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The Nigerian US-based Gospel Minister Chiaa comes through with a groovy song titled “My God Is Great (Odogwu)” accompanied by the official visuals of the song.

The song “My God Is Great” otherwise known as “Odogwu” in the Igbo dialect is a song of reverence and awe for the miraculous outworkings of the power of God.

My God Is Great by Chiaa is a fusion of Igbo and English to further reverberate the Kindness of God in our lives.

Minister Chiaa From singing as a little girl in her father’s church to leading the praise and worship in several congregations, the music ministry of Chiaa has spanned several decades. Her gospel songs draw inspiration from Jesus Christ who reveals songs to her through dreams, and visions as well as life experiences.

The reason for her ministry is to let the nations know about God’s love because Jesus wants people to receive salvation through His father’s love and not condemnation. Chiaa wants the nations to hear the word of God through her voice as her message of the gospel is clear and her faith unshakable.

The song is available in digital stores nationwide.

This masterpiece is produced by Dr. Ray Production and video Directed by Avalon Okpe.

My God Is Great – Chiaa [ViDEO]

My God Is Great – Chiaa [Lyrics]

My God is Great/Odogwu
Oh Lord my
How great thou art in all the earth
I have searched and searched around
No one like you (none like you)
All creation will bow and praise your name
(Oh most high)
I stand on the mountain top and announce
My God is great (2X)

My God is great
Awesome wonder in all your ways
I looked around
There is no one compares to you
When I behold all the things you’ve done
I can’t help but sing and shout
My God is great!

(He’s great, He is great!)
Chim Ebuka nu!

Okaka bi n’igwe ogodo gi n’akpu n’ala
(Mighty God in heaven)
Onye di ka gi (nezi okwu)
(Who is like you?)
N’elu igwe n’elu Uwa n’ihe di uwa n’ime
(In heaven, on earth and beneath the earth)
Odighi onye dika gi oh
(There’s no one like you)

Asi m ka m koro umu Uwa n’idi ike
(I testify to tell the whole world that you are great)
Chi ebighi ebi o
(Everlasting God)
Olu aka gi Jehovah n’ekwu maka gi
N’elu Uwa nile o
(All creation testify of your greatness in the whole universe)

You are greater than the greatest (Response)
You are higher than the highest (Response)
You are mighty warrior
Ancient of days no one like you

Onye ka g’eji tunyere gi n’uwa
(Who can be compared to you)
None at all o
Iji Aka gi we kwuba Uwa nile Dede mo
(You hold this world in your hands)
Ogadagidi 1 of Elu Igwe idi ike
(The one and only true king in heaven)
That’s why
I stand on the mountain top and announce
My God Great

Oti ngbodo ngbo!
(The indomitable)
Okwa gi bu onye oma
(You are a good God)
Okwa gi bu onye ukwu
(You are the great God)
Okwa gi bu odogwu n’agha
(You are the mighty warrior)
I neme ihe dike k’odiri anyi nfe n’eluwa ta
(You turn all struggles to great success)

No one compares (no one compares)
In heaven and earth oh God
No one comes close)
Even beneath the earth
No one compares
No one comes close (no one come comes close.
No one compares…..
Nothing on earth comes close

You are great, and greatly to be praised
Every creature testifies, you are great!

Odogwu n’agha(4X)
Ibu Odogwu
(You are mighty warrior)
Nwa ngwuro n’ekwu si, I bu Odogwu
(The cripple man calls you-mighty Warrior)
God of all flesh, nothing is impossible with you
You specialized in impossible cases
Ogbajiri Igwe ma kporo mia nku oooo
Daddy meeee Dede m
(You broke an iron and called it a stick)

Olori ihe loro ihe loro ihe loro Enyi
Ma kpuru odum n’onu
Ibu Odogwu!
Agu bata mgbada awara oso!
Nwanyi aga nasi- ibu Odogwu Ibu Odogwu
Oku goro ejima ta Ibu Odogwu
(The barren calls you-Mighty warrior)

Onye no na akwa Oria nakpo gi
Odogwu (5X) Akataka
(The sick calls you-Mighty Warrior)
Aka nagwo oria mooo
(The one who heals all my diseases)
Odogwu Odogwu Odogwu n’agha (2X)
Odogwu n’agha dike n’agha dike n’agha
(The great and mighty warrior!)
Mighty warrior, the Great I AM that I AM
Chim Ebuka nu!!!
(My God is Great!)

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