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How To Trim a Video on Tiktok and Keep Recording

In this post, I will show you how to trim music on Tiktok easily. 

You may be new to the TikTok platform that you’re finding it difficult to trim videos. 

Like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok has a built-in system to trim your videos without hassle.

I’ll also show you how to use third-party apps to trim your videos.

In the preceding post, I talked about why you can’t trim TikTok music, endeavor to check it out. 

Because it’s a continuation of this post.

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Without further talks, let’s get in.

How To Trim Uploaded Videos on Tiktok 

Trimming videos using TikTok built-in trimmer is pretty easy. The process remains the same on all devices (Android and iPhone).

Step1: After opening the TikTok App click on the ”+” icon to upload your video

trim tiktok video

Step2: Next, click the ”Upload” option beside the red icon.

trim tiktok video

Step3: Select your video and click on ”Next”

trim tiktok video

Step4: Use the red sidebar to trim the video by moving it to and fro.

trim tiktok video

Step5: Next, click on Next and then upload the video.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully uploaded your video. 

 How To Trim A Video You Recorded on Tiktok 

Trimming a video you recorded on TikTok and the uploaded one is pretty different. Again, the process remains the same on all devices.

Step1: After opening the TikTok App click on the ”+” icon. 

trim tiktok video

Step2: Next, hold the ”red” icon to record the video, click the checkmark icon to move to the next step.

trim tiktok video

Step3: Tap on the ‘’Adjust clips’’ option on the right-hand side

trim tiktok video

Step4: Use the red sidebar to trim the video by moving it to and fro.

trim tiktok video

Step5: Click ‘Save’ in the upper right-hand corner when you’ve properly trimmed your video.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully trimmed your video.

Lets get down to;

ThirdParty Apps To Trim TikTok Videos

Aside the builtin trimmer in TikTok there are other pretty sophisticated apps you can use to edit and trim your video. More so, ith these apps you do other powerful effects.

1Open CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
2HD CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
3Footej CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
4Fish EyeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
5Camera AwesomeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
10Movie maker Film MakerAndroidEditing30Fps

Wrapping Up – How To Trim Video On TikTok

TikTok is undoubtedly shifting the music landscape. And the entertainment industry is evolving dramatically due to the insane engagement on the platform.

This article laid down the looks and cranny of TikTok for musicians. Make sure you check it out right now!

Turn it over to you;

Do you have other pressing needs that i wasn’t able to highlight?

Let’s talk in the comments right now.

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