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Music Promotion And Distribution: (Difference, Importance, Comparison)

So many budding musicians can’t really differentiate between music promotion and distribution.  

it has however become a subject of debate amongst musicians.

What’s more, most musicians don’t know which to start out with and a what level of their career?

Today, I will show you the differences, importance, and comparisons.

The best part?

I will show you when to opt-in for music distribution and promotion.

For ease of reading, the information will be tabularized.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in.

What is Digital Music Distribution?

Before delving into the difference between music promotion and distribution, let’s get an overview of what both platforms are and why they matter.

Digital Music Distribution is the process of supplying your music to a broader variety of online stores and platforms including but not limited to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc…

According to statistica, digital music accounted for revenue generated by the music industry in 2017 and amounted to a total of 2.8 billion US. Dollars that year.

Huge, right?

In short, digital music distribution is getting your music available globally through digital services.

More on this below.

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What Is Music Promotion?

Music promotion is an encapsulation of both distribution and other social media promotions that help garner a local audience.

Let me lift the veil!

Here’s the deal.

Music promotion includes paid ads, paying social media influencers, using Instagram stories, lyrics videos, cover songs, email marketing, paying music bloggers, and many more.

To get an exclusive list of how we promote songs on this blog, check out some of our in-depth music marketing articles.

That’s just the overview of what music promotion is. Want to be let in what music distribution and promotion is?

Keep reading!

Difference & Comparison Between Music Promotion and Distribution.

As highlighted upfront, for ease of reading, the information will be tabularized.

Without further ado. Stick around. 

S/NMusic PromotionMusic Distribution
1Music promotion is done through music bloggers, Youtube Channels, and social media(Paid & Free). Music is distributed through aggregators and record labels only.
2Songs uploaded on music blogs can be downloaded on music worldwide.Songs distributed cant be downloaded but streamed only.
3Cost is not fixed depending music promotion plan.Music distribution is fixed.
4One-time payment Reoccring monthly or annual rates.
5Songs are promoted on social media for weeks/months.Only streamed on digital stores.
6Songs are not licensed Songs are licensed.
7Songs aren’t monetized Songs are monetized through streams.

Above all, music promotion and distribution both have pros and cons. They are intertwined.

If you want to get astounding results from your music leverage both platforms simultaneously.

The question is,  

When Do You Distribute Your Music?

Music Promotion And Distribution

Having promoted a ton of music on this blog and social media.

I highly recommend that budding artiste with less to no local audience shouldn’t opt-in for music distribution on digital stores.

The reason being that it would be an effort in futility. There’s no readily available audience to stream or listen to your songs on digital stores.

What does this mean for you?

Before going international or distributing your music on digital stores, you should have a decent amount of loyal followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to begin with.

That way, all you need is to retarget that audience through paid ads or just paying influencers to use your songs in creating video content.

Better still, you can adopt other free actionable ways to promote your songs

How To Distribute Your Songs On Digital Store?

Now you know what music distribution and promotion entail. It’s time to understand how to distribute your songs independently without employing the service of third parties.

There are numerous music distribution companies you can contact to get your music on Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, and others.

Best Music Distribution Platforms

NOTE: The list above is clickable.

Communicate with the platform of your choice. Their emails are always located at the bottom of their sites or contact pages.

Better still, you can hook them up on their social media platforms.

How Do You Promote Your Music?

Needless to say, music promotion is an integral part of soaring high above the noise in the music industry.

However, adopting actionable music strategies will level up your game in the long run.

Music promotion is a meaty topic that can’t be covered in this post.

Therefore, I’ve put together a guide to help you promote your song and get mind-blowing results.

Want to be let in? check out these posts.

Wrapping Up – Music Promotion And Distribution

Hope it helped wet your feet on what music promotion and distribution entails?

Though a ton goes into promoting music and our blog is always churning out updated content to help you leverage it.

Over to you;

Which music promotion strategy has wasted your money? 

Tell me in the comments below, right now. 

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