Is christmas a sin? When was Jesus born?


Hey, here I am, wondering, when was Jesus born? Is it December 25th?  Could that be the reason for Christmas? But right here in the bible, nothing of such is written.

Have you ever asked yourself these tough questions? I bet you will say yes if you have, let’s answer it right here.

After insightful research on the topic, when was Jesus born? Is it December 25th

I came to unearth, that it originated from the birthday celebration and worship of Mithras the sun god by sinners, King Herod and King Pharaoh.

No evidence remains about the exact date of the birth of Jesus. The December 25th date was chosen as much for practical reasons as for theological ones. Throughout the Roman Empire, various festivals were held in conjunction with the winter solstice.

In Rome, the feast of the unconquerable sun celebrated the beginning of the return of the sun god.

When the Roman Empire started adopting Christianity as a religion, they were left with the option of suppressing or transforming the festivals.

Therefore, the winter solstice seemed an appropriate time and season to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Hence the festival of the sun god was transformed into the festival of the SON (Jesus).

Why is Christmas celebrated on 25th December?

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in the history of mankind by over 160 countries, where you hear popular maxims like Merry Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Perhaps, we should take a moment and ask the question of why some Christian religious sects feel it’s inconsistent with the bible.

Why is Christmas celebrated on 25th December? Well, certain paganism beliefs and festivals culminated in the globally celebrated Christmas today.

is christmas a sin? when was Jesus born


Christmas is celebrated in December because of the drastic rise and spread of Christianity through evangelism that influenced the pagan worship and belief system. For more info on this check the first bolded statement above.


Is Christmas Biblical?

is christmas a sin? when was Jesus born


As interesting and entertaining as it may look, truth be told, Christmas is not biblical.

In fact, Christmas originated from the birthday celebration and worship of the sun god by two popular pagans, King Pharaoh and Herod (Genesis 40:20; Mark 6:21).

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the early Christians opposed the “pagan custom of celebrating birthdays”

The dating of Jesus’ birth cannot be ascertained even by the gospel writers and preachers, therefore Christmas is not biblical.

So, therefore…

Is Christmas celebration a sin?

Since Christmas celebration is not biblical then its sin? Well, you are not the only one nurturing this deep-seated belief; in fact, with all humility the Jehovah witnesses do.

Question for you?

Is a wedding ring biblical? Is massage biblical? Is Facebook biblical?

 Yes! It’s not God’s recommendation or commandment but natural unfolding events decades back.

The fact that the Christmas celebration is not biblical doesn’t automatically tag it sinful. Away with that religious belief that Christmas is sinful. Tell me a scriptural verse backing your claims?

It all depends on your approach and perspective of the Christmas festival. It’s only a time consecrated by nature to celebrate the birth of our messiah.

Therefore, strict observance of the laws governing the behavioral pattern of Christians must be dully observed, it’s definitely not a time of drinking to stupor.

Before I forget, Christmas is sinful when you perceive it as a compulsory event. For instance money for school fees and other legitimate obligations is used for Christmas. It then degenerates into an addiction. 

Is Christmas compulsory or important?

Hey, Christmas is a time to exchange gifts and show love as depicted by God through Mary’s conception of Jesus for the ransom of our sins.

The question of its importance is rather erroneous…..actually I think.

Because the celebration is optional and voluntary, therefore, I believe it’s a holiday to depict love in any Godly way possible….especially eating delicacies… I love eating.

My advice to you is, depicting your belief about Christmas should not infringe on the right and privilege of another. Christmas is not a sin and will never be.


Christmas was once a devilish festival where St.Nicholas (Santa Claus) the demon from northern Europe goes around giving gifts. He appears from the sky with a flying snake and a white bolded beard.

What do you think of my perspective about Christmas? Does it contradict what you know; I will love to hear from you.

I am of the opinion that you take your time and enjoy Christmas as it is not sinful.

What do you think?


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