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Unique Instagram Content Ideas For Musicians 2021 + Free Tools

Engaging your audience consistently is quite difficult. Especially as a musician, coming up with fresh Instagram content ideas every single day is not a walk in the park.

It would be counterproductive, awkward, and boring to publish the same musical content every single day.

Above all, if you don’t build a relationship with your followers, even if you’re promoting something they won’t take action.

Why? They don’t trust you. 

What if there’s a way you can produce thought provoking, high-value content without ever going blank, again.

Well, there are super engaging content ideas I will show you today that would skyrocket your fan base and increase your awareness.

In the end, I will show some free tools to create these contents.

Let’s delve right in.

Tips On Creating Thought-Provoking Instagram Content

Before going over some super engaging content ideas, let’s quickly look go over Tips that can make your audience pull the trigger.

Step#1. Know Your Audience

The secret of creating super engaging content is knowing who’ll consume the finished product. Is there a pattern to discovering your audience? Yes!

Look through your social media analytics and some of the successes you’ve had in your music. Ask yourself; What age range or sex engages with my content?

What kind of content thrills them? Simply looking through your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube analytics will definitely suffice.

Then, create more content geared towards serving that audience.  

Because it’d definitely resonate with them.

But, if you’re just starting out, and don’t have enough data to solidify your conclusion, then, survey them using Google forms.

Ask them questions you definitely want answers to and allow them fill it in.

Better still, poll your audience.

Step#2. Double Down On What Works

Ever wondered why YouTube growth takes time? Take a guess…

Because, it takes time to figure out the content that resonates with people.

After experimenting with a bunch of failed videos and you finally find a winner. What do you do?

Double down on what works until you build a meaty audience and ignore the content with less engagement.

That’s bring us to;

Thought-Provoking Instagram Content Ideas For Musicians

  • 1. Milestone Appreciation Content
  • 2. Cover songs
  • 3. Tutorship
  • 4. Poll Your Audience
  • 5. Spellbinding Quotes
  • 6. Shout Outs
  • 7. Documentary Content Idea
  • 8. Entertaining Content Idea

1.  Milestone Appreciation Content

Appreciating your fans for milestone accomplished may be on garnering subscribers on YouTube, gaining followers on Instagram and garnering engagement on Facebook.

It’s worth appreciating your followers.  Either going live on all social media platforms or creating a graphical image like the one below.

Instgram Thanks

2.  Cover Songs Content

Cover songs have been around for ages. But the copyright infringement aspect of it, drives some cover artiste crazy.

Truth is, a lot of musicians make it hard for other artiste to cover their songs without getting copyright strike or taking down their YouTube Accounts.

If you want to build a huge fan base, I highly recommend allowing your songs to be covered by other artists.

You may be asking; how do I make money from my songs if other artiste use it for any form of production?

Well, you can use the Content ID system. Read this article about how to monetize covers songs to understands better.

Allow others to cover your songs then, post them on your social media pages including YouTube. Do you know why?

It positions you as credible, transparent and influential in the industry.

That way, you’ll never go short of content ideas.  That will ultimately plunge in more followers.

3.  Tutorship Content Idea

Musicians are multi-talented. Simply film yourself tutoring others on some of your best instruments (Piano, Sound engineering, Drumming, etc.).

There are tons of people out there that want to learn stuff like that.

A quick session every week or biweekly won’t be a bad idea, right?

Better still, you can batch produce content.

What does it mean for you?

Literally sitting down in a day to churn out contents for the whole month on a go. Then edit and schedule the contents while doing other things.

4.  Poll Your Audience

Validating an idea or a concept in your artwork, music, or dress sense is a pretty good content idea.

More importantly, it’ll generate a ton of comments, likes and shares. What does this mean for you?

If you’re creating an artwork for your song, simply creating different versions and formats of it. Then poll your audience to find out the best.

That way, when the song goes live the artwork will do 50% of the marketing for you. 

Pretty cool, right?

5.  Spellbinding Quotes

You already know by now that the human mind and feeling fluctuate at every slightest shift.

Being able to reprogram the mind of a person through soul bending quotes is great.

Simply surfing quotes of popular psychologists on the web or better still, brainstorm from your experiences.  

In the event that you’re able to normalize one’s thought pattern with inspirational quotes. What do you think will happen?

That person is more likely to stick around much longer.  

And will be more likely pull the trigger when you promote your songs.   

But, you need to strike a balance between being a motivator and a musician.    

6.  Shout Outs

Post thoughtful and unique shout-outs to celebrate and pay homage to people that have contributed to the success of your career.

Better still, create content to pay tributes to fallen musical, political and literary beacons that have influenced you somehow.

This shows that you’re considerate and relatable.

7.  Documentary Content Idea

Reality shows have become pretty popular so much so that they get huge engagement on YouTube and other video based platforms.

The secret?

Sharing experiences using powerful storytelling techniques resonates with people.

In fact, everyone loves listening to the failure and success stories of people because it educates, energizes, and motivates.

One of the most popular REALITY TV shows; Steve Harvey is garnering millions of millions of engagement, views, and comments on YouTube, Facebook, and others.

What does this mean for you;

Documenting your journey as you fail and succeed at some things is great.

Here are some content types you can create;

  • ·        Document Tour
  • ·        Recording sessions
  • ·        Vlogging (Lifestyle)

Make sure to keep it snappy and engaging because people have short attention span in this technological era.

8.  Entertainment Content Idea

Entertaining an audience is a tough content to create. Especially when you don’t have a meaty fan base and a strong personality.

The best part?

The most engaging form of content is video. People are more likely to resonate with what they see versus audio.

Its related with documenting but, educating is recording the most important part of your day. After which you polish it a bit with some basic editing techniques like adding transitions and inspirational background music.

Free Tools To enhance Content Creation

1Open CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
2HD CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
3Footej CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
4Fish EyeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
5Camera AwesomeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
10Movie maker Film MakerAndroidEditing30Fps

Wrapping Up – Unique Instagram Content Ideas For Musicians

Content creation as a musician is a long-term process. Engaging your fans builds an unshakeable foundation for you as an independent artiste.

Over to you;

What other social media content idea have worked wonders for you?

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