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How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria (No Card Rejection)

After following the steps in this post, I guarantee that you’ll never run into problems of not being able to pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria.

Therefore, I advise that you follow all the steps and strategies to avoid getting your Facebook ads account banned or suspended.

Well, you’ve got two choices:

You either open a conventional dollar Facebook ad account and pay in dollars (which will incur more charges as the dollar keeps punching the naira) which can often result in Card rejection.

Or you take the safest and less expensive route that I’ll show you below.

I highly recommend you pick the safest and less expensive route because that’s how I pay for profitable Ads effortlessly in Nigeria.

Pay for facebook ads in Nigeria

Want to know it?

Stick around! I’m spilling the beans on all I know about paying for Facebook ads in Nigeria without card rejection or whatsoever in this step-by-step guide.

Why Do You Need To Pay For Facebook In Naira?

Before I spill all I know about how to pay for Facebook ads in Naira, you need to understand why you should it.

Of course, the obvious answer to the question is card rejection, right?

But, pause for a minute to ask yourself the reason for running Facebook ads in the first place.

Well, obviously, it’s to grow your business/brand, make profits with less expenditure.

You’ll agree with me that it cannot happen if you use a dollars account in Nigeria.

Let’s face it:

Needless to say, recently, Naira has declined in value and the dollar seems to be on the high side.

Running Facebook ads in dollars will only result in spending more to get the same result as you would if you use Naira.

I believe you want to have massive returns on investment for every Ad spent, right?

What’s more, these strategies will also help you pay for Instagram Ads in Nigeria too.

Let’s get to it!

What You Need To Run Ads Effectively

There are some things you need to put in place to make running Ads seamless and easy.

You need to have a MasterCard ready. You should also have a Facebook page and an Ads Account ready.

If you have all these ready, then let’s move on to the real deal!

How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

With further talks, we will be using PayU and a Nigerian Debit Card Master to make payments to Facebook.

The best part? PayU is endorsed by Facebook so you don’t have any reason to worry.
You may be asking:

What Is PayU?


PayU is an automated payment gateway for any business that seeks to thrive on the web. Its makes for easy payment across the globe.

In general, the PayU is like Remita, in this case, it is integrated into Facebook. You can easily use your Nigerian debit MasterCard to fund your account fast.

That of the way, follow the steps below to pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria.

7 Steps To Pay For Facebook Ads in Using PayU/Debit Card Nigeria

Step 1: Log in to your facebook Business Manager Dashboard

Step 2: All Tools Option then click on Billing

Pay for Facebook ads

Step 3: Click on Add Funds

click on ad funds on facebookclick on ad funds on facebook

Step 4: Select The PayU option and Edit the amount to Your preferred one

Pay for facebook ads using PayU

Step 5: Clik On Continue

click on PayU

Step 6: Fill in your card details then click on Card and pay

Fill in your Card details

Step 7: Follow the prompts to complete the transaction

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost In Nigeria?

Facebook ads cost anywhere from 500 naira to whatever you can budget. There’s no fixed price for running profitable Facebook campaigns in Nigeria.

Having said that, a good rule of thumb is to get efficient results. That cannot happen with a 500 naira Facebook ad campaign.

That brings us to the following question:

How Much Should I Budget For Facebook Ads?

It’s better to shoot for a 4,000 naira budget if you want to get massive returns on investment. That way, you have enough time and money to AB test the conversion rate of the Ad and better optimize it for greater returns.

AB testing allows creators to split test the conversion rate of the Ad. The conversion rate on the other hand is how well your Ad performs.

What do I mean?

In other to guarantee mind-blowing results on your Ads, you need to test with different creatives (Ad Formats) to see the best performing one.

For example, you’re running Facebook Ad to get more music streams on Spotify. You’ll have to use different Ad formats and designs to see the one with the best engagement and reach with less expenditure.

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Then you can turn off the other ones and keep the best one.

More so, this will also save you money and bump up your return on investments.

Can I Use PayPal To Pay For Facebook Ads?

Paying for Facebook Ads with Paypal is very possible. But for Nigerians, it’s not a profitable option because it comes with hassles. In other words, I don’t recommend it.

Can I Use Verve Card To Pay For Facebook Ads?

VerveCard is not allowed for international transactions in Nigeria. Facebook happens to be one of them. Only MasterCards are allowed for international transactions.

List Of The Banks That Allow Mastercard On Facebook Ads in Nigeria

The following are lists of banks that allow Mastercards on Facebook Ads in Nigeria, they include:

  1. Zenith bank MasterCard
  2. GTB Naira MasterCard
  3. Access Bank Visa card
  4. UBA debit MasterCard
  5. FCMB card

Wrapping Up – How To Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

As you can see, it’s pretty easy and streamlined. No hassle.
Over to you:
I like to know if it worked for you (which I am certain will). Feel free to share your experience with me in the comment section below.

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