Fuel Our Mission in Jesus Christ

There are over a thousand sites with the same demographic and the sole aim of the site or community is the promotion of gospel and advertisement. Making money from the gospel is critical for the propagation and enthronement of Christ as the sole overseer of the kingdom of heaven and earth.

The unrealistic perception that gospel songs suck, with little or no influence on anyone births this sickening feeling radiating from my countenance down to my stomach like aaarrrh.


Producing a costless platform for promotion of kingdom advancement through songs, spoken words, and teachings. Melodies we term Kingdom Echo (solemn chants). This seems daunting and unrealistic seeing this platform is run by a one-man team, for now, a university student.

Realistically, dominating the search engine is super important for the attainment of our vision because the web is undoubtedly saturated with similar websites. Financial assistance is paramount in the attainment of our goals, that’s why we’re soliciting for help.



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