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How To Craft A PERFECT Instagram Bio For Musicians

The Instagram bio section of a musician is a strong determinant of who follows or bounces off your page right off the bat.

Crafting a perfect Instagram bio that allows fans to find you on google and Instagram is super important.

More importantly, as a musician knowing what to write, how best to word it, and how best to optimize it for maximum conversions is gold.

In short, I’ll show you:

How to craft the best Instagram bio.

How to optimize it for maximum visibility.

I will show you proven music marketing techniques to ATTRACT dedicated followers and some catchy bio samples.

Like what you’re seeing? Read on!

Why Writing An Instagram bio For Musicians?

Before I jump into the step-by-step process on how to craft a PERFECT Instagram bio for musicians, I’d like to point out why it’s significant to have an appealing and professional Instagram bio.

How does writing an Instagram bio stack up in your music career?

1.  Instagram is the 9th most popular Google query

Having promoted lots of musicians on this blog, and written tons of articles on music marketing. I’ve discovered something pretty interesting.

Here’s the deal…

Punch these search phrases to Google “KIngdomEchos”.

instagram bio kingdomechos

Our bio is well optimized for maximum conversion rate and search engine.  In fact, Instagram is the 9th most popular google search query in the world.

How does it measure up?

Its means there are giant brands out there looking to find numerous opportunities on Instagram.

Therefore, you need to craft a perfect bio that enables potential fans and sponsorship deals to find you.

2.  Determinant Of Size Of Fan base on Instagram

You literally have a second to make a long-lasting impression on anyone that stumbles on your bio.

Because your bio is like welcome mart for potential followers. Followers that turn into high paying consumers of your music.

For example:

A bio written in sentential format is likely to make people bounce off the page right off bat, considering Instagram has 150 limited number of characters on the bio section.

Statistically, you’ve literally had 150 characters to pull in loyal fans and make them stick around longer.

How To Craft The Perfect Instagram Bio For Musicians/Singers

Is there a proven method of crafting the best Instagram bio?


If there’s, everyone would have a massive number of followers and engagements on every post. And ultimately make more money which is the end goal.

However, in today’s guide, I’ll show powerful strategies to get into the heads of potential fans and brands to craft the best Instagram bio.

This guide is a step by step, practical post. After this post, you’ll literally delete, reposition and reengineer your bio to get more followers.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in!

Step#1 Username Section Of Your Instagram Bio

instagram bio for musicians

Let’s face it:

This is huge! The reason you’re not getting maximum engagements on your posts is that you’ve different usernames for different social media platforms.

The reason that’s a big mistake is, whoever listens to your songs on Audiomack, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and the likes.

The potential fan might want to get to know you better and probably become a sponsor.

Where do you think they go to?

……take a guess.

Needless to say, the fan won’t search on WhatsApp, YouTube or Facebook because they are generic platforms for everyone.

Instagram is always the go-to and the 4th most visited mobile app on planet earth.

What’s more, most musicians hangout on Instagram than any other platform in the world. Plus, it’s also the easiest way to connect directly with brands.

What does this mean for you?

Your username should be the same as other social media platforms where you hang out. So people can easily find and engage with you.

Step#2. Profile Name Of Your Instagram Bio

Surprisingly, a ton of artiste mistaken username for a profile name.

Let me lift the veil today…

In short:

Username is your pseudonym or stage name while profile name is what genre of music do you do?

It’s a powerful technique for increasing how often people see you on Instagram.

Read on!

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, how do you introduce yourself in one word?

Pro Tip: Trim Down The Niche So The Person Knows What You Specialize In.

What it means is, instead of saying; “I’m Music Musician” niche down to “I’m an RnB Artiste”.

Did you get the point? So, change your profile name to what you do as suppose the generic response.

Profile Name = RnB Artiste 

Step#3. Profile Picture Of Your Bio

Obviously, I’m not a professional photographer.

However, based on my research, portrait and professional images are inviting. Images with lots of distraction in the background steal attention from you the creator and end up confusing your fans.

Typically, images with a plain background (black or white).

Below are examples of images of to illustrate the point better.

Step#4. Posts  Section of Your Instagram Bio

If anyone lands on your bio and find 1 to 10 posts only, they are likely to bounce off and probably never come back again.

It’s likened to a TV station without shows. What’s the essence of staring at blank spaces?

More importantly, it shows some level of unprofessionalism. 

To get super engaging and unlimited Instagram content ideas, check out this post.

Ideally, you should have up to 20 posts before promoting yourself. That way, whoever stumbles of your page will engage and ultimately follow you.

Don’t starve your fans!

Step#5. Meat Section

The meat section of Instagram bio is where most musicians write amiss.

After the profile name and posts, the next is where you tell people what you do in detail.

  • First section: Write long-tail keywords that describe what genre of music you’re into. For example, instead of using; “I’m a hip-hop music producer in Toronto” be clearer; “Hip-hop Music Producer”. 

Better still, you can use at least 2 hashtags to show what you do.

  • Second Section: Show your credibility or level of experience. For example; Founder: or include the subscriber count on Your YouTube channel or years of experience)
  • Third section: Add a location if you’re a local musician. If need be use Hashtags to showcase nationality. For example: #Toronto #UK #Nigeria. It enhances visibility
  • Fourth section: Use emojis to illustrate your messages in form of bullet points in other to maximize the 150 characters.

Below is typical exmaple of the sections above.

instagram bio

Step#6. Strong Call To Action (CTA)

After your potential fans and sponsors know what you’re about. What should they do next?

Give them a strong call to action

What’s a call to action? In short, a call to action is calling someone to take specific action after meeting you

Transforming a fan from being a regular passerby into a loyal fan is through a specific CTA. That way, they’re more likely to convert.

Be discreet not to be pushy, malicious and but be persuasive and direct to the point.

Converting Call To Actions For Musician/Singer Bios On Instagram

1.  Linktree

Instagram allows you to add only one link to your bio. But with linktree, you can codify all your links on a page. Your YouTube channel, Spotify, Facebook, and website?

All can be codified on a page.

Here’s the caveat!

It gives you a raw domain name as the one on the screenshot below.

I highly recommend purchasing a domain from Bluehost, so your domain can be more professional and in keeping with your credibility and brand.

Here’s a raw domain.

instagram bio 2

Your domain will be like the one on the screenshot below.

instagram bio for musician

Click here to get your domain for just $3.95 onlyor click the images below. Valid for one year.

 Step#7 Curated Instagram Stories Highlights

instagram bio for musicians v

Creating flashy curated Instagram stories highlights better explains what your page and music is about.

Here’s the power of leveraging this hack.

It allows you to further refer people to more resources about your music. That’s double the chance of making money off of visits to your links.

If you want to skyrocket your fan base, check out this post on how to use Instagram stories for musicians.

Better than that, it’s also a great way to make your bio more accommodating and inviting.

Samples Of High converting Instagram Bios For Musicians

Wrapping Up – Instagram Bio For Musicians

Instagram bio is an online complementary card. How you approach it, what you include in there determines the size of your fan base.

It literally determines who sticks around and who bounces off your page.

Leveraging the aforementioned tactics will increase your fan base and ultimately make you more money because you’ve double the chance of getting your songs streamed by potential fans.

Over to you:

Which strategy are you going to implement first? Let’s talk in the comments, right now.

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