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Secrets To Grow Your Music YouTube Channel Fast (2021)

Today, I’m going to show you how to grow your music youtube channel in 2021.

In fact, I will show you exactly how I boosted a single video to over 10, 000 views without spending a dollar. 

how to grow my music youtube channel

The best part?

It works wonders even if you’re an upcoming musician with no prior experience.

If you miss out on the strategies in this guide you might not get it somewhere else. 

You know why?

Growing a Youtube Channel is quite different from growing a music Youtube channel. 

In other words: 

Different industries have unique approaches and strategies. 

Enough of the talks, Let delve right in. 

How To Grow A Music YouTube Channel In 2021

  • Step#1: Who Is Your Music Channel For?
  • Step#2: Hub On Trends
  • Step#3: Call To Action
  • Step#4: Optimization

 Step#1: Who Is Your Channel For?

When it comes to making impacts and growing your fanbase on Youtube, defining your audience is Gold!. 

My mentor on Youtube, Sean Cannel said; 

If you try to reach everybody you’ll end up reaching nobody. 

Your channel isn’t meant for everybody. 

Don try to serve your content to everyone because you’ll end up struggling to get views and subscribers. 

For example, Not everyone is a fan of RnB music. Some like Country Music, not hardcore rap. 

So, trying to fuse RnB, country music and hardcore Rap in a single channel will make it tough to get subscribers. 

Do you get the point?

Think about: 

If I watch your video that’s about country music, and tomorrow I see a video of a naked lady dancing in a hardcore rap video. 

What do you think I would do?

Leave your channel and probably unsubscribe, right? 

Now, the question is: 

How do you define your audience as a musician without limiting your ideas and creativity?

More powerful than that, how do you stay original in your niche?

With that, here’s how to find your niche and boost your Youtube channel. 

Essentially you need to answer the following questions: 

1. What Problem Do You Solve?

Now, I know you’ve probably heard this a million times. 

Here’s the deal…

Answer the question specifically in one sentence. If possible in one word. 

Tough, right? 

Let me lift the veil…

Niching down or solving a problem that your viewers are searching for is not limiting. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t create the type of content that keeps you fired up.

But, way more powerful than that, you’re basically solving any problem through your style and spin.

Meaning, you are solving a problem through different models.  

For example, my brand ( is helping upcoming gospel artists to get exposure without spending lots of money

Because upcoming musicians mostly don’t have huge marketing budgets. (That’s the problem I’m solving)

So, I do this through two models: 

  • Promoting gospel music on this blog and social media. 
  • Crafting step-by-step articles to help artists self-promote their brand. (Just like this one).

Yours might be through youtube tutorials or writing books. But the problem is the same but different solutions. 

Now, imagine you stumbled on this post to see something unrelated to what you googled. 

See how that works? If they don’t know what you do they cant stick around.

Or even trust you enough to smash the subscribe button.

I recommend taking a pen and paper to write down in one sentence the problem you want to solve. 

Now to be clear:

You need to create content that people are searching not what you feel they should know. 

And also you need to balance that with your passion and style of music.

That brings us to the next question…

2. Why Are You Creating Selfish Content?

Now you know the problem you want to solve through your Youtube Channel. 

It’s time to stop creating selfish content!

Selfish Content? 

It’s a type of content about yourself. Not about what people are searching for. Otherwise known as vlogging. 

Vlogging is a great way to get your fans to know and connect with your humane side. 

But, when you’re just starting out, its a terrible idea (No one knows you yet)

For example, How Vlog about Your Boring Life

how to grow my music youtube channel

Funny, right? But wrong timing!

No one is searching for How to Vlog About Your Boring Life. People care about their problems, not your ideas. 

Thats reason the video only garnered 411 views.

Now, for you to get that initial traction,

You need to be creating content that people are actually searching for.

In other words, solve their problems.


Before pressing the record, let’s do a bit of Market analysis…

It’s time for the POWERFUL secret: Getting on trends.

Step#2: Hub On Trends 

As a musician building an empire, you need to leverage trending topics to get exposure. 

Let’s Face It! 

Here’s the deal…

Emerging in a competitive space like Youtube. With over 720, 000 hours of video published on Youtube every day

grow my music youtube channel

For your video to stand out and get watched, you have to be intentional about the videos you create.


Through the following PROVEN strategies:

1. Cover Songs

Before you click off to another page, hear what I’ve to say. 

Despite what you might have heard, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars on Youtube with cover songs. 

To make money from cover songs read the article below. 

How To Monetize Cover Songs On YouTube Without Copyright (2021)

With that, you’re not going to be making covers all your life. At some time point, you’ll release a music video. 

I highly recommend for every three covers you create one original video. 

Thay way, you’ll stay relevant to your audience.

But how do you get more views and subscribers at first?

Cover songs!

When you’re starting out, no one knows you yet. 

And the one way to get eyeballs on to your channel is:

By covering trending songs on your channel. That way, you’ll tap into the fanbase of the artiste and get massive exposure. 

Make sure it’s a genre of music you enjoy and sing about. 

Now let’s be clear:

You may be tempted to cover songs that are not related to your genre, which’s destructive for a brand.


You’ll get the wrong viewers and subscribers. Chances are you’ll get less to no engagement on your official videos. 


Because you garnered the wrong audience. They don’t like the genre of music you produce! 

The Bottom line is…

Cover popular genres of music you’re passionate about!

That way, when you release your videos, they’ll get massive engagement. (Because they’re the same genres as the covers!)

Now as promised at the beginning, I will show you one powerful strategy to leverage trends. 

That brings us to…..

2. Go-With-Train Technique

It’s pretty POWERFUL!

Having identified your niche, look for a BIG YouTube Channel that’s into what you’re doing. 

Ideally, their subscriber count should be less than the views. Roughly 20k subscribers is a good start. 

(I will use Elshadi Music…awesome Kids!)

how to grow my music youtube channel

Click on the ”Videos” tab. After that, sort the video by ”Most popular”.

how to grow my music youtube channel

Now you’re presented with a bunch of super-popular videos. 

What I want you to do is:

Take five of the most popular videos from the channel and create better versions of them. 

If something has been proven to be popular it means there’s a massive audience for it. 

Repeat this strategy for 5 different Youtube channels. 


Actually, I made up the term ”Go with train technique” because you’re jumping on a moving train, it will arrive where others highlight.

In addition to getting subscribers and views:

You have to ask your viewers politely.

Speaking of…….

Step#3: Add Call To Actions (CTA’s)

Simply put, it’s a call to take a specific action. 

It might be to like your video, subscribe, or check the links in the description. 

Now to be clear:

This will not work for all content types. Especially for music videos. 

But for your covers, at the beginning of the video you can add CTA’s in the lines:

If you love the kind of content I’m dishing out, subscribe and smash the like button”. 

Essentially, you want to give them a compelling reason to be an insider.

So, you can say something like:

If you subscribe and turn on the bell icon Youtube will be the first to be notified of new uploads”.

Get the point? Give them a reason to subscribe!

Better still, ask them specific questions:

Did you like the song? Leave a comment in the comments below

Or ask them to suggest a song they would want your cover in future videos. 

After creating these contents, you need to make sure they show up when people search. (Its called Search Engine Optimization)

That brings us to…..

Step#4: Optimization

You probably know that YouTube is the 2 second largest search engine in the world (After Google).

It means that Youtube is not a human being. It’s a robot! 

For your videos to get watched and pushed by the algorithm,

They need to be optimized! 

For example, if you search for How To Play the Guitar on YouTube.

And youtube served you results that are unrelated to what you searched.

Would you be happy?

Therefore, most videos you see are optimized for search.

Let me lift the veil…

Follow these RELIABLE ways to optimize your video:

  • Click-Through rate
  • Watch Time 
  • Optimize video tags 
  • Video description 

Let’s kick things off with…

1. Click-Through Rate

Youtube is a search engine. That means videos are watched based on searches performed by us.

Never head of Click through rate?

What is click-through rate (CTR)?

Simply put, click-through rate is the number of clicks on a particular video. 

For example, if video A gets a total of 25 million clicks while video B gets 42 million…

which do you think will rank higher on YouTube?

Of course the one with 42 million, right?

In other words, the more people click through to watch your videos, the more Youtube will promote. 

The more you will rank!

Do you get the point?


The question is: 

How Do You Get a High Click-Through Rate? 

  1. Catchy Titles 
  2. Compelling Thumbnails

Let kick things off with…

1. Catchy Titles

You want your videos to get watched? If you don’t want people ignoring your videos on the search result page, you need to push them to click. 

Not literally pushing them, but making your titles appealing and clickable. 

Let’s face it!

The headlines you write either grab the attention of your audience or bore them. 

So, you need to get them right because your potential fans will make their first impression on them.

Boring and uninteresting titles will be neglected for catchy ones.

For example:

Headline#1: How To Make Money As Musician

Headline#2: Surefire Way To Make Money As Music WIthout A Dime 

Which of the above headlines appeals to you more?

Obviously, the second one, right? 

Now let’s be clear: 

Do not deceive people into clicking your videos if you cannot keep to your promise. (read it again). 

For example: How To Make Money As a Musician in 30 minutes

That’s clickbait; baiting people to click a headline that’s a lie.

By the way, check out:    13 Unique Ways To Make Money As A Musician On YouTube 2021

That said, follow the recommendations below next time to title your covers:

Formular: Name Of the Song Original Artiste FT. Your STage name (Uniqueness)

Let’s see this in a real-life example.

Miracle WorkerSinachi Ft. ThankGod (Acoustic Version)…Finally

You get the point? 

Still on how to get a higher click-through rate…..

2. Compelling YouTube Thumbnails 

Youtube reports that 90% of best-performing videos have custom thumbnails. 

Never heard of youtube thumbnail?

What Is a YouTube Thumbnail? 

YouTube thumbnails are clickable images that aviewer can clickon to watch any video of their choice.

In other word, Its usually the first image people see when they search for anything on youtube.

Youtube thumbnails about how to grow a music youtube channel

That said, is there a way of designing the best thumbnails?

No! If there’s everyone on Youtube would be a superstar! 

Though, there are pretty powerful tips on how to create Thumbnails that stand out and attract clicks. 

More so, I will show you the free tools I use to create stunning and converting thumbnails. 

Tips On Creating Compelling Thumbnails

1. Don’t use Colors that Blend In

By now you probably know the Youtube platform is mostly red, white, and black. 

To stand out and pull in high click-throughs, you need to use colors that aren’t red, white, and black. 

Essentially, you need to use contrasting colors like green, purple, yellow, etc.

2. Use bold Texts

Attention span is reducing drastically. You have less than 20 seconds to capture your viewers’ attention. 

Youtube thumbnails

Using big and concise texts in your thumbnails is gold. 

Avoid writing too much. More importantly, do not repeat the headline in the thumbnail. 

Instead, add mystery and a little bit of intrigue to it.

3. Have A Human Image

Studies have shown that thumbnails with humans tend to outperform ones with just texts and illustrations. 

When it makes sense, add your image in there. 

Make sure your visual expression is conveying the mood of the video.

Youtube thumbnails

For example, If you want to convey sadness, making up a pathetic face will help boost your click-through rate. 

Because people will want to know why you’re sad.

Where Do You Create Thumbnails?

There are free online photo editing platforms to get started. 

Best part? 

They are beginner-friendly. You don’t need any graphics designing experience. 

Heck, even I could create pretty compelling thumbnails.

I use and to create clickworthy Youtube thumbnails.

Now that you’ve people clicking on your videos, you need to make sure they watch to the end. 

That brings us to…  

2. Watch Time 

The number #1 goal of Youtube is keeping people longer on Youtube. 

Because Youtube makes their money from ads, so when people stick around longer they make more money. 

The algorithm places more weight on Watch time. 

Have you heard of watch time?

According to Baclinko, Watch time is the total time spent on watching a video since it went live. 

So, this is watch time looks like on the backend of a Youtube channel.

watch time on youtube

Youtube loves videos that keep people on the platform much longer. 

This means the longer people watch your video, the higher it’ll rank. 

The BIG question is:

How Do You Create Videos That keep people Watching?

  1. Use strong opening In your songs 
  2. Use visuals to illustrate your messages (pictures, Stats, etc) 
  3. Add transitions and sound effects. 
  4. Promise people what they’ll get at the end of the video.
  5. Don’t use 15 seconds intros maximum of 10 seconds.

3. Optimise Video Tags

Video tags are powerful for getting exposure to your music content.

Essentially, what they do is tell Youtube what your video is about and what it should rank for. 

The question is:

How Do I Generate Video Tags

It’s pretty easy. 

You can use free tools like VidIQ or TubeBuddy to find lucrative tags. 

They’re free Google chrome extensions you can add to your chrome browser. 

For example, check out this video from my channel that’s optimized for ” Blogger SEO”. 

These are the keywords (tags) my video is optimized around.

Youtube video tags to grow a music youtube channel

Basically what I did was look for other tags on the same topic. 

Here’s a quick walkthrough

Next, Load up my VidIQ Chrome extension. 

Than, look through the sidebar to see recommended tags. 

Next, copy the tags by click on the icon. 

Youtube video tags to grow a music youtube channel

Last up, paste into the video you’re uploading. 

That’s it! 

You may be asking:

How does that stack up?

Well, the video will be recommended to viewers of that channel and also related channels. 

You get the point?

4. Music Video Description 

YouTube reports that short video descriptions hurt your video visibility. 

In fact, Youtube officially recommends a long description

Havent heard of music video description?

Youtube video description to grow a music youtube channel

The question is:

How do you craft good and long descriptions for your music videos?

Use keywords that appear in your headline and tags in your video description. 

Thay way, you’re signaling to Youtube that your video is about those keywords. 


Wrapping Up – How To Grow A Music Youtube Channel

Thanks for reading! Growing a youtube channel is not a walk in the park. The laid down strategies in this post would get your feet wet and set you up on the right foot. 

Make sure to apply these strategies to every piece of content you upload. 

Over to you!

Which strategy are you going to try out first? Let me know in the comment section below. 

ThankGod Uket

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