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11 Reliable Ways to Make Money as Gospel Musician in Nigeria

NOTE: Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Let’s face it.

Making money as an Upcoming/unsigned gospel Musician in Nigeria is harder than ever.

Especially with the recent increase in super talented, young, and endowed gospel artiste in Nigeria.

It’s highly competitive in Nigeria to earn a living as an independent gospel musician.

On like secular musicians. They have a myriad of ways to make money. 

Like brand endorsement, performing in clubs, beach parties, and some illegitimate ways.

With gospel music, it’s not the same.

But it doesn’t have to be that way to make money with gospel music, right?

Making money shouldn’t be reliant on signing a record deal.  

There must be a way to break in.

What if I tell you, there are proven ways to make money as an upcoming musician in Nigeria?

Would you believe it?

Before we dive into the meat, I should warn you. 

If you’re into gospel music because of money, you will never see a dime.

I will explain this in detail.

Follow me as we hit the highway.

12 Secrets to Make Money as Upcoming Musician in Nigeria.

  1. Principles of magnetism
  2. Brand your brand
  3. Get your space on the SERPs 
  4. Facebook Monetization
  5. Crowdfunding/Donation
  6. YouTube Factor
  7. School others
  8. Bait the hook techniques
  9. Sell Your Music Online
  10. Play live shows
  11. Free Downloads
  12. Frank Edward’s Method

Brand Your Brand

The misconception behind branding is the reason you’re not doing well. There’s a generic belief that branding has to do with logo and slogan alone.

What? Really?

Most musicians think branding is hiring a professional logo designer. 

Or creating stunning album art with sophisticated instruments. I even asked someone, what’s branding about.

Guess what he said? (Though might quote exact words)

Branding is creating a Facebook page and posting links from Audiomack or SoundCloud. Hahaha.

Remembering this, I think my ribs still hurt. lol

Consequently, no one wants to work with a nameless, faceless organization to make money, because the company has a logo, a Facebook page, or a slogan.

The most influential and successful branding expert and marketer, Seth Gordin remarked.

“A brand is a name that a seller (gospel musician) uses to label a product to communicate with the consumer (audience, potential sponsors, and record labels). A brand is a reputation that name builds for itself in the marketplace. ” 

Branding is way too in-depth for this post. I will create an ultimate guide on branding for upcoming gospel musicians.

There’s a ton of money to be made in branding. But the question is, are you game?

Can you give in all it takes to make a success? It’s not about just saying, Yes!

Can you weather the storm in marketing your music? 

There should be a direct or indirect correlation between your song title, style of singing, and brand name (EeZee Concepts).


make money as a gospel artiste

In the likes of Oh Jesus by mercy Chinwo and All that matters by Guc. it’s a replication of the brand’s vision and mission.

Your song title should always resonate with your ideal audience. And you should always release songs that edify the ideal audience over and over again.

Don’t try to be all over the place. You can’t be a jack of all trade and expect success.

If you want to please everyone you will end up pleasing no one.

In Nigeria, all the music genres have been harnessed. So, picking a small audience of the population and grooming them is important, if you want to make money.

I’m not by any means saying that you can’t sing praise and worship. 

But when you are first starting out, you need to clearly define your audience (budding Christians, worldly Christians, and so on…)  

Take, for example, Minister Theophilus Sunday, he is known as “revival fire” in the industry and doesn’t sing praise or the regular worshiping style.

His songs are soul-stirring and super valuable. You can download his songs here.

If you’re all over the place, how will brands recognize you?

How do your sponsors notice your vapor?

Get Your Space on the SERPs

This is related to branding. SERPs (Search Engine Result Page(s) are a great way to make money and get found on Google without hassle.

What I’m I saying? 

Create a website that displays your core areas and specialization. 

By the way, I create stunning websites for gospel musicians at an affordable rate, call me on 08096763980.

Do you know creating a website labels you a professional? It gives a first and lasting impression about your personality and brand.

For example, On EeZee ConceptZ, Minister Mercy Chinwo is selling her Album “Satisfied”.

make money as a gospel artiste 8

That’s a great way to monetize your site apart from Ads.

Consequently, you’ve to do a good job of managing it. It’s extremely daunting to manage a website and still concentrate on your music carrier.

I can help. Hit me up.

Famous Nigerian gospel artiste like Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edward, and Kay Wonder and so on hijacked this opportunity.

Facebook Monetization

make money as a gospel artiste 1

Do you know Facebook pays musicians to advertise on their videos? I know it’s crazy, but it’s true.

You can follow us on Facebook here.

They are making huge sums of money.

If you’re not leveraging Facebook video monetization, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Guess what? 

Facebook is completely obsessed with video content. They are always searching out to find video content. 

If you’re looking at how to get lots of views and likes. You need to leverage video content. 

As a budding Nigerian gospel artiste, it’s ok if you dont have a video yet.

Not to worry, I‘ve something for you.

Create lyric videos. You might have seen this stagnant or animated scene plus background music and lyrics displaying.

Some apps can help you do this for free. I will segment them into two categories. Pc and Androids.

Apps to Create Lyric Videos for Musicians.

1Cute cutAndroid, Pc & MacPaid
2VSDCPC, Laptop & MacFree
3FilmoraPC, Laptop, Mac & AndroidFree & Paid
5Power DirectorAndriod & PCPaid

Crowd Funding Donation 


If capital stands between your profitable idea and its execution, crowdfunding is a great way to go.

Huge companies, business corporations still adopt this strategy. Truth is, no one has it all. Not you. Not me.

Consequently, projects of high and compelling return on investment (ROT) would be great.

Truth be told, no one will click on your check out button, because you have a donation page, until they have a pretty good reason.

All I’m about is, you should state clearly reason(s) they should whip out their credit card.

This goes down to your mission. I don’t want you to be too formal about this. Just a three-line write up will suffice.

Thought-provoking projects like buying of filming equipment, hiring creators/web designers, the video editor will convert.

Don’t lie or be extremely foxy about your words. No one will read a meaty comprehension before donating. 

They just need a trigger point and conviction in your music.

How Do You Write A Compelling Mission That Converts?

There are two most powerful writing techniques I found.

They are pretty cool. Read on!

So what?

Every time you state the mission of your company and reasons they should donate, ask yourself, “So what” what follows is the reason.

That way, you will test whether that statement makes sense and wehy should someone care about it.

For example. Helen Nesterenko said 

Our Knives have the sharpest blades!

So what?

So you can chop ingredients quickly and effectively, just like the pros!

YouTube Factor

YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide and 79% internet users, use YouTube. we’ve crafted a guide to youtube music marketing

It’s breathtaking. 

Let’s do the math. 

Google owns YouTube and the figures above are estimated numbers of registered Gmail accounts using YouTube. 

What’s more, it’s possible to watch YouTube videos without owning a Gmail account.

That means the aforementioned figure (2billion) is inaccurate. 

It means that people watching YouTube videos are way more than that.

I didn’t mention those stats to bombard you with the success of YouTube. 

No, but its potentiality, if used strategically. 

But all this is not helpful to you, right?

YouTube is free. If you want me to create a guide on how to create a YouTube channel for free and make money? Leave a comment below.

But it would be daunting to manage the channel. Due to its technicality. Talk to us on 0809676398 and subscribe to our channel here.

So, after you’ve created a YouTube channel, what’s next? 

Producing volume of high-quality content is important for making money. 

By that, I mean making videos. It’s fine if you don’t have videos yet.

You can create lyric videos with your mp3 songs. Check facebook monetization above for more explicit details.

How Do You Get Paid On YouTube?

YouTube has paid out over 2 billion dollars to partners worldwide. You can be the next in the queue. Dust your shoulders and let’s get to work. 

Monetizing videos on Facebook is not any different. But YouTube has more opportunities.

YouTube pay gospel musician to advertise on their videos. 

That means between 10, 15, 20 seconds people watch or click on the ad, you make money.

Cool right?

Guess what? 

A popular female Nigerian gospel artiste is making it big on YouTube.

Do you know her? 

Minister Ada Benjamin. The wife of the renowned gospel artiste, Min. Eben, She’s killing it now. 

With just 39 videos, 542,000 and 155, 649, 504 views

Surprised? Don’t be. Put in the work and you won’t regret it. Or you can reach on 08096763980 to help you create a moneymaking youtube channel.

You can also read the articles below to get started:

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13 Unique Ways To Make Money As A Musician On YouTube 2021

School Others 

Do you know how to play instruments? Drums, piano/keyboard, trumpet, saxophone? Teach others. 

Sell your gift for money. Year in, year out, people are craving to meet a dedicated music teacher, but can’t seem to find.

In fact, I suffered the same fate while learning drums. But thanks to the internet.

Hijack this opportunity, it’s on the fly.

If you don’t play any musical instrument, it’s time to learn something new.

Best of all, it’s free. 

I want you to punch these search phrases “free online music drums classes” into Google.

It can be any instrument. Replace “drums” with your preferred instrument.

Then click on Udemy.

Hurray! Select the course and register. (Yay!)

If you’ve cash. I highly recommended paying for your online lecture. 

Because you will be awarded an international printable certificate.

You’ll pay a token of 10 to 12 thousand naira.

Your carrier demands you invest in knowledge and skills. 

Frank Edwards is a Keyboardist, music producer, and drummer. Nathaniel Bassey is a trumpeter, he studied music abroad. 

You can do the same. Invest in your tomorrow.

To know more about Nathaniel Bassey click here.

How Do You Make Money Teaching Music Online?

  • Facebook live video or Uploading of videos. 
  • Partnering with Udemy to create a course.
  • Sell videos on your website.
  • On YouTube too. 

Let me know if you encounter difficulties.

Bait The Hook Techniques

Weird right? 

Here’s the deal.

I know it’s vague. I’ll explain it. 

Keep reading!

The technique is coined from reading a book by Dale Carnegie entitled “How to win friends and influence people”.

Amazing stuff!

Fishes are naturally obsessed with worms. It only makes sense to bait the hook with worms. If truly, you want to catch lots of them.

Still, speaking in parables?

The full meaning of the technique is “bait the hook to suit the fish”. 

Gospel music is an extension of pastoral, evangelical, prophetic ministry. 

All these ministries are geared toward winning souls.

Your music should serve that purpose. If not, you won’t do well in the long run.

Focus on one genre of Nigerian gospel music. Don’t try to be everywhere. It’s important to focus on your best performing genre. 

That way; you won’t find it hard to produce good music that keeps intriguing people.

If you don’t know how to determine where you are good at. Which song do you love? Why do you love it? 

Replicate that person’s pattern in your songs and you will be good to go.

Below are some genres of Nigerian gospel music.

  • Christian metal
  • Christian Rap
  • Christian gospel 
  • Worship
  • Praise
  • Qwarrah

From experience, I know worship and praise resonate better. Especially worship songs. People love it when you stir up their emotions. 

If you can stir up people’s emotions and admonish them in your songs, the money will flow.

Sell Music Online

Digital online music platforms give you the ability to sell your songs without hassle. 

Most Nigerian upcoming gospel artistes ignore the potentials of the digital music market

So, promoting songs on popular blogs is always the go-to strategy.

This is extremely effective. But I always advise upcoming gospel artiste to diversify.

What do I mean?

Nigeria is not like the Western world where almost everything is at a silver platter.

Selling your songs on different digital platforms gives you an edge over others.

Testing the waters is a good way. One hook, one fish. Two hooks, two fishes. 

Below are some carefully selected digital music platforms for hassle-free music promotion and huge sales.

If you want me to create a guide on how to upload your songs, shoot me a message in the comment section.

  • CDBaby 
  • Tunecore
  • Bandcamp
  • Soundcloud
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Spotify
  • Boomplay
  • Audiomack

Read Also:

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Play Live Shows

Organize a live show. There’s a popular aphorism that says: it takes money to make money. 

Make your entry ticket fee very affordable and create banners to advertise on our blog or any blog of your choice. 

Spend a few hundred nairas to print T-shirts for your fans. 

Anyone that buys the ticket should be entitled to a T-shirt. 

I know it’s expensive, but I have extremely affordable rates contact me on 08096763980, Calls, please.

The benefits of printing customizable T-shirts are for….

  • Further promotion
  • Branding purposes
  • More music downloads
  • YouTube Video uploads

Free Downloads

Uploading songs on gospel blogs is the most used strategy in Nigeria. 

I know free music downloads don’t translate to income but offer you a wider audience for huge income in the long run.

But the surprising thing about this method is is offering free music promotion.

Yes, you heard me. We offer you an uncommon opportunity to reach a massive audience for free. 

So what?

Because it’s free and still offer premium promotion services.


We accept little token to help run advertisements on Facebook for a wider audience for your song.

Reach us at 08096763980. Check out our music promotion page for more benefits

Principle of Magnetism

This principle is jaw-dropping. I mean it’s killing it for me now. 

When I got to know about this principle, it shocked me to my bone marrow.

For a moment, I was wowed and fascinated. It’s pretty cool what can be done with music today.

The most interesting part of it is, you don’t need a naira for this. It’s free.

What have I been rambling about?

Want to know? Read on!

I coined this principle from the bible (Matthew 6:33“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you”.

If you examine this statement critically, would you say it’s persuasive? Passive?

Well, if you said persuasive……you are wrong, lol.

It’s a directive/command. 

I won’t explain the generic way. Some indoctrinate you to pay tithes and God will perfect everything that concerns you. 

Far from that!

As a Nigerian gospel musician, you may be tempted to ask God for popularity. 

Because you’ve invested huge amounts in the production of songs and few people end up downloading your songs.

Yet still, you don’t make a dime from it.

Excruciating, right?

I can understand.

But the craving for money and fame will never speed up the process. 

All you need to do is, concentrate on God, and be patient.

And you will inherently attract what is needed to blow (make money).

For now, you should be focusing on the following, if you want to make money.

  • Spiritual sensitivity
  • Capacity to retain revelations
  • Ability to scribble songs
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Human relationships/engineering 

The essence of my ramblings is to avert future frustrations. 

You’re kind of focusing on the unimportant ones. If you make good music it will certainly attract sponsors.

However, I’m not saying there’s a direct correlation between good music and money.

It’s not always the same. Take, for example, you make really good music, how would your audience, and potential sponsors hear about it?

Well, it’s through the strategic use of social media. You just need to strike a balance between good musical content and social media promotion. 

Speaking of which, I have an ongoing special/free musical promotion.

Check out our music promotion page.

You will meet a ton of people on your journey. You need to learn about human relationships. 

I recommend one book entitled “How to win Friends and Influence People”

A magnet propels and attracts metals without calling out to them. Why? 

Because it’s configured to attract metals.

You are not configured to be a failure. What you’re going through is an examination. 

Do not fail.

Bonus Tip. Frank Edward’s Method.

Nigeria’s multi-award-winning gospel artiste said this in an interview with a channelstv correspondent.

“If you want to make money don’t be a gospel artiste”.

What it entails is, if you’re driven by material and financial benefits don’t take up gospel music as means of actualizing it.

He further highlighted, Gospel music is a ministry and secular music is an industry.

The former can serve as a get rich quick scheme while the latter is purely evangelical.

More so, this doesn’t translate that gospel musicians are destitute and poor. 

In Conclusion 

That was exhausting. Mind you, these are only the tip of the iceberg. I hope they wet your feet on making money as an upcoming Nigerian Gospel artiste

What’s more, it doesn’t take a huge budget to execute the abovementioned tips on making money as a Nigerian gospel musician. 

Pretty much anyone can execute the aforementioned tips right away. 

Nigerian gospel artistes emerge every day, but leveraging these tips will give you a leg up.

Singing good songs that admonish and stir up emotion will help you a lot.

The journey has just begun.

Did I skip anything? What strategy are you going to start working on immediately?



  1. Thank you for this opportunity uket. I’m planning to release my first album this year October. I will need your assistance

  2. Thanks so much for these tips. Although, I’m only just penning down my songs and haven’t recorded, Coming out with my work doesn’t seem so much as a herculean task anymore as I don’t currently sing in the choir.

  3. Wow! You really made my day. Thank God for your life. This is impressive. Coincidentally I am working on releasing my first (classical gospel song). I will get back to you privately.
    I have been blessed. Please, keep it up! The good Lord will continue to uphold you with His victorious right hand. Shalom!

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