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How Lucrative Is Music Production In Nigeria? (Beginner’s Guide) 2020

Are you planning on taking up a carrier in music production in Nigeria? You are probably considering the lucrativeness of music production.

Well, you are in the right place, put your mind to rest; I will work you through the nitty-gritty of music production in Nigeria.

Well, music production is extremely lucrative that producers in Nigeria make an estimated amount of 1, 000,000 naira for audio production and roughly 3 million for video music production.

This is huge! Extremely lucrative!

As music production evolves over the years, opportunities for music producers continue to boom with every day. This, however, has made the profession one of the most sought after in Nigeria and the world.

The Nigerian entertainment industry is undoubtedly skyrocketing in the international community. Countries over the world listen to Nigerian music every now and then.

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In fact, 68% of my audience in Kingdom Echo is from the United States.

In other to determine the overall lucrativeness of music production in Nigeria, I have put together a detailed tabular representation of music producers in Nigeria and how much they earn from music production respectively.



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S/NNames of ProducersAmount Earned (Naira)
1KillerTunesz 1 million – 3 million
2Kel P 1 million – 3 million
3MasterKraft 1 million – 3 million
4Young John (The wicked producer) 1 million – 2.5 million
5Fresh VDM 1.2 million – 3.5 million
6Cobams Asuquo 500 Thousand Upwards
7Tee-Y Mix 400 thousand Upwards
8Shizzy 1 million – 2 Million

With the aforementioned information, you would get a glance of the lucrativeness and profitability of music production.

If you learn the dynamics and ability to sound different and unique from your counterparts, it’s a matter of time before you succeed.

But How Do Music Producer Earns Money?

There are tons of ways music producers earn money from their craft.

Below are some carefully researched and proven ways they make huge sums of money.

1.     Scouting For Artiste

There are tons of upcoming or unsigned artistes that need tutelage and financial assistance to improve their talents and reach their peak.

The absolutely experienced music producers, and by that I mean, one with the right connections and uniqueness in craft, that has been in the business for a long time and has a commendable reputation.

They scout for artists that tickle their fancy.

Artiste they saw performing on TV, or heard them on radio, or saw them on competitions (e.g. The Nigerian Idol, Project Fame, Access the star etc…) and if they tickle their fancy, with a fresh talent, that suits their taste and kind of music, they recruit them and project their careers to the sky, and then earn from the commission.

2.    Trading Beats Online

This is the most used in terms of money-making as a music producer. Seeing it’s your biggest asset and most assured way of making money while sleeping.

So, all you need do is take to the internet. Make detailed research of websites looking for beats, and then drop your beats and the potential amount.

It has been calculated that this strategy generates at least $30 million in revenue annually.

If you were confronted with double thoughts, then put your mind to rest it’s of high value and profitability.

3.    Commission

Often, music producers are paid upfront whether or not the project succeeds, which is uncommon, usually music producers take a commission from every sale/purchase after the music is published, so the more the sales the more money they earn.

4.     Selling online courses.

Here you need a responsive and professionally designed website that features all your categories and area of concentration to your potential visitors.

By the way, if you want to create a responsive website for a low budget hit me up on social media or call 08096763980.

Owning a website will be the most intelligent thing you have ever done.

Best of all, you will make money off your website while asleep like me. I’m not kidding, if you want to know how I do that call me on the aforementioned number above, I will be glad to be part of your success.

For the sake of brevity and averting tangentiality, I will create a detailed guide on how to make an enormous amount of money from your craft.

Can I Learn Music Production On My Own?

Yes, you can learn about music production on your own. If you learn the dynamics and trends of music and what kind of music resonates better with your type of audience.

Again, It depends on how much time and work you invest in it. It may take days to understand a single music term and how to apply it. Alan Walker says it took him over a year to understand music production. Keep that in mind.

Music production is easy if you invest maximum cognitive energy into your profession. Go all out to read books and PDFs. Watch awesome and educative interviews of successful and well to do producers that tickle your fancy.

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After watching those fascinating interviews and tutorials, make sure you replicate all of it, with free music production software (if you don’t have cash) scattered all over the web.

Secondly, go to Udemy (my favorite online learning platform) type into their search bar “music production”. You will see a variety of music courses that offer certificates, most of the time, you need some dollars but its incredibly affordable.

If you have no money to foot your bill, I have something for you. Go to Google, type in, “music production courses online free” then select Udemy. Hurray!!! You are into music production already. That’s all.

Steps To Learn Music Production On Your Own:

Core Areas You Should Focus

1. Learning Music Theory

  • ·         Pitch: how high and low a note is.
  • ·         Rhythm: the length of notes and breaks.
  • ·         Scale: notes palette of the track.
  • ·         Why notes sometimes match or sound “wrong”.
  • ·         How to make variants from a melody.
  • ·         How to chain your notes to have a good melody.

2. Understanding Basic Music Structure

  • ·         Intro
  • ·         Verse
  • ·         Pre-chorus
  • ·         Chorus
  • ·         Breakdown
  • ·         Drops

How Do I Learn Music Production Online For Free

There are several platforms that offer you the flexibility to learn music production from the confines of your home. You certainly don’t need to spend a naira on any course. Or enrolling in a music school.  If you have the financial capability to foot your bills, go ahead, I highly recommend it.

My heartfelt disappointment goes out to those Nigerians that have not discovered the prowess of the internet.

There’s nothing you search on the World Wide Web that you won’t find answers. All you need to do minimize your social media presence and maximize your data bundles online researching for things of super importance to you and others.

You can learn music production online free of charge. Below are several music production courses online free of charge.

·   Skillshare

2-months free course, you only have to pay $10 monthly for checking into their courses. There are over 2,200 music-related courses on their platforms, everything for you.

  • ·        Music production
  • ·        Music composition
  • ·        Music theory
  • ·        Mixing and mastering
  • ·        Music marketing
  • ·        And much, much more for you.
  • ·        YouTube.


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I can’t emphasize it enough. Do you know? YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. With a huge untapped traffic source. Truth be told, YouTube gets over 30million visitors per day. Wow! That huge! Best of all, it’s free!

In Conclusion

The internet is a vast community of music production courses that gives the fundamentals needed to thrive in the industry. There are tons of free music production software you can use from the confines of your home.

Music production is lucrative and high profitable. Erase any atom of doubt. Have I answered your question? Was this helpful? Tell me, I will like to follow you up.

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