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How Often Should I Release A Song? What’s The Best Time?

Figuring out how often you should release a song is not a walk in the park. There are extremely important factors you should consider if you want to sell like crazy.

So, in this new guide, I will show you actionable schedules for releasing songs that won’t hamper your time, song performance, and audience satisfaction.

How Often Should I Release A Song?

On average, a musician should release a brown new song every 3 to 4 months to enable the audience to digest the song and above all, to enable the artiste to carry out an in-depth study on the performance of the track through a detailed study of social media analytics.

Obviously, testing out the waters is super important if you want to do well in the long run.

So, let’s look into some factors you should consider before picking a profitable publishing schedule.

Factors That May Affect Date Of Releasing A Song

It’s super important to know that, there is a complex system of factors that affect a musician’s publishing schedule.

Above all, a consistent publishing date will keep your audience abreast and it’s favorable to Spotify, Tidal, TikTok’s algorithm

Let’s hit the highway.

  • `Global Situation
  • Look Through Your Analytics First
  • Festive Periods

1.  Global Situation

it’s no news that the pandemic wholly obstructed the economies of the world. Giant record labels had to put some musicians’ tours on hold or even shooting musical videos.

Why did they do that?

Needless to say, the restriction of movement was a major factor. But, better than that, the type of songs fans would yearn for emotion sensitive.

During the lockdown, fans needed songs that could address their confidence and stir up hope of a better tomorrow.

So, it would be an error to release a song that talks about a girl’s butts and other vulgar-related tracks.

It would suck! right?

Instead, it’s an opportunity to inspire your audience and make them feel super important.

Overall, you should study the condition of your vicinity before going ahead with a consistent release date.

Considering these and other variables will help you pinpoint the ideal time for a release.

Therefore, Let’s quickly look into;

2.  Look Through Your Analytics First

music release date

This is huge!

Stay with me…

Analytics as the name implies is a social media inbuilt tool for studying overall engagements and fan behaviors.

More importantly, it helps if you’ll run an advertisement in the future.

I know what’s running through your mind……

I’m not a marketer, how do I possibly learn how to read graphs and pie charts?  Or when do I find time to study my analytics?

The music business is a pretty demanding one and you need this tool to be ahead of your competitors.

For ease, I highly recommend hiring a social media manager if you want to do exploits on social media.

Here’s the bottom line….

You’ll never make harmful decisions in your career again as regards to music promotion and audience satisfaction, but only if you leverage the power of analytics.

However, if it’s your first time, you really don’t have enough data to solidify your stands. It can be tough to make a profitable decision.

Nevertheless, I recommend using Fridays to test out your audience and also test all other days to see what best works for you.

The best part?

The difference between legendary musicians and upcoming ones is the strategic use of analytics.

It’s that important!

More so, it’s not complex to read analytics at all.

3.  Festive Period

music release date

Definitely, a festive period like Christmas is a time to share the love and depict how loving Christ is, so therefore if you’ve produced a song that’s doesn’t fit into the atmosphere, don’t release it.

Chances are your song will underperform even if it’s the best on earth. The emotion of your fans must be taken into account.

Here’s a cool case.

Last year, a gospel artiste was set to release a song that talks about the blood of Jesus in January.

I looked up the month and discovered it was the wrong timing to release a song. After much deliberation, he went ahead to release the song on Spotify, it didn’t take off for months.

Fortunately, it took off in April.

You know why?

Take a guess….

…Easter drove in eyeballs.

What Is The Best Time To Release A Song?

As of 11 June 2015 by The music industry agreed on Global Release Day (alternatively known as New Music Fridays) by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

But wait, there’s more, the release date may vary from country to country as IFPI puts it;

The move means that new music will be available on the same day worldwide rather than on varying national release days, being Mondays for releases in France and the United Kingdom, Tuesdays in the United States and Canada, and Fridays, for example in Germany and Australia.

Despite the varying release dates, you can still get a huge number of streams on your songs without obsessing about the dates.

Here’s how to solve this puzzle….

Look through your analytics to find the day that works best for you. But, if it’s your first single, go with Friday.

You know why?

The popular saying; “Thank Goodness it’s Friday (T.G.I.F). It literally means, thank God I won’t be going to work on Saturday.

Above all, it’s a clubbing day, right? Your song is likely to get an upward trajectory.

Do You Stay Consistent With A Date?

Yes! Stay consistent with the dates that work best for you. That way, it’ll maximize your release potential and it’s also an indication that your fans love timeliness.

Having said that, there’s a caveat to it.

Here’s why.

The atmospheric condition of your territory matters a lot. It matters that your songs get engagement and streams on the first week of release.

As I’ve said above, if there’s a natural disaster or global event that may contradict the message of your song, it’s a strong indication you should reschedule.

Because, I being a music promoter, countless times, have I postponed an Ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram due to the festival.

Be aware of seasons and times, it’ll up your game in the long run.

Does A Particular Release Date Affect The Performance Of My Song?

After investing your time in writing and recording a song, you’re probably waiting for that magic date that would move the needle in your musical career.

You’ll agree with me that sometimes the current fan momentum isn’t exactly what you want it to be.

Therefore, you may postpone the date.

Yes!, the release date you choose will have a severe impact on the success and failure of the song or Album. So, make sure you consider the above-listed factors before going ahead.

Don’t Be Rigid In Your Music Release Strategy

I hate to say this, but it will have adverse effects on your songs. As a musician, it’s pretty important to take to account the wellbeing and emotional state of your fans before releasing a song.

More importantly, be flexible in your release date – especially in your early days. That way, you can test out all the days of the week to find the best release date.

Wrapping Up – Release Song Date

Obviously, there’s no magical tool that would accurately predict the release date of your song. But, with recent studies carried out by IFPIS (as stated above) is a pretty decent time.

Keep testing the waters to find the best spot.

Over too You;

What question do you have? Let’s talk in the comments now.

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