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Download: Opomulero Kay Wonder Ft. Dare Justified (Lyrics, Mp3)

Give it up for the popular Nigerian gospel Kay Wonder ft. the phenomenal Dare Justified on the blockbuster single tagged Opomulero.

So many have been ravaged by the current happenings in the world, Minister Kay Wonder and Dare Justified released this song to eulogies and honor God.

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This song will soon be an anthem on the lips many and churches this season.

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Kay Wonder remarked;

Never grow weary of giving thanks because truly God is Pillar of which our entire existence rests.

Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; the promise of God has been fulfilled in our Lives throughout the period of this pandemic.

God bless you and influence your spirit.

Enjoy Kay wonder ft. Dare Justified

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Opomulero – Kay Wonder Ft. Dare Justified Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
You are the pillar when all around me gives way,
(Gives way)
Your word says in the world You shall have tribulations,
but be of good cheer I have overcome,
(Piller of my life,
e ma se, te o je nsonu,
opo aye mi mo dupe aye o gbe mi gbi)2ce
Eyin ni mo ni ti mo fi n sako

Opomulero aye mi e ma se o/2ce
igi lehin ogba aye mi e ma se o,
ibi ti e mu mi de,
n ko le ro pe mo le de ibe,
E se oooo, ooooo, Ese oo

[Verse 2]
Opomulero ooo, Baba, oh God,
You are the source of my strength when all hope is gone,
my salvation I will trust in You,
my life, my love,  Lord You are my song,
(Piller of my life,
e ma se, te o je nsonu,
opo aye mi mo dupe aye o gbe mi gbi)2ce
Eyin ni mo ni ti mo fi n sako


[Verse 3]
Eyin le gbe mi ro,
ti e o je ki n jin si koto aye,
Eyin le ba wa se,
ina aye ko mama jo wa o,
iku ati ajakale arun to npa lojojumo ko ma ya ile wa,
Aye fe gba aso Lara wa, Eyin le da aso iyi bo wa Lara,
modupe ooo,
Alaasiri mi,
iyin ye yin ooo Jesu, Jesu,
Opomulero ayemi,
Eyin ni kokoro, {Kokoro}
kokoro, (kokoro) ti mo fi silekun ire,
Eyin ma ni, Kokoro (kokoro) Kokoro (kokoro) ti mo fi silekun agbara,
Eyin l’orin mi ti mo nko lojojumo, Ese oooo Baba Baba ooo Ese Opo,


Piller of my life,
e ma se, te o je nsonu,
opo aye mi mo dupe aye o gbe mi mi,

(Eyin ni mo ni ti mo fi n sako)12x


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