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Cost Of Recording A Song: (Producers, Address, Samples) In Nigeria

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This is the most comprehensive guide to determine the cost of recording a song in Nigeria.

The best part?

I’ll show you how to choose a befitting price and also explain the factors influencing the cost of recording a song. Plus, the address of affordable producers in Nigeria.

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In short; if you don’t want to waste money on your next studio appearance, you’ll cherish this new guide.

You’re probably asking about the cost to record a song in Nigeria.  So, I went all out to talk to some music recording studios near me.

How Much Does It Cost To Record A Song In Nigeria?

The average cost of recording a song in Nigeria is 30,000 thousand naira for a live band but the mechanical type ranges from 60,000 thousand naira. The quality of the song is depending on the producer’s skills and expertise which will greatly influence the cost of recording a song.

Want to meet the producers? Read on!

Recording Studio Price List In Nigeria And Producers

Note that the producers are not listed in hierarchies or levels of professionalism.

  • Favour Ejekxs (30,000 Naira)
  • Brian T. Brian (80k Naira) Negotiable
  • Macepro Charlse (30,000 Naira)

1. Favour Ejekxs

Ejekwu Chigozie is a multitalented, young, and energetic Nigerian music producer, recording artiste, and sound engineer.

cost of recording a song in nigerian - Favourejekxs

He’s popularly called Favour Ejekxs, he’s was born on September 16, 1992. He hails from Rivers State, Nigeria.  Favor specializes in the gospel, reggae, Hip Hop, soul, etc…

More importantly, he’s a songwriter, vocalist, piano cruiser, and drummer.

In 2016, he was recognized amongst the Top 10 fast-rising producers in Akwa Ibom State.

He’s a vocalist and lover of music to the core. As an extension, he decided to create a company that advances that goal to the people, which is, singing, producing top-notch music, and rearranging songs to suit the kind of audience intended.

Above all, his major aim is to reach out to all classes of people through his voice and skills.

Cost Of Recording/ Address/ Contacts

  • Price: 30 Naira
  • Address: 11 Ogboro Ama Woji, Rivers State Port Harcourt
  • Social Media Handles: Facebook: RSS Ejekwu Favour, Instagram: Officialfavourekekxs, Twitter: Favourejekxs

Sample of Favour Ejekxs Works

Intentional God By Happy Clement

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2. Brain T. Brain

Bright Abel Onunwavbagbe popularly known as DR BRAIN (Brain T Brain) is a Nigeria-based gospel music Producer, Songwriter, voice coach, and sound engineer.

cost of recording a song in nigerian - Brian T. Brian

He’s a native of Esan Central Local Government Area in Edo State, Nigeria; 

As a teenager, the foundation of his music training was based on excellence and skill.

He was tutored by the best hands in his early days. His resilience in the face of discouragement launched him into his music production career in the year 2012 with a burning desire to depopulate the kingdom of hell by spreading the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth through gospel songs. He produces all genres of gospel music.

His uncontainable and unquenchable passion for music and burning desire for lost souls have made him consistent over the years. He builds, encourages, and guides independent artists in conveying their message in God’s word through music.

By the grace of God, he has worked with lots of gospel ministers who are presently making waves in the gospel music community both home and abroad. 

He is a husband to one wife and blessed with a Son. 

Cost Of Recording/ Address/ Contacts

  • Address: 20, Jenny and Jessey street, off Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadin. Port Harcourt, Rivers state. Nigeria. 
  • Price: 80k (negotiable) 
  • Phone. +2348038632855
  • Fbk. Brain T Brain
  • IG. Iamdrbrain
  • Email:­m

No Sample Yet, Check Back Later

3. Jayteetunez

Nnaji Joshua chukwudi who is fondly called Jayteetunez is a Music producer, music minister, and recording artist…

He is the founder of JayteetunezMusic which is situated currently in Lagos Nigeria.

He is a versatile music producer with a sonorous and distinct sound that defines him in all areas of music. Pop Rock, Dancehall, Gospel Blues, Afro, Contemporary, Juju(Fuji), Reggae, And so on…

Asides from producing and recording artists, Jayteetunez is a mix engineer as well.

Cost Of Recording/ Address/ Contacts

  • WhatsApp/Call: 09035580641
  • Instagram: Jayteetunez_
  • Address: 27 kola Olukotun street Ejigbo Lagos, off Dorcas bus top
  • Facebook: JayteeTunez

Sample of Jayteetunez

Calling By Ebuka Songs

4. Macpero Charles

Macepero Charles is a fast-rising music producer with top-notch experience in the music production business.

cost of recording a song in nigerian - macpero charlse

His company; Photography & Audio Music Production as the name implies is geared up to produce quality and eye-catchy photographs. Plus, producing soul-bending songs.

He’s pretty much the youngest on our list today.

The aim of the company is devoted to giving out the best quality sounds.

Cost Of Recording/ Address/ Contacts

  • Price: 30,000 Naira
  • Location: Ijeh Barracks Obalende Along Dolphin Estate Way Per Session
  • WhatsApp/Calls:  08150862030/09032490164
  • Facebook: Macperocharle

No Sample Yet, Check Back Later

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Recording A Song

There are standalone reasons that determine the cost of recording a song.

If you want to make decisions that won’t hurt your finances, you got to consider these reasons before paying a dime.

Read on!

1.  Genre Of Song

Obviously, one of the major factors impacting the inflation and the deflation of the price of recording a song in Nigeria is the genre of the song.

In my findings, the worship or gospel music genre is hyper-expensive due to its technicality and having to hire backup singers and instrumentalists.

Again, there’s an exception, if the song is solemn and soul-bending then you’ll only need a skilled keyboardist and other much-needed instrumentalists.  

2.  Geographical Location

A producer located in a less attractive area will likely lower the cost of recording a song. Do you know why?

He may be getting less traction and low sales.

On the other hand, music recording studios located in urban areas where businesses thrive, are more likely to charge more.

Now, the cost of recording a song is not limited by the geographical location of the said studio. But it’s worth pointing out.

Because some of the studios located in unindustrialized areas but more potential musicians will likely charge more too. 

Secondly, the quality of your music is not determined by sophisticated instruments. You might be tempted to think that way.

For example, if a recording studio has sophisticated instruments with an unskilled producer definitely the instruments are useless, right?

That out of the way, one thing you should put into consideration when choosing a cost is; the producer’s skillfulness and affordability.

3.  Brand popularity

A big brand or music recording studio is likely to charge more than usual, because of the integrity they’ve in the industry.

Take, for example, Cohbams Asuquo produces a song for you. He would charge roughly 500, 000 thousand naira for just recording.

To see the price of popular Nigerian producers, look it up here.

Do you know why?

His popularity may likely sell your music on the fly by carrying his brand’s label on the track alone.

4.  Recording Time Packages

A ton of Nigerian recording studios charge based on an hourly or daily basis. As such, the price is mostly determined by how many takes it takes to record a song.

What I mean is, how long it takes you to record a song will determine the cost. So, before you go for recording studios in this bucket.

You should have gotten acquainted with the lines and rhythm of the song. Or else you will spend outrageously without results.

How To Choose The Right Cost For Recording A Song?

So, now you are acquainted with the factors affecting the cost of recording a song.

1.   Don’t come off as a wealthy person.

This is huge. I will tell you this categorically, the first impression determines how people will relate with you forever.

So, it’s better you come off as a guy who is hustling and needs sponsors. If you come off as a guy with a fat bank account, trust me, you will be swindled Intellectually.

Nevertheless, buoyant financially? great! But, what I know is, we don’t make money by squandering it.

2.   Be authentic

In the course of gathering data for this article, I met a ton of producers, something pretty interesting cut across them all.

If you’re looking to record a blockbuster song being transparent and trustworthy about what you want will suffice.

You will come to terms with me on the fact that most artists are proud and unreliable because they try to live to please their fans.

So, when they get to the recording studios that highhanded lifestyle reflects in their manner of communication and diction.

Of course, no one likes arrogant people, right?  

In fact, I highly recommended that you be authentic with the producer as to how much you can offer for their services.

3.   Don’t Plead

In my opinion, pleading for free stuff or a reduction in price isn’t necessary. Do you know why?

Every music producer has a standard to maintain, that’s however summed up as the necessary gadgets needed for quality music production.

If you want to get top-notch and well-mastered sounds you have to pay them handsomely, the reasons being that, some might be tempted to use substandard instruments or pay less attention to the production process.

Now I’m not saying you should spend recklessly, but compensate them for work well done. A marketable song is one that is well mastered.

Wrapping up – How Much It Cost To Record a song In Nigeria?

The price of recording a song cannot be determined because the price is affected by numerous factors as I’ve highlighted upfront.

So, recording studio time packages predominantly impact the price of recording in Nigeria. If you want to stick with that, you’ve got to master it to the latter before approaching any recording studio.

That is out the way, that’s all I have for you in this episode of cost of recording a song.

Over to you;

Did I omit anything in this copy? Tell me the producers you’re going to try out first. Let’s talk in the comment section below.

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