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3-Simple Steps To Grow Your Instagram Followers As A Musician-Guaranteed!

If you’re a musician and you’ve been on the lookout for the latest techniques on how to enhance your social media following, then, this is a MUST read for you.

I know the difficulty that comes with trying to self-promote as a musician on various social media platforms.

It can be discouraging in times when you don’t get the desired engagements, reactions, and views. 

Thoughts like “Am I really doing the right thing?” begin to play in your mind.

Let me tell you the truth, Growing a massive following on any social media platform organically, takes time and a lot of effort. 

However, if you have the money to spend on buying followers, could make it a lot faster but the negative side of that(which you don’t want to see happen) is you never really establish a genuine bond with your audience and you don’t really know if they are the right set of people who’ll listen to your music.

One thing you must avoid when building your social profile online is accumulating the wrong followers who don’t resonate with your content, songs, or personality. It invariably leads to frustration and an absolute waste of time, effort, and most often- money.

Basically, what I’m about to share with you is how you can turn the odds to your favor and start increasing-particularly in this post your Instagram followers without you having to reinvent the wheel all by yourself.

Before we proceed, you’ll need to have an active Instagram account and a determination to explore the features built into the app to amplify your profile impact. I’ll show you how shortly.

Why Instagram?

I’m quite sure you must be wondering why is Instagram the focus of this article above all other social media platforms. 

Here’s why:

Instagram, According to millions of users and influencers, has been known to have the highest engagement rates across all social media channels, making it the ideal platform to connect with new people and grow your fan base.

According to official statistics, Instagram stories surpassed rival Snapchats 150million daily active users in 8 months, now reaching 500million users per day.

instagram surpassing snapchat

Instagram monthly user analysis has been estimated to equal the total population of Europe and North America combined.

Take a moment and picture yourself tap into this vast already prepared audience to share your music and connect with people?

What would that possibly be for you?

Increase in your sales and conversion rates?

Double your followers?

Boost your engagements?

Hold on to your answers as I show you how to strategically revamp your Instagram profile to attract a massive number of followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s jump right into it…


STEP 1: Upload A Profession, Smart And Good looking Photo

Now, here’s where the majority of artists sabotage themselves. You want your profile to attract people not repel them. And one way to achieve this is to upload a picture that expresses your personality, originality, and uniqueness; distinguish yourself from the crowd. 

Get a professional photographer to take a picture of you with a warm background color- can be white, black, or blue- just make sure it draws the attention of ordinary users and turns them into admirers or followers.

STEP 2: Create Content Regularly

Every artist loves the idea of increased followers but only a few are practicing this step. Make it a habit to post something of substantial value to your audience daily. 

Daily contents keep your audience engaged as they see you as a consistent determined person which helps build trust and credibility. Practicing this also allows your fans to connect with you at a much more deeper level which in the long run can serve you well as you advance in your music career.

STEP 3: Post Interesting Instagram Stories Updates.

The Instagram story has drawn users’ attention incredibly daily. Instagram users have developed a profound love for Instagram stories because they find it to be a fun, exciting, and quick-to-view type of content.

Updating your Instagram story steadily with content your audience will enjoy can serve as a catalyst to your gaining more followers.

There you have it…

3 simple but powerful steps to increase your Instagram following and gain the attention of users.

I hope you find this helpful and useful in building your Instagram social profile.

Let me know what you think about the 3 steps in the comment box below.

I reply to all comments… Let’s get to interact!

To find out more in detail about how to further grow your Instagram profile from scratch to top, click this link to read my full comprehensive article (with practical images) on how to craft the perfect Instagram Bio for musicians.

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