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7 Essentials For Music Success On TikTok (No Crap!)

Let me tell you something; your TikTok music success will be dependent on these essentials I’m about to let out for free.

For instance, you can’t decide to start a music carreer without taking to account a professional music producer – the same thing applies to TikTok too.

TikTok as a platform has become an extremely valuable place for artists to build their careers, even established artists still plunge in like wildfire.

Just to paint the picture of how much TikTok can catapult your musical career/songs to success, you should know that Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ became popular on TikTok which then made its debut on No 1 of Billboard Hot 100 for 19 weeks, this made it become the longest-charting song in the history of Billboard.

In turn, it made Lil Nas X secure a record deal, and the rest is history, all thanks to TikTok.

And yes, the aforementioned isn’t the only success story on the platform, countless others have become popular thanks to TikTok.

Let’s hit the highway, right now!

Best Practices For Musician Success On TikTok

  • VSDC Video Editor
  • Pexels
  • Linktree
  • Canva
  • Keep Notes
  • Voloco
  • A Tripod

1.  VSDC Video Editor

If you read this article, you’ll discover I mentioned the fact that TikTok-made videos with a song in the background are a maximum of 15secs long.

It is for this reason you need to create and edit your videos with a video editing software before uploading it to TikTok.

Why? If you may ask.

Check this article, (why you can’t trim a video on TikTok)

Solely because the maximum upload length is 60secs ─ without music playing in the background ─ and you can achieve that by using a video editing software. 

It’s like killing two birds with a stone ─ you get to make your song play in the background, plus the video will be 60secs long ─ and then you can upload such video to TikTok.

Now, there are a whole bunch of video editing softwares out there and they could all do a pretty decent job for you, but the problem is; they might be expensive or just too bloated for you.

I mean, who would want to pay for a video editing software, when all you’d want to do is edit TikTok videos with it?

That’s where VSDC Video Editor comes into play, it’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and best of all, it’s free!

VSDC Video Editor is an open-source video editor that has all the features you need to create stunning and elegant videos for TikTok; it’s got the perfect vertical-format aspect ratio with 1080×1920 dimensions, voice-over capabilities, 1080p resolution for saving your videos, and lots more!

Download link

2.  Pexels

Sometimes, you might need stock photos or videos as the case may be for your TikTok videos, and I don’t see any reason why you should go all the way out to pay over $200 for non-watermarked stock photos on Getty or elsewhere.

This is where Pexels comes into play, on this platform you can find just about any type of license-free photos and videos which you can use and redistribute as much as you like without having to worry about any legal drama whatsoever.

You might be asking ‘what do I need stock videos for?’ If you can recall, I talked about incorporating memes into your TikTok videos in this article, with stock videos you can get as many videos as you need which you can edit into memes, and of course, with your songs playing in the background of the video.

This is another means of achieving music success on TikTok.

Pexels stock photos

Pexels stock videos

3.  Linktree

If you didn’t know before now, TikTok lets you place a maximum of 2 social media links on your profile’s bio. 

But what if you’re the kind of social media freak like me who has numerous social media accounts and would like to link all of them on my TikTok profile and cross-promote your videos across all the social platforms?

This is where Linktree comes into play ─ it lets place you place all your social media links on a single, dedicated landing page ─ and with this, you could also link to anything important to you be it videos, blogs, products, resources, your songs on streaming platforms etcetera.

Being a musician on TikTok means you want to have a breakthrough on the platform and become successful, with Linktree you could boycott TikTok limit on Bio links by placing your Linktree link there instead.

Ideally, you should place the links to your streaming platforms, social media handles as well as your blog on your Linktree page.

This way your fans and followers can easily stay connected with you across all platforms thus making them consume your content easily.

Linktree url

4.  Canva

Tiktok music marketing

You should never underestimate the power of a good display picture. And Canva is one of the best software for achieving this, no wonder the startup is worth a whopping $6 billion.

Canva lets you edit and create graphics, designs, pictures etcetera. 

Just think of it as a photoshop alternative, except that it’s free! Not to mention, it has a huge library of stock photos, designs, and tens of thousands of pre-made templates.

You should utilize Canva in designing your TikTok profile picture, you should also utilize it across all your social media platforms.

Desktop app

Mobile app

5.  Voloco

Let’s face it, paying for studio sessions can be quite expensive especially when you’ve been doing it on a consistent basis. That’s where Voloco comes into play.

With Voloco you can literally set up your music studio and record your songs to a beat on your mobile phone. 

The app lets you record over a beat, set the tempo, change the speed, edit the voice effects, and mix the song as well as master it. 

Just think of the app as a portable music studio that you can carry around on your mobile phone.

Your TikTok videos don’t always have to be professional, it just needs to be lively, fun, and authentic. 

Hence, whenever you’ve got some ideas or inspiration for a new song, you could just write it down and record it on the fly with Voloco on your phone while the vibe is still burning.

Mobile app

6.  Keep Notes

Every now and then, you need to write down ideas for the concepts of your TikTok videos.

Keep Notes lets you capture your ideas instantly in form of texts, audio, videos, or images.

I personally use Keep notes to write down my songs, writing on paper these days sucks, that I can tell you. 

The good thing about Keep notes is that all of your notes and ideas are stored on the cloud, hence, it is synced and accessible across all your devices, as expected of an app owned by Google. 

Since TikTok is all about sharing your ideas in creative ways, there’s no better way to capture your ideas than to use Keep notes till you’re ready to work on them and convert them into videos on TikTok.

Mobile app

Desktop app

7.  A Tripod

It’s not every time you can get someone to record you when you want to shoot a video. That’s where a tripod comes into play.

Having a tripod is extremely invaluable and most of them can easily be used to mount a phone or camera.

1.  Joby GorillaPod (Tripod I Used The Most)

tiktok q

I’m loving this GorrilaPod, as it gave my videos a touch of stability, flexibility, and the professional feel I crave for.

Do you know what is pretty cool about this?

….it works fine for YouTube and Instagram Videos too. It also gives me the flexibility to adjust to any length that suits my height.

Gorillapod is a lifesaver. I can also play around with some really cool camera angles that would normally not be possible on other Tripods as affordable as this.

It’s conveniently available on Amazon here. So, if you want a Tripod you can use sitting, standing and walking then GorillaPod is best for your money.

2. 10” Ring Light with 50” Extendable Tripod Stand

tiktok success for musicians

I really can’t believe this tripod comes with a Ring light, LED circle lights for makeup, live videos, YouTube, TikTok.

It’s also compatible with android and iPhone.  

Do you know what’s pretty cool?

It’s can be extended from 15.7 inches to 50 inches, our tripod can be adjusted to any height within seconds as needed, short enough to stand on a tabletop, tall enough to fit your height.

Eliminate the stress of pressing the record button on your device every now than when you make mistakes in your recording. 

Wireless remote shutter – the pocket-sized Bluetooth remote allows you to take selfies or group photos easily from a distance up to 30 feet.

Do you know what’s astonishing about this product?

It’s extremely affordable and serves more than its original pricing. It’s available on Amazon through this link.

Using this product will up your video quality dramatically. You check it out here.

Wrapping Up – Essentials For Music TikTok Success

Currently, TikTok is among the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, and that is why you need to actively utilize the platform in promoting your music.

Most of the must-haves are software and they usually free ─ well, freemium to be precise, due to the fact that they offer an optional upgrade in order to access special features for a certain fee.

Nonetheless, the free versions are more than enough for you to become successful on TikTok.

Over to you;

Can you share your wins and failure with me in the comment section? I’d like to hear about your experience so far.

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