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Make it in the Gospel Music Industry:10 Free Ways (2020)

Are you looking for proven ways to make it in the Gospel music industry with little or no money? Do you want your gospel skills to be noticed by the general public?

But with the increasing push into the highly competitive industry, I must say, it’s really hard and almost unattainable. 

If you adopt a generic approach to the gospel music industry, it will never play out as planned. But devising a proven strategy to navigate through the storms will suffice.

Do you know over 60% of potential gospel artists give in before getting to the pinnacle? it’s really frustrating to put in all the hard work and watch your work crash. 

Especially having to appeal to churches for just a minute performance. Or traveling a long distance to get featured in a banner and finally not given the opportunity to perform. I can imagine how disgusting you feel. Trust me, I do.

If you don’t want to end up like the 60% failures, you must stop approaching gospel music as a passion. I want you to start treating your passion as a business. You need to ask nitty-gritty questions like, How to make it in the music business?  How to dominate the search engines? (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Baidu) how to dispense value?.

In this article, I will walk you through powerful magical ways to ease your journey.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Proven Ways To Make It In The Gospel Music Industry

  • 1. Fervently prayers.
  • 2. Become an instrumentalist
  • 3. Know your craft.
  • 4. Leverage Social media
  • 5. Get featured on a blog.
  • 6. Become a Consistent YouTuber
  • 7. Make cover Videos
  • 8. Grow a dedicated fan base.
  • 9. Keep working on your craft.
  • 10. Offer your services Free.
  • 11. Top gospel music industry statistics

1.   Fervent Prayers

You are not an entertainer; neither are you a circular musician. You are a consecrated vessel that wields the most powerful, favorite, and delightful arsenal of God. I mean you are a minister in songs. If you don’t know what that means, you will wallow in years of constant failure.

Consequently, it’s rather pertinent to prioritize God in your career.  What do I mean? Reorganize your priorities to feature God first in all you 

All you need do is pray fervently and incessantly. Remember, prayer is the necessity for survival and maintenance of daily victory for the believer. That way, God will unleash the mysteries of songs that heal the broken heart and reconcile long lost souls to the Kingdom.

If you can imbibe and dispense this in your career, your indelible impact will remain in the hearts of men forever.

2.   Become An Instrumentalist

This is huge! I cannot overemphasize this enough. Think of legendary gospel beacons of Nigeria and the world like Frank Edwards (keyboardist and Jazz drummer) Nathaniel Bassey (Trumpeter and Sound engineer), Don Moen (World’s best Sound engineer And Keyboardist) to emotion but a few.

These aforementioned gospel artistes are successful in their craft. But the instrument gave them an advantage over others. If they are not invited to a concert to sing, they will be invited to come showcase dexterity in playing their best instruments.

What I’m saying, in essence, is, diversifying is super important, because it gives you several opportunities to make it in the gospel music industry. Take it upon yourself to learn an instrument that tickles your fancy. And you’ll be glad you did.

3. Know Your Craft

I repeat know your craft. There are over a billion super talented gospel artistes in the globe; the only distinctive factor amidst them is to know your craft to the fullest.

As I have said above, the industry is highly competitive and packed with extremely fascinating gospel artists that have made it through the storm.

I want you to invest hours of work into your craft, even the wave-making gospel artist you see today still rehearses every now and then.

There are some powerful music marketing books that would dramatically change how you approach music.

And ultimately make you cool money. I was surprise seeing the price on amazon

4. Leverage Social Media

Breaking out and gaining massive recognition is through the efficient and strategic use of the social media channel, talking of which I highly recommend the three most conversational social media channels in the world like, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you don’t have money, free music promotion is extremely possible and attainable. On like Facebook, using the relevant hashtags for twitter and Instagram is key. Though I’m not an Instagram freak.

Stop using generic hashtags like #(your name) #ilovegospelmusic rather than using hashtags that have an enormous amount of posts and followings, that way, you can tap into their fan base.

If you do that, you’ll have huge chances of getting followers and views that covert.

5. Get Featured on a Blog

There are tons of ways to get featured on a blog for free. By the way, there is a definitive to uploading your gospel songs on sites for free.

Check out: Top 5 Sites To Upload Gospel Music For Free (Actionable Guide)

Having said that, you shouldn’t be extremely picky about where to upload your gospel songs for free, because you are starting out. Hijack any opportunity to get featured on a blog. Do you know why?

Google as a search engine is insanely in love with authority, and credibility. If Google starts seeing your name or brand on different blogs, you’ll be accorded that credibility and chances are, you will get noticed by tons of people.

Better still, you can create a blog for as low as 17dollars.

Best of all, you don’t need technical knowledge of coding, Html, or JavaScript to create a responsive blog. But maintaining the blog will be daunting for you because it will eat into your time. Contact me, I will help. Please indicate you are an upcoming artiste in your message.

6. Become a Consistent YouTuber

Do you know YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine…..?

make it as a gospel musician

And with a huge untapped traffic source. Truth be told, YouTube gets over 30million visitors per day.

Wow! That huge!

For success on youtube, it’s important to leverage youtube music marketing strategy for 2020

killer in the industry today. YouTube is granting uncommon opportunities to Gospel musicians. Uploading your videos on YouTube will give you tons of opportunities to get watched by fans and potential music sponsors and philanthropists.

As of August 2019, Sinach emerged as the first African/Nigerian gospel artiste to get over 100 million views plus on a single Video, popularly cited as Way Maker”.This award gave her the opportunity to perform in Lakewood Church in the United States.

Best of all, creating a YouTube channel is easy and free. But setting it up can be a little overwhelming. You can contact me using the Phone Number displaying on my bio.

7. Make Cover Videos

This is working like magic. What do I mean? Making cover videos is simply creating videos of you, vocalizing the song of your favorite gospel artiste. Make sure it’s the newest. You must have seen or probably neglected this on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. It’s extremely huge!

In this contemporary time, you don’t need to expend on learning professional video editing courses.

There are simple applications you need to download on your phone like Insta, Viva video, etc. If it seems daunting hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, and I will be elated to be a part of your journey.

There are proven ways to promote your cover videos for free with thousands of views.

After creating those cover videos, tag the gospel artiste, and use relevant hashtags, share to your friends and family, chances are, the artiste would repost and comment.

People love been acknowledged and accorded respect.

8. Sell Value

A dog will naturally leap and almost jump out its skin to show you, love. Not because he’s professing love to you, but he understands the principles of value and love.

If you can communicate trust, love, and value in your music and personality. The heavens will downpour uncommon blessings on you. People will naturally want to help you get to the pinnacle.

The best way to influence someone is by giving out value without asking for a dime.

By the law of reciprocity, there’s an extremely high tendency that the person will reciprocate your kind gesture. In fact, each time you give out to people there’s this profound unconscious need to be even. That way, they will give you something way bigger than what you gave them.

9.   Grow Your Fan Base

After creating all these social media platforms, what’s next? Do you just post your pictures and links there? Or you might want to neglect it because of its complexity.

Truth be told, nothing precious comes at a platter of gold. Every successful story comes with a painful beginning. Don’t worry, it will subside soon. How do you grow your fan base?  Growing your fan base is a gradual and consistent process.

Cross-Promotion: Promote your Facebook following to your Instagram and Twitter. Tell them to follow you on both social media platforms. How do you do that? Include your other social media channels in your bio and postings. In the comment session, you could write something like “Thanks for your comment, kindly follow me on…). Ensure your postings are catchy and intriguing. That way, you won’t be spamming or appealing for followers.

10. Offer Your Services For Free

You’re just starting out. You need to get all the shows you can lay your hands upon. Whatever amount they decide to pay you should be convenient. At this time, shun any thought of money, I know it seems impossible but if you allow your mind to play mind games with you, by allowing you to compare yourself with your counterparts, you might not attain that height you envisage.

Check out: Top5 Sites To Upload Gospel Music For Free (Actionable Guide)


This will help motivate you. This section will list some starts of prominent gospel beacons in NIGERIA AND THE WORLD.  Looking

Top Gospel Music Industry Statistics  

 Top artists on Facebook: 1. Marcos Witt, 5.7 million, 2. Hillsong United, 5.4 million, 3. Skillet, 5.4 million

93 percent of African-Americans, or more than 38 million people, listened to gospel radio in the past year.

 Christian music enthusiast: 53 percent female, 47 percent male; 23 percent females ages 25-44

 Top 10 selling artists: 1. Casting Crowns, 2. Lecrae, 3. MercyMe, 4. Newsboys (“God’s Not Dead”), 5. Needtobreathe, 6. Michael W. Smith, 7. Hillsong United, 8. Newsboys (“Restart”), 9. Jamie Grace, 10. Erica Campbell

Christian music sales by genre: 1. Adult contemporary: 33.8 percent, 2. gospel: 17.6 percent, 3. praise, and worship: 13.6 percent, 4. rock: 11.5 percent, 5. Southern gospel: 5.5 percent

In conclusion

The gospel music statistics should help motivate and rekindle your strength towards success. Looking at the statistics, you discover how much recognition and acceptance they have on social media.

Let the statics shape your kind of music so it resonates with your ideal kind of audience.

Was this helpful? Did I omit anything? What strategy are you going to try first?

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