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Music Promotion Cost Cheap: Helpful Guide Nigerians

Hey! You and I know Independent music promotion is hard, especially making decisions about how much it costs to promote a song in Nigeria.

Due to the rapid increase in Nigerian Music blogs, local and digital music platforms, and social media.

It’s so hard to make a profitable decision that best suits your budget.

You’re wondering, how much does it cost to promote a song in Nigeria? The average cost for music promotion in Nigeria ranges from 2,000 to 30,000 naira. Most music promotion blogs charge 20,000 while television and radio outlets charge 50,000 to 70,000 naira for audio and video contents.

A lot of independent Nigerian artists select promotion costs based on the affordability of the package or the brand’s popularity.

But there’s more to choosing a cost that suits your budgets.

In this post, I will explore the different incredibly cheap and top-notch music promotion platforms that will skyrocket the popularity of your songs and brand.

Plus a bonus tip, so stick around.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to choose the Right Cost for Music Promotion

There’re fundamentals to choosing the right cost for music promotion.

So, below are carefully selected attributes to look out for in your next promotional campaign. They are;

· Niche

First off, what is a Niche? A niche is a specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In the music context, what the statement above literally means is that music promotion platforms must have a focused audience.

Mmore on this, keep reading!

Some blogs are meant for secular music and some gospel music. Any blog that doesn’t have a niche is not worth your money.

Chances are, your song will get less or no traction.

For example, the blog is focused on Nigerian gospel music. You should promote your songs where your fans hangout. Click here to promote for free.

A friend of mine uploaded his song to, which is focused on hip hop and secular music.

Who will download it? Are born again Christians there? How do you get traction?

What Does The Brand Have To Offer?

Every brand has potentials. Apart from having a huge following of people, you must consider what the brand can offer.

There’s a difference between uploading your song and promoting it. Some music blogs are a dumping ground for songs.

How do you know? Look out for the frequency of publishing updates.

And the passion behind promoting your songs. For instance, we feature new artiste on our monthly top trending songs.

We also recommended your songs posts to other artistes to help increase your chnces of brand endorsement and popularity.

Social Media Music Promotion Cost

The second thing to consider is if the brand promotes your music on social media aggressively.

Social media music promotion is incredibly cheap. All thanks to affordable rates provided by Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

What I want you to do is; create a lyric video for your song, if you don’t have an official video yet.

A lyric video shows the lyrics to a song onscreen as the song is played, simultaneously.

Contact me to create a lyric video, 08096763980

Check out some of the already concluded projects – for more visit our official Youtube Channel and keep subscribe to stay notified.

After creating the lyric video, head over to your YouTube channel to upload it.

If you don’t have a YouTube, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. Contact me to help you set up and manage your YouTube Channel.

There’re some technicalities that require a touch of expertise.

First off, Go to your social media platforms to run advertisements to the video.

Don’t forget also to add your social media links to all your posts. Cross-promote your social media channels. Tell your Instagram followers to follow you on Instagram and vice versa

I highly recommend, Facebook and Instagram. By the way, you can follow on Instagram and Facebook.

That said, what you’ve got to do is, run ads to your YouTube channel to get more views and subscribers. The cost ranges from 2000 naira upwards.

The higher the cost, the higher the reach. Talk to me if you encounter any difficulty.

Traditional Music Promotion Cost Strategy.

social media music marketing

This is the most explored strategy in terms of music promotion in Nigeria. Promoting songs on gospel music blogs is always the go-to for upcoming gospel artistes.

It’s amazing but there’s a big mistake made by upcoming artiste.

Countless times, independent artists make the mistake of promoting songs on just about any blog.

Your songs should be uploaded on a platform where likeminded people hangout.

For instance, a gospel artiste paid 10,000 naira to promote his song on a secular music blog, naijavibes, and the likes.

What do you think is wrong with that?

Take a closer look at it.

Well, it’s wrong because people visiting the site are looking for secular songs. It’s only a waste of time and resources.

Instead, surf for blogs where gospel artiste and fans hangout. That way, you’ll get pretty good chances of getting traction and ultimately, sales.

Digital Music Promotion Cost

This is a little like the traditional way of promoting songs. Just a slight difference.

Music Promotion And Distribution: (Difference, Importance, Comparison)

Spotify, Tunecore, Google play music, and so on ….. have developed tremendously.

Unfortunately, it’s the most neglected strategy by upcoming musicians.

But the most interesting thing about this is you can also sell your songs on these platforms.

Below are some price tags you should consider for your next budget.

S/NPlatformsCost Per SongCost Per Albulm
1DeezerN 3,900N 11,700
2SpotifyN 3,900  N 20,000
3TunecoreN 5,800N 23,000
4Google Play MusicFreeFree

Leverage these platforms, and increases the chances of getting your songs heard at low cost.

Does Promotion Cost Hurt My Music Carrier?

It’s true that some bloggers offer outrageous costs to promote a song. Personally, I feel it’s not a good idea to charge outrageously.

If truly, you want to propagate the gospel like kingdomboiz, Nicegospel, kingdomechos and so on….

That’s why kingdomechos is giving away this uncommon opportunity to you. Read that here.

Cost of music promotion can have a severe impact on your;

  • ·        Health
  • ·        Psychology
  • ·        Productivity
  • ·        Lead to bankruptcy

Consequently, you’ve to be careful. Don’t try to be as perfect as your counterparts. I know sometimes they put up some amazing images, with expensive clothes on their social media pages.

Don’t be intimidated by that. Focus on your budget and make the most out of it.

Music promotion is not daunting. All fingers are never equal.

When Do You Pay For Music Promotion?

I highlighted in the beginning that Independent music promotion is hard than ever.     

It’s true; you’ll foot the bills of your songs and expenses. Therefore, you encounter some financial constraints, which can reduce your productivity.

Check this article about how to make money as an upcoming artiste.

Basically, music promotion is not until you pay bloggers or run advertisements. No, that’s premium promotion.

When you don’t have cash all you need to do is entertain your fans on your page. Jokes telling are extremely effective.

Unique Instagram Content Ideas For Musicians 2021 + Free Tools

Paying for music promotion should be on a monthly basis. That’s why I highly recommend taking up a part-time job.  

How Long Should A Music Promotion Be?

Immediately you receive your salary, remove 2000 or 4000 naira depending on your monthly income. You can call me on 08096763980. I will help you run ads.

Don’t make the mistake of quitting your job when your carrier isn’t able to replace significant portions of your income. You’ll only get frustrated and ultimately quit music.

Bonus Tip: Top 5 Free Sites to Promote Your Songs For free

In Conclusion

Independent music promotion is a long term process. I hope this will help to prune your decision of knowing how to choose a suitable cost for music promotion.

Don’t make the mistake of paying huge sums of money. It doesn’t have to be that tedious. will help you spread your craft with a small token.

Take into recognition the aforementioned steps. And you’ll smile at the results.

Was this helpful? Which mistake have you made in choosing a cost?

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