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Never Worry About Less Music Download

You’ll no longer worry about getting enough downloads while spending less for your music promotion campaign.

You’ve spent a lot of money on music promotion without getting any traction. No considerable downloads. No return on Investments. 

If you keep on, you’ll likely bourne out and go bankrupt.  

Get Thousands Of Downloads

Your song will get massive and mindblowing number of downloads. This will bring about brand publicity and awareness. 


1st Page Google Visibility

Your Fans can now find your song directly by searching it on Google instead of having to send download links all the time.

Professionally Animated Lyric Video

Your song will be giving a touch of professional lyric video that would attract fans from our Youtube Channel.

Massive Music Facebook Recognition

High converting advertisements for your song will be ran to tap into over 2billion users worldwide.


Stop Worrying Of High Cost

Best of all, our services doesn’t cost a fortune but brings great results.Your online presence will be maximised by the token you pay.

Promotion on Other Affiliate Sites

Your mindblowing single will be promoted on other gospel music website for massive recognition .


Every artiste is a guest of honor. We love and acknowledge your opinion about us.

Didn't know the site will be that unique. You gave mind-blowing design. Always willing to help, at any point in time. I had a good result beyond my expectations.
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Ajala Adetoye
I was thinking I could just upload my music there for people to download free and be blessed.. But Kingdom Echo changed that perception. Kingdom Echo made me to understand they is more to it..
2. A lot has changed recently on my music promotion and my social media handles, and all this happened the moment I came in contact with KingdomEcho... I learned that I need to approach my music as a Carrie and business.. Not just singing for singing sake..3. Very encouraging.. Always making sure we get things done .. Bringing more and new ideas.. Adding values.. Working tirelessly to make sure the gospel is preach through music..4.. The result is massive.. Things are not the same again.. Both my music page and other stuffs.

Our Services

Music Marketing

We distribute and market your songs online through proven channels like youtube and other strategic use of social media.


Web Designing

Build your sleeky, professional, and responsive website. Never worry about irresponsive websites for your online business. 

Lyric Video Creation

Professionally animated lyrics video with up-to-date equipemets. You dont have an official video for your song yet? Lyrics Video is great way to go.

Terms For Acceptance

I enjoin you to adhere strictly to the terms and condition for uploading on our website. Mind you, violation of this T&C will alter your chances of approval.

That said, let do this.

·        The song must be gospel oriented.

·        The track must be void of vulgar languages like mad, sex, etc.

·        Professionally edited artwork

·        Only send material to which you own all the rights.

·        No unofficial remixes bootlegs or tracks with inaudible samples.

·        Only send finished material. No work-in-progress tracks. 

·        Intriguing biography or about the song.

·        Social media handles.

Benefits Of Patronising Us

·        No delegation of duty (handled by the author himself)

·        Your songs will be automatically promoted on 10 more sites

·        Featured on homepage as recommended and Song of week

·        Running of advertisements on the most populated social network (optional).

 ·        Shared on our social media platforms Facebook Instagram and Pinterest.

·        Streamed on our YouTube channel.

·        Published on Facebook


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After Successful Payment

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