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How To Make Your Songs Trend: 8 Steps (2021 Guide)

The internet has made it so easy to make your songs trend and spread like wildfire. But the music marketing strategies online are too expensive or unrealistic for the independent artiste.

Succeeding in the music industry is hard.

You’re competing with literally thousands of talented artists crawling to the peak.

However, there are extremely powerful ways to make your song go viral.

So, in this post, I will lay down all the nitty-gritty ingredients needed to make your next release trend like wildfire.

Therefore, stick around.

How to Make Your Songs Trend: 8 Steps

  1. Showcase Production Process
  2. Brand Artworks
  3. Review Your Song
  4. Join Online Mixtapes
  5. A Dwell
  6. Give Away
  7. Add A Call To Action To Your Facebook
  8. Talk About It All The Time

1. Showcase Production Process

My favorite way. Showcasing the production process of your song and studio sessions on Instagram and Facebook is a great way to go viral.

Sounds too simple to be true?

Well, you can make the mistake of misunderstanding this point or ignoring the theme of this point.

Follow through.

On Instagram, artiste usually showcases everyday studio sessions of the song. You know why?

Above all, it keeps fans and prospective sponsors informed – plus, feedbacks from sponsors and fans will be registered.

I’ve seen independent artiste build really big brands with this strategy.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost a fortune to leverage this hack.

Because it keeps your fans fired up and eager to see the finished product.

Therefore, consistency is super important for the results you desire.

2. Brand Artworks

Starting out, I don’t recommend spending hundreds of dollars on branding and logo. But it’s time to clean things up.

Do you have a logo? What differentiates your ministry from others? Why should they pay attention to your craft?

Therefore, these questions are critical for trending your songs. Answer them.

Do you have graphics designing experience? If you don’t, then it’s time to learn something new.

Most importantly, it’s free and doable. I want you to go to YouTube.

Punch these search phrases to YouTube; “How to design artwork with“.

how to make your songs trend

And youll be presented a lot of beginner friendly tutorials.

how to make your songs trend

Follow through, step by step, and learn all the techniques.

Creating a logo? Use the search phrases above, this time, substitute “artwork” for “logo”.

3. Review Your Song

One of the most effective ways of marketing your songs independently is by reviewing your songs on high traffic music blogs.

Remember “high traffic music blogs”. Here’s what to do, step by step.

Consequently, there are two major ways of getting a blogger’s attention;

  • Direct phone Calls
  • Email Pitch

First off, I don’t recommend opting for calls. Because bloggers are literally busy all through the day and night. The chances of returning your calls are slim.

In exception, if your relationship with the said blogger is above formality, chances are, he will return your calls.

Lastly, email pitching is extremely effective. In fact, bloggers are always looking out for incoming emails.

Unfortunately, you can’t send just any email, right? More so, it shouldn’t be pushy, but genuine, polite, and firm language.

Having said that, use the email script below.

promote your song in nigeria for free

As you can see, it’s a pretty decent email. Not pushy but polite, and concise.

Above all, to master the art of crafting high converting emails check this post about email marketing for musicians.

4. Join Online Mixtapes

There are dozens of music blogs that are scouting for songs for their annual mixtapes. Best of all, some bloggers collect an average of $20 to $100 per song per mixtape.

Looking at the future, I’m considering a mixtape to commemorate the anniversary of Kingdom Echos, so, stay up to speed. I will disclose the date soon.

Above all, you can look for free mixtapes to enlist your songs. Or, reach out to bloggers. It’s affordable.

I recommended you use the above email script to request that your song be featured on the mixtape.

5. Organize a Dwell

Multinational companies still organize dwells to popularize a product. It’s extremely effective. Giant tech companies like Tecno organize dwells to introduce a brand new android device.

Guess what?

Its skyrockets the popularity of the brand and increase sales, tremendously.

Unfortunately, you are wondering why I’m comparing you to these giant tech companies. Of course, you won’t be injecting that much money into it.

How do you go about it?

First off, make sure you’ve incorporated the above steps.

Having said that, create a banner that shows what prospective participants will get upfront.

You can hire a graphics designer on UPWORK.COM or better still, use CANVA.COM to create pretty good designs.

After that, publish it on your social media platforms and add a price tag.

6. Giveaways

Consequently, with all the support from fans, don’t you think they need encouragement?

They expend their data to download your songs, follow your pages on social media, it’s time to give away something though matter how small.

However, don’t go overboard with this. I suggest you giveaway data subscriptions, airtimes, and free tickets to attend your shows.

Furthermore, you’ve got to look for the best followers of your brand. Use your Facebook analytics feature to determine this and appreciate their efforts accordingly.

Or, better still, you can send it randomly. Announce a giveaway time and then bust their bubbles.

Truth be told, it’s extremely effective for trending your songs. You’ll see a boost in music downloads.

7. Add a Call to Action To your Facebook

You want your songs to go viral? Add a strong call to action on your Facebook page.

Typically, I recommend integrating an email service provider to your page. Mailchimp is great.

That way, you can broadcast your song before its release date. Email marketing and music promotion are complementary. They work hand in hand.

In the paragraphs above, I emphasized the need to pitch emails. If you want me to create an in-depth guide on email marketing for musicians, leave a comment below.

8. Talk About It All The Time

Whenever I introduce myself? I never fail to spell out my core areas of specialization to friends I meet on social media and in the virtual world.

How does it synchronize with the point above? 

Here’s the deal…

Every prospective friend on social media should be seen as a sponsor or fan. You never can tell.

Truth be told, eliminate formality from your tone conversation depending on the caliber of people you meet (timeline).

Always introduce yourself as a musician to any friend you meet. Don’t be ashamed to leave a link to your song with that person, again you never can tell.

Furthermore, inject some passion into your craft. Your timeline should depict who you are. Staring from your bio and your kind of posts.

They should synchronize with your bio. If you leverage this, it will increase your chances of trending your songs.

In Conclusion – How To Make Your Song Trend

The techniques listed above are exclusive to They are proven music marketing strategies that will make your songs trend on the lips of many.

And ultimately, top the charts of different music platforms. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

So, in this article, I was able to list some proven ways to make your songs trend and spread like wildfire.

Was the article helpful? Did I omit anything? 

Over to you;

Which technique are you going to try out first?

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