Music Promotion

Kingdom Echo is geared up towards promoting your gospel
songs to the end of the world as the Holy Spirit influences us.

The reason for our existence is to bring to reality the divine responsibility of promoting your songs even to the bounds of earth.

60% of gospel artistes tank and never attain that height they have envisioned, not because you are not vocal enough, but there’s a little-known tip which is effective and efficient marketing.

This is where we fall in. Your songs cannot be heard in corners. Our platform is a home for gospel music.if you encounter any difficulty, contact us here

You are a music minister, and there’s need for your message to strike the heart and admonish souls, our duty is to help propagate to inhabitants mother earth.

We have fashioned this giveaway for you!


Free promotion of songs for the next 3 weeks starting from today.

Music promotion

Terms For Acceptance

I enjoin you to adhere strictly to the terms and condition for uploading on our website. Mind you, violation of this T&C will alter your chances of approval.

That said, let do this.

·        The song must be gospel oriented.

·        The track must be void of vulgar languages like mad, sex, etc.

·        Professionally edited artwork

·        Only send material to which you own all the rights.

·        No unofficial remixes bootlegs or tracks with inaudible samples.

·        Only send finished material. No work-in-progress tracks. 

·        Intriguing biography or about the song.

·        Social media handles.

Benefits Of Patronising Us

·        No delegation of duty (handled by the author himself)

·        Your songs will be automatically promoted on 10 more sites

·        Featured on homepage as recommended and Song of week

·        Running of advertisements on the most populated social network (optional).

 ·        Shared on our social media platforms Facebook Instagram and Pinterest.

·        Streamed on our YouTube channel.

·        Published on Facebook.


Payment Style

1.     At the moment, we are sticking to promotion terms and conditions of paying for only advertisments our social channels which will be communicated via email. or call 08096763980


How To Upload Your Songs On

Send an email of your song, artwork, and biographies or about the song. Once it’s received and accepted an email goes out to you.

Minutes after acceptance, your songs will uploaded and promotion commences immediately.

Know how your song is dished out to our audience? Follow us on our social media.


By The Way, We Also Special In The Following:

·        Launching of YouTube channels

·        Creating eye catchy YouTube banner art

·        Music banner artwork

·        Creating responsive and professional websites

·        Professional logos

·        Video animation and creation