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5, Ways to Know he’s Lying (NO. 3 & 4 Will Shock You)


   Hey, it’s good you’re here, are you afraid he’s lying about his feelings? or just confused about his personality?. It’s because you are trying to read his body language which is complicated seeing communication is not universal.

Tons of lovers are afraid to be transparent in a relationship simply because of the mountain word “uncertainty”.

It’s good you like him but do you know if he’s doing too? Or just lying to meet your status, like seriously!

This kind of guy is either an opportunist who noticed you liked him or someone who probably has numerous girls he’s stringing on.

Put your mind at rest, if you find yourself in this situation, there are tons of sign he’s not into you but you are emotionally attached to him, it’s pretty hard to be clear-headed and consistent. I will show you signs that will omit you from the dilemma.


Generally, liars and cheats have all-lined up answers to programmed questions in their psyche(mind) to avert embarrassments from their girlfriends.

Daily before leaving the confines of their abode, they cook very convincing words as to why and how things happen within and without the relationship.

Ask him questions from relevant stories he formerly told you, if he’s lying, following things will materialize though I’m not generalizing.


  • He will probably forget a detailed part of the story
  • Uncontrollable stammering and struggle to connect with the former story
  • He takes a deep breath and clears his throat avoiding eye contact with you,

yeah, it’s on purpose, he’s just trying to prevent you from doubting any bit of his narration.

Try prompting him to tell a story that’s pretty voluminous for example, what plans do you have for our relationship and don’t ask yes or no questions. I hope this tip helps you.



5,ways to know he's lying

 Sincerely, if a guy you love is toiling with your feelings you can spot by paying close attention to how affectionate he is with you.

If he’s very passionate and affectionate about sex and wasn’t paying attention to you before now but minutes later a sudden urge to touch you arouses and a desperate study desire to be intimate with you then he’s hiding something. Hey, check this out.

Showing excess affection when family members or friends come visiting.

Ordinarily, he doesn’t peck and kiss you in private but suddenly kisses and caress you so much that natural suspicion materializes and you immediately become scared and frightened at his recent behavior that isn’t consistent with his habits.


5,ways to know he's lying

Lying requires massive cognitive (thinking) energy. Now you see, he needs massive focus and concentration to exercise mental energy; it will aid his ability to fabricate untrue facts that appear to be true.

It’s a naturally observed phenomenon while exercising cognitive energy the level of blinking the eye decreases drastically and he looks incessantly. Two observed reality materialized

  • The level of blinking decreases when he has to focus on a direction memorizing and programming untrue facts.
  •   The level of blinking decreases when he has to shut his eyes close to avoid unnecessary distractions.




5,ways to know he's lying


Most liars use affection to manipulate their co-lover at every given opportunity, it connotes every lying guy typically has something up his sleeves and uses the affection and love from the girl to request and extort from her without knowing. 

You are easily deceived by the verbalization of love then you provide whatever he demands in the name of love, he uses conditional statement is used. For example:

Mike: you know I love you right?
Allison: Yeah
Mike: And won’t hurt you
Allison: yeah….
Mike: In the name of our love, help me with your credit card, please
Allison: OK, have it.


Every lying guy is always boasting and praising self, so you don’t think less of him, at that moment kill all manner of suspicion and inquisitiveness but listen attentively to every detailed aspect of the story then later evaluate and criticize constructively every bit of his narration, mind you, in doing this, endeavor to keep up with enticing response that will drastically increase his ego to vomit more rubbish.

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