

So, leveraging Facebook in your music marketing campaign will expose you to a big audience.

Do you know what’s cool about Facebook?

All content types can do extremely well if you use it the right way.

Types Of Content That Promotes Your Music On Facebook

1.  UGC or Other People’s Content

User-generated content or UGC for short, is any form of content, such as images, videos, and audios, that have been posted by users on online platforms like social media.

For example, when Coca Cola brought out their personalized bottles, where names were scripted on the bottles.

Everyone loved and cherished it, so much so that customers started sharing photos of themselves drinking a bottle of coke.

As a musician, you can adopt the same strategy.

Though, yours will be a bit different from Coca-Cola.

Sharing the video of fellow musicians on your Facebook page positions you as being credible, relatable, and is a great way to market your songs.

You know why?

When you release your video, song, or lyrics video, there’s a likelihood of other artists sharing your content with their audience.

It’s based on the principle of reciprocation. If you do something for me I feel indebted to reciprocate.

Mind you same goes for negativity. If you do something bad to a fellow artiste there’s a likelihood of bashing on you in the future.

2. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes perform epic results. You know why?

When people see what they can relate to, something that INSPIRES them, they immediately spread the word.

That’ll definitely get lots of reposts and shares if you execute the presentation well.

Luckily for you, there’s are free online and offline tools that can help you create compelling quotes without paying a dime.

You can use online ones like,, for offline, search for quotes maker on AppStore and play store on your IOS and android device respectively.

3. Funny Memes

social media sites to promote your music funny memes

Do you want massive engagements in your posts? Use funny memes and comedy skits to draw them into your page first.

It’s that simple!

Fans on Facebook are on the lookout for some giggles and if you can do this without turning yourself into a comedian, do so by all means.  

Doing this, you should find a balance between your music, credibility, and funny memes. So people don’t take you for granted.

At the end of the funny meme, drop a Strong Call to action. I highly recommend doing this, because you’ll get a high conversion rate on that particular call to action.

It might be subscribing to your YouTube channel or buying your latest album or joining your email list.

Whatever Call to action you shock in, it will spring forth high conversion rates.

Wrapping Up –  4 Best Social Media Sites To Promote Music

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are so far the best social media sites to promote your music and maximize your audience.

They’ve clearly outperformed Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud in terms of reach and user base.

As an independent musician, it’s super important to prioritize them.

Now, over to you;

What are your best performing social media sites for music promotion?

Tell me in the comments. 

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