10 Game-changing Effects of Gambling that will Shock You

Hey there, do you know approximately 10 million Americans live with problem gambling?

Problem gambling is harmful to psychological and physical health. People who live with this addiction may experience depression, migraine, distress, intestinal disorders, and other anxiety-related problems.

As with other addictions, the consequences of gambling can lead to feelings of despondency and melancholy.

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Positive Effects of Gambling

  1. Improvements in mood

This is the first experience of every newbie gambler. Upon winning a lottery, bet or online game. It psychologically elevates your mood, feelings, and optimism.

Happiness and a great sense of arrival are sketched boldly on your countenance as you journey ahead into gambling.

This experience creates a new world of possibility. For example, the first time, I gained admission into the University after 3 years of the abortive trial made me feel exceptionally elated.

That’s the feeling, I am talking about.

This feeling engulfs you on your first win.

  1. The rapid increase in wealth

Due to the improvements in mood and optimism, and self-reliance. It starts yielding fast results; your take-home is huge and massive.

And everything is going as planned.

You suddenly start having fat accounts. Your financial status is gradually skyrocketing, because of the present improvement in mood.

Improvement in analytical skills

Due to the consistency and unprecedented vicissitudes in your income, your analytical skills, I mean your dexterous ability to decipher and predict accurately the outcome of the events gradually increases.

Then you’re able to predict your opponents’ chances of winning or losing and leveraging his weaknesses.

Due to the consistent involvement in gambling activities, your horizon as regards to gambling is broadening. Thereby creating a sense of possibility for you.

A compulsive gambler is always surfing for hacks on how to win big. So, in that quest, you stumble into different tricks and hacks that do well.

I mean really well.

Within a short time, the prowess to analyze a futuristic sequel gradually materializes. And you become influential and popular in the casino or betting shops.


Detrimental Effects of compulsive gambling.


It’s true most gamblers don’t come to terms with this insidious reality, that they are addicted. Surprisingly, it’s an indelible symptom of compulsive gambling.

I know profound inside, you feel uneasy with the habit but can’t curb it.

Or have tried to contain it, but it just pressures your mind and body. If this is the symptom, you’re addicted.

A 2010 study in the Journal Mental Health Addiction (JMHA) discovered a part of the brain responsible for smoking, sex, masturbation, reward, addiction, and money.

The brain is a complex mechanism with several distinct functions, one of which dopamine plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior and addiction.

A non-gambling addict could lose a bet and still go home anger less. While a compulsive gambler is always infuriated and miserable when there’s loose.

You know why?

This chemical is responsible for your addiction and motivation to recoup losses.  Funny enough, it’s responsible for other addictions like social media, masturbation, Smartphone, and alcoholism.

Financial crisis

Compulsive gambling will exhaust your finances. Due to the addictive habit of gambling, you expend every single penny to go betting or playing online games.

Think about it, for an individual without steady multiple streams of income or full insurance coverage, the level of destitution and depression.

Bankruptcy and destitution will isolate you to your detriments. Leaving you to drown in depression and finally contemplating suicide.

Money is requisite for day-to-day transactions and existence. But destitution is inevitable, so far as you indulge in compulsive gambling.

Depression/ increase in the suicidal rate

No man is an island; therefore, everyone needs the company of others. Your level of sophistication, illiteracy, and ignorance doesn’t count. You can’t make it on your own (Psalm75:1).

The popular aphorism that God is all you need is a lie and it has tanked the success and credibility of many.

The reason I said that is.

Due to the continual losses and wastage of funds, time and resources, you’re engulfed with depression, multifaceted thoughts, like kleptomania, alcoholism, suicidal thought, and even marital violence.

You’re however isolated by your thought to your detriment.

Guess what? Isolation is a powerful tool used by Satan to derail people from God. In Nigeria, 15% of deaths in 2019 are caused by suicide, ranging from age 18 to 45.

A 2010 Australian hospital study disclosed that 17% of suicidal patients admitted to the Alfred hospital emergency of the department were compulsive gamblers.

 Because the only means of cushioning the effects in that dilapidated state is attempting suicide and alcoholism.

In the United States of America, the National Council on Problems of Gambling (NCPG) depicted in their discovery that approximately one in five of compulsive gamblers contemplate suicide.

Yeah, you heard me, one in five of inhabitants of the US.

Do not assume your family is gambling-free until you are certain.

Truth be told, it’s no more an insidious reality, I have seen families tear apart.

And yours is on the verge of destruction if you don’t curb it real quick.

Relationship issues

A compulsive gambler is ready to risk anything in the world to recoup losses.

You are always very optimistic about winning which is ironically uncertain.

In China and Thailand precisely, gamblers use families (stakes) for gambling.

Tons of families and marriages have been ravaged by this inferno. For example, a gambling husband is ready to risk son’s school fees, utility bill for gambling, with the ultimate intent of recouping losses and reimbursing with interest.

Neither, do you know there’s always another side of the coin.

Unfortunately, your expectation flops and it degenerates into divorce, domestic violence, and polygamy.

Question for you!

Is gambling the only poverty alleviation strategy you can think of? Is your family happy with this habit? Or is your conscience complacent?

Think about the negative consequence of the gambling epidemic.

Surprisingly, the epidemic is fuelling 10% of divorce, larceny, and domestic violence cases in Nigeria and Africa today.

The earlier you discover the adverse effects of gambling, the better for us.

Note: there’s no future around gambling, that belief is unrealistic and implausible.

Smartphone addiction

According to the Telegraph News in 2019, almost all adult citizens in the United Kingdom are addicted to gambling because of the consistent use of smartphones.

 National Health Service (NHS) disclosed a health survey on England that over 10,000 adults and children are addicted to smartphones due to increasing online gambling activities.

Literally, 29% of men aged 25 to 34 reported having addictive Smartphone problems. And 4% of aged 65 and overindulging in gambling and are addicted to smartphones.

You can see what the world is speedily metamorphosing into.

Are you a father, or mother, it’s time to take parenting to the next level.

Are you a teacher, lecturer? It’s time to inculcate values and the spirit of dignity in labor into the students.

Teenagers and adults can be extremely secretive. Take my word for it, I’ve been there.

Inquire of everything and anything suspicious to you. Gambling is an impending fire that will ravage your family soon, if not contained real quick.

This is a quick reminder of how common gambling is in our society, and how easy it is to become addicted, particularly with the increasing push into online gambling.

  1. Enthusiasm for money

Mathew 6:24 And it says “No man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (money).

I term gambling as sudden wealth, which is almost delusional.

In fact, from the aforementioned scripture. You can see obliviously that Jesus portrayed money as a god and God as God.  Without been told, two captains cannot be on a ship.

Money is very influential and vulnerable if pursued with selfish desire (1Timothy6:10).

The bible encourages you to diversify into investment and saving (Proverbs 13:11).

Money is requisite for day-to-day existence and transaction. But when allowed to form the basis of your life, it makes it evil. Surprisingly, if you do not handle money discreetly, it makes you covetous and greedy.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. Think about it, whatever preoccupies your mind and encroaches into your time is consequential. Whatever is consequential has a greater tendency of addiction. And addiction is a god.

It (money) gradually degenerates into a god.


When you consistently allow money becloud you. For example when a man is able to sell off his kidney to reinvest into gambling.

You are greedy, lackadaisical, and supercilious because gambling has eaten deep into your DNA.

  1. Loose of social connection

As funny as it may seem, it’s true, think about it, if you’ve got a friend that constantly comes begging for loans without reimbursing, what will you do?

Left to me, I will deliberately snub him.

In the long-run, you (gambler) lose the concerns, friendship, and brotherliness because you make them feel uncomfortable.

In fact, I have a friend; he’s an addict to the core. Currently, he’s divorced.


Alcoholism and compulsive gambling.  His wife and children could no more withstand starvation, domestic violence, and waywardness.gEven at work, if I leave a penny on the desk he takes it. And later promise to reimburse with interest. But guess what?  It never happens.

He was shot on the leg. Because he joined a caucus of drug barons, while transposing drugs to another neighboring country, he decided not to settle the custom official at the border. And made away with their commission.

He was shot by a customs officer while trying to smuggle contraband goods

In conclusion

I am not condemning you my friend but I detest the habit. Because I’ve watched it destroys happy homes. You can make a difference if you take your stance. But I will tell you wholeheartedly, it’s going to be hard. 

Be aware of the psychological influence and impact of gambling. It seems you are making progress. but its indirectly planting seeds of deception. Yes, you are making decent easy money which in turn remodels your thinking.

You suddenly see it as the only poverty alleviation strategy in the world. for the sake brevity, let’s stick with this for

Did I miss anything? your view is highly respected. Was this helpful?

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