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8 Reliable Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Musician

The Nigerian music revenue will surpass 40 million Us dollars

That’s a whopping 15.2 billion naira just for the music alone. 

What does that tell you?

There’s an incredible opportunity to make money as a Nigerian musician even if you’re upcoming. 

You don’t have to be signed with a record label.

This is because musicians use the secrets I will share with you in this article. 

Don’t miss out. 

Let’s get right in.

What Do you Need To Make Money As An Independent Musician?

It’s no news that established musicians know some secrets about making money in Nigeria. 

that’s why they keep making money over and over again.

Therefore, the secrets in these articles will set you on the right foot.  

Before we jump into the secrets, there are fundamentals to making money In Nigeria.

The truth is, Nigeria is not like the western world, what’s applicable over there might not necessarily work here.

More importantly, the secrets in this article are unique and doable even if you’re an independent musician. 

In other to make sustainable income in Nigeria, you need to:

1. Put Out Quality

Is there a generally accepted formula for crafting quality songs? 


If there is, every musician in Nigeria would be freaking rich, right? 

Nevertheless, there are secrets to making quality music. A quality song is not one that’s produced by a top-notch producer. 

A quality song has the following:

  • Intriguing Lyrics
  • Good Message
  • Mastering and Mixing

2face, Nathaniel Bassey, Tim Godfrey among others never put out mediocre music. Rather, they spend a lot on quality production. 

More emphasis on MIXING and MASTERING

But, you don’t have to worry too much about quality. Seeing you don’t have that fat budget as they do. 

What I want you to do is:

Look through your song to see if the above-listed triggers are there. 

If they are, you’re good! if they are not, you need to work on your song.

A good song is 80% marketable without stress. 

Think of it as a commodity.

You go to the market to purchase a car, before getting there you already have a clear picture of what brand and style you wanted. 

Would you rather buy a faulty car because you know the seller?

Of course not! The same thing goes for your music. It’s a digital commodity! 

Make it as valuable as possible. 

The last up is…

2. Consistency

What differentiates losers from winners is consistency. if you want to make good and sustainable revenue from music, you have to apply the secrets in this article over and over again.

In other words, be consistent!

Now, let’s take a look at the secrets. 

How To Make Money As Nigerian Musician 2021

Below are proven and never-before-seen ways to make money in Nigeria. 

Make sure to read to the end.

  • Service Online
  • Streaming 
  • Investment 
  • Selling Digital products (passive income)
  • Patreon
  • Start A Youtube Channel
  • Consulting
  • Selling Beats

Let’s kick things off with:

1. Service Online

Let’s face it!

Musicians are multitalented beings. You probably have a ton of music or instrument playing skills that you can offer online. 

It might be:

Playing the Keyboard, drums, writing a song, writing lyrics, singing or rapping vocals, producing beats or songs, mixing and mastering, and much more. 

That’s a multimillionaire skill you can offer online and make passive income every month. 

But, you need to showcase your skills to a market where your prospects hang out. 

Let me lift the veil…

Most Nigerians try to use Facebook, Instagram, and the likes to look for people that would hire them. 

Seeing it’s free.

Although it’s an effective channel for making money as a musician. But you’ll have fewer sales because you’ll have to do all the marketing yourself. 

That’s tough, right?

You know why? 

Your prospects don’t hang out there. 

So I will show you some super-powerful platforms you can showcase your skills and make huge sums of money. 

Keep reading!

Specifically, use the following online market places to showcase your skills:

  • Upwork & Fiverr
  • Soundbetter & Airgigs
  • Your Personal Website

Let’s start with:

Upwork and Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr are online market places where freelancers of any field go to showcase their work to prospects. 

Essentially, what they do is help you showcase your skills to billions of customers for free. 

That way, you don’t need aggressive marketing or running Facebook ads to get more customers. 

I know you can always use social media to display your products and services to customers. 

More powerful than that, Fiverr and Upwork are where people that are looking for your services hangout. 

Therefore you have a better chance of sucking in more customers and ultimately making more money. 

Enough of the talks, let me show you how to use it.

Follow the steps below to open an Upwork and Fiverr account to start making cool money from your music. 

It’s free!.


Soundbetter & Airgigs

Soundbetter and Airgigs are similar to Upwork and Fiverr but, they are more specific to musicians alone. 

While Upwork and Fiverr are generic platforms for any kind of skill on planet earth. 

Soundbetter and Airgigs are strictly for musicians and music engineers. 

It’s pretty easy to open accounts on these platforms. Visit the sites to get started.

There’s a couple of Pros and Cons of using these platforms.  


It’s well worth your time and energy because they do the initial marketing for you.

Last up for putting your services online is:

Your Personal Website

There are a lot of opportunities for you as a musician if you have a website.

Ranging from Sponsored Ads, Display Ads, selling products, recommending products, and lots more. 

If you want to create a website that will spit out money continuously, hit me up via 08096763980. 

2. Streaming

This is the most popular way to make money online as a musician, but there are other untapped channels to boost your revenue. 

In case you don’t know what streaming music is. 

You make money through songs that are distributed on online stores like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music…

How Do You make money?

Essentially, people listen to your songs on these platforms and you get paid. It’s otherwise called Streams

For more in-depth knowledge On digital music distribution and how to make money read these articles. 

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Back to the secrets on how to increase your revenue on digital streaming platforms. 

  • Instagram Stories
  • Youtube Content ID

⦁ Instagram Stories

This is super powerful! Pay attention. It will pull in money like never before. 

Instagram stories are the same as Whatsapp Stories. 

But the Instagram story is more powerful than WhatsApp stories function.

Essentially, what you do is tell compelling stories using your music. 

It can be done through images, slides, videos, and lyrics videos, and much more. 

And more powerfully, it’s pretty easy to make money without sacrificing the engagement of your audience. 

 Here’s how it works!

Do you know Instagram stories have a direct integration with Spotify? 

Yes! that means you can play your songs on Spotify directly from Instagram. 

How do does that make you money? 

Essentially, when you play your song on Instagram stories it indirectly turns into streams on Spotify. Streams equal money!  

Is it only possible with Spotify? 

Yes! For now.   

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⦁ Youtube Content ID

I know the term is a bit complex. Hang in there I will explain them to you. 

Specifically, Youtube Content Id is a number that monitors your music from being used illegally.

Now, this is quite different from the regular 

When you distribute your songs to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, it generates a code. 

How do you make money from that? 

You make money if anyone uses your song for any form of production. Advertisements shown in such Youtube content are yours.  All the money automatically becomes yours.  

Learn more about Youtube Content ID


Let’s face it!

Some of the richest and influential musicians today have other businesses. 

Although some are illegal most aren’t. 

The biggest mistake I see from independent musicians in Nigeria is wanting to face music squarely. 

That’s a big mistake because:

How do you finance your music? 

How do you promote your songs? 

How do you manage your team? 

All these and more are questions you need to answer. And as an independent musician, there’s a lot of bills to be paid. 

As I have said, most influential musicians today have other investments. 

For example:

The winner of the annual Grammy award Kanye West is the author of a book. 

Apart from that, he just launched a Cafe’ in Washington DC.

Also, Beyonce is the owner of one of the top fashion companies in the US; ”House Of Dereon”. 

Jeniffer Lopez also launches her fashion and clothing business way back in 2003, where she makes Jeans, Gloves, and the likes…

The list goes on and on…Nonstop!

Yours might not be to start a business. You might just be to start a youtube channel, open a blog if you’re a pretty good writer, and much more. 

Don’t limit your scope to only music!

Selling Digital Products

Digital products are Ebooks, Video courses on Songwriting, mixing and mastering, guiding principles on rapping, and lots more.

just about anything! so far as it solves the problems of your prospects. 

Essentially what you need to do is to identify where you’re good at. Then create a product to teach people what you know and how they can be like you or even better. 

if you’re pretty good at songwriting, you can organize a massive ebook with your whole time favorite techniques. 

Or more powerfully, instead of having to do the writing that seems like a scary thing to do, create video courses. 

Specifically, you just sit in front of your camera (phone or DSLR) to record series of videos walking them through all they need to know. 

I know it seems tough!

But imagine being able to put out these courses and continue to make money from them for years to come.

The best part? You don’t have to be there. It’s highly automated. 

It means that you make money while you sleep.  

That’s the power of passive income.  

At this point you might be asking: 

How do I sell them?

Well, there are already established online market places. 

places like:

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Your Personal Blog

Skillshare and Udemy are online market places with millions of millions of courses on just about anything. 

you can literally learn anything in the world by just searching. 

What I highly recommend is:

Go on there, scroll down to the footer of the site to sign in to a free account. Or it might be located in top left menu.

You can as well watch a Youtube tutorial on how get your video course on these platforms. 

As for your blog, it’s pretty easy to sell anything. Hit me up via the number on my profile to create a blog at an affordable rate

Or follow us our Platforms. 


Here’s what goes into it. 

Patreon is a platform that allows prospects to subscribe to your account with any amount, then you promise to give that person something valuable every month. 

You have to have a considerable amount of followers to do this. 

Essentially, when they subscribe to your account, you’ll always send them a UNIQUE PACKAGE every month. 

It might just be beats, songwriting tips and lots more.

The best part? It’s free to sign up for an account. 

In general, your fanbase is supporting you to do what you do. 

In other words, give them something of EXTRA VALUE. 

Start A Youtube Channel

I can’t emphasize this enough; YOUTUBE IS MONEY SUCKER!

It’s a pretty powerful platform where any creator can make an insane amount of income every month. 

That’s the reason every Nigerian musician is eager to get on there. 

Either uploading your official videos, tutorials, live performances, and lots more. 

If not for anything every musician should have a Youtube channel. 

Luckily for you, i and my team create and manage Youtube channels for musicians. 

So if you want to get your Youtube channel set up at an affordable rate, contact me via 08096763980 (Calls).

But if you don’t the money to pay me,

I have put together step by process on how to create a youtube channel and make insane money

Make sure to check it out.  

Consulting & Seminars

Do you know a big chunk of Eezee concepts revenue comes from consulting and seminars?

Eezee Conceptz is a gospel music record label that promotes Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, and GUC. 

I know record labels have giant marketing budgets than independent musicians. But I’m not comparing your might to theirs. 

Rather if you’re an expert at any topic or instrument people can always pay to book a session with you. 

Now you don’t need to have a website to do it, but your Instagram profile should be a portfolio of your works. 

That means you should always post what others are saying about your services on there.

That way, when they stumble upon your works it’s more likely they will pull the trigger. 


Testimonials of people pull in customers and reduce doubts about your prospects.

Selling Beats 

Selling beats is a little like distributing your songs on digital stores. 

Instead of doing do it the generic way:

Posting a compilation of free beats on Youtube to get customers over to your website and potentially download the beats. 

then after they’ve downloaded, you can then try selling them some other pretty powerful ones. 

That strategy straight up isn’t that effective anymore. 

What is rather booming in the music business is:

Distributing your beats to streaming platforms like Spotify.

In general, after getting your beats on there through your aggregator, it’s not magically going to bring in streams. 

What I highly recommend you do is:

Look for giant playlists on there, then contact the owners. 

Ask the owners of the playlists how you can get your beats on there.

It usually doesn’t take that much time to get a reply.

Wrapping Up – Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Musician 

The MoneymakingMoneymaking list goes on and on, nonstop! But what I want your takeaway is that ”There are numerous ways to make a living as a Nigerian musician without signing a record deal”.

Though here in Nigeria, that seems to be the go-to strategy for making money. 

So, I hope the above money-making secrets should get you fired up! 

Over to you:

Which of the strategies in this article are you going after first? And why?

Let me know the comments below.

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