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How Long Should A Music Promotion Be?

Ok, let’s face it:

Does music promotion have to be forever?

In fact, does it matter that you promote the heck out of a song even when it’s clearly underperforming or surpassing your expectation? 

What music promotion plan do you adopt to be ahead of your competitors? How do you find a balance? All these are hanging questions you need to proffer answers to if you want tangible success in your musical career.

Luckily, that’s what we’re going to do in this new post.

In short: if you want to follow a profitable music promotion plan with a massive return on investment (ROI).

Then, go nowhere, in about 5 minutes you’ll understand all the essentials and how to save money promoting your music.

Enough of the ramblings!

Let get on with the show!

How Long Should A Music Promotion Be?

On average, music promotion should be 1 to 2 months after the release date. That way, you can easily test the performance and response from fans through a rigorous study of social media analytics. From there, you can either halt promotion or continue.

In the preceding post, I talked about choosing a profitable release date for maximizing engagements (make sure to check it out here).

Let me lift the veil for you….

The reason you should go with 1 to 2 months is, it gives you an opportunity to scale your audience, above all, it helps you to amass data needed to gauge the overall performance of your EP or single and possibly draw up a conclusion.

Either stop promoting the song or devise another strategy.

You’ll agree with me…

…. that no song is guaranteed to succeed. No way! But taking into account the longevity of music promotion plus the impact of the song will up your game in the long run.

Does Long Music Promotion Affect My Carrier?

Yes! Long music promotion will make or break your career if you don’t study the overall performance of a song before drawing up a conclusion. Because you may go bankrupt due to zero return on investment.

Do you want that to happen?

Of course not!

That’s why I’ve been emphasizing studying analytics………do you know why?

Ok, here’s why…

Needless to say, you can easily look through the streams and overall downloads to ascertain the overall performance of your song(s).

Better than that, you need to know the sex, age, and geography of people that downloaded and streamed your song. That way, you’ll be able to gauge the overall performance of the song.

More importantly, it would prune your next advertisement campaign on social media, instead of targeting a broad audience that won’t convert it’ll prune down to the ones that streamed and downloaded before.

When Do You Stop Promoting A Song?

When a song is clearly underperforming after two months of promotion, stop promoting the song! On the contrary, when a song is performing beyond expectation and has built up a following you need to take a break for a month then kick start again.

Another cool hack: double down on the songs that are making waves in the industry. For example, if any track of yours explodes the market, look through the message, beat, and theme of the song then produce more of it.

Obviously, you don’t have to obsess about the overperformance of your song so you don’t bore your audience with excessive Ads.

Or you may cut across a being pushy.

For example, I don’t use some mobile apps or even websites because of excessive Ads, it hurts the users and removes credibility from your work.

Here’s the bottom line….

Moderation is the theme. Find a balance between music promotion and audience satisfaction. That can only be achieved through constant study of your audience and their dynamic behavior.

Be more business-oriented!

Music Promotion Tips To Up Your Game Now

1. Film a video of you sharing insights into why you wrote the song and the situation surrounding the inspiration. If you don’t have a decent video camera, here’s an affordable one on Amazon. It’s a best seller.

Or you can use your android device. It’s normal when starting out. When I started blogging, I used a stupidly slow laptop. Merely looking at it makes my headbang.

So in your video, don’t try to sell your song because people don’t love to be sold until they know the benefits of it.

Rather than emphasizing the number tracks or inspiration. Tell them the benefits and why they should listen to it.

How many people have been helped by the song? Feature them in.

After creating your video, share it to other social media platforms and majorly on YouTube.

We’ve put together a detailed guide to YouTube music marketing. Make sure to check it out, all the technicalities are explained in layman’s terms.

2. Create a lyrics video

If you don’t have the financial capacity to fund a music video just yet lyrics videos is the way to go.

Here’s what you have to have; Video editing.

There are tons of video editing software on the market. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating them, you can contact me; using the number on bio.

Luckily for you, I create professional lyrics videos. Check out our YouTube channel to get a glimpse.

3. Host a mini-contest with decent awards.

Contests have proven to be relevant and extremely effective to date. In spite of what you might have heard from record labels and music gurus.

You don’t need the fortune to run an insanely converting contest.

I highly recommend sticking to what you can afford. It might be t-shirts with your autographs and name. Fans love it! I hope to get one from you. Just kidding.

4.     Don’t Joke with TikTok.

if you’re using a person as an aggregator to distribute your music, make sure Spotify is as paramount as TikTok. It’s no news that TikTok is blowing up with crazy engagement right now.

Musicians are handed a television-sized audience for just a 60 seconds video. That’s crazy, right?

I know you want over 1 million streams on your songs….

We’ve created lots of good resources on TikTok music marketing to set you on track for success. TikTok works, make sure you try it out.

Wrapping Up – How Long Should A Music Promotion Be?

There’s no generally accepted schedule for promoting a song because it obviously tied to a variety of factors. Like; geography, financial capacities, being a data scientist (studying analytics), etc….

There’re over a thousand and one factors to consider.  But a good rule to thumb is to test out what works best for you.

That can only be achieved through rigorous study of analytics to ascertain the geography, age, and sex that consumes your music more.

That way, you can retarget them in your next music promotion campaign and be guaranteed a high conversion rate on your Ads.

That being said, keep at what you do. Don’t stop for any reason. So far as your passion and enthusiasm are in check, get on with your music career.

Over to you;

Are there other lingering questions you would love to ask? Let’s chat in the comments now. 

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