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8 Free Steps To Promote Music Covers On YouTube (2020)

Music cover videos have become a significant part of music today – Plus, the best way to get to the limelight as an artiste easily. There are a bunch of YouTube video promotion services on the internet

But, they are expensive, right?

So, for now, you need something free and actionable ways to promote your music videos on YouTube without hassle.

If that’s your plight, I got you covered.

Therefore, today, I’m going to show you actionable ways to promote music covers on YouTube for free.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let’s get started.

Free Actionable Steps To Promote Music Covers On YouTube

  • 1. Choose trending songs
  • 2. Make Quality Videos
  • 3. Create Eye-Catchy Thumbnail
  • 4. Intention grabbing titles
  • 5. Add a video description
  • 6. Use relevant tags
  • 7. Share on Social media
  • 8. Add a link to your bios

1.  Choose Trending Songs

If you’re just starting out, chances are you won’t have enough fan base and subscribers to move the needle in your carrier.

Above all, leveraging music cover videos and choosing trending songs will give you a leg up.

What do I mean?

Consequently, a trending song is an indication that fans love and appreciate your efforts.

So, it’s good of a strategy to produce a cover video using a trending song.

That way, you’ll tap into an existing audience of the artiste that’s already popular. It will in turn boost your subscribers and fan base

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Make sure to give credit and ownership rights to the original artiste.

Above all, you may get the opportunity of meeting the artiste or getting your videos published on his or her social media pages and YouTube channel.

What I want you to do is,

Inscribe your YouTube channel name, Instagram handle at the top or footer of the video for great social media engagements and following.

2.  Make High-Quality Videos

Creating high-quality videos is simply making sure your camera doesn’t shake and speaking audibly enough to be heard.

However, you can step up your game with a good camera and an external microphone.

So, there some carefully handpicked cameras, video editing software I highly recommend for an amazing quality video.

But, for the sake of today’s heading (free), I will keep it simple.

I recommend you use the following free tools for creating high-quality videos.

  • ·        Vsdc Video editor (PC Only)
  • ·        Open camera (for your android phone camera)
  • ·        Android device
  • ·        Vlogit (Android device only)

These applications can be downloaded online. Just punch in the search phrases to google. For the android device, look it up on the Play store.

Having said that, your videos should be exported in the following formats.

cover song ppromotion
Credit: Wikipedia

Furthermore, I highly recommend you follow the above-recommended formats for amazing video quality. Be it an android device.

3.  Create Eye-Catchy Thumbnails.

First off, what is a thumbnail?

YouTube thumbnail according to Backlinko is a clickable, visual icon that represents the content of a YouTube video.

Below are eye-catchy YouTube thumbnails.


Thumbnails have become so popular in today’s YouTube success. The click-through rate (the number of clicks you get per video) is dependent on the thumbnail and title.

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos use a custom thumbnail.

Therefore, how do you create one?

There’s a free tool called Canva.

You can use it to create high quality converting thumbnails.

Some Tips For Creating Eye Catchy Thumbnails

  • ·        Add more Contrast to your images.
  • ·        Add big texts that best describes the video
  • ·        Make sure your texts are located on the left
  • ·        Use a color scheme that stands out (Don’t use red, white, and black)
  • ·        Use branded thumbnails consistently

4.  Use Intention Grabbing Titles

According to Neil Patel, 8 out of 10 will read your headline, only 2 out of 10 will click through and watch your videos.

That’s how important titles are. And the better you master the science of writing intention grabbing titles the higher your videos will rank.

There’s no generally accepted rule for crafting titles. If so, everyone would hone it.

For creating music covers, I highly recommend looking up the way the original video wrote theirs. Replicate and add “cover video” in the bracket.

In fact, make sure you front-load the keyword or name of the song.

5.  Use Video Description

What is a video description? It’s the bunch text below YouTube videos. It helps viewers understand what your video is about. And decide to stick around or bounce off.

Plus, it helps YouTube understand your content more.

Great YouTube marketing starts with a great YouTube description.

Best of all, it’s not hard to craft the best description.

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How Do You Craft The Perfect YouTube Description?

·       Use specific Keyword

Add 1-3 keyword that accurately describes what your video is about to maximize search traffic and ultimately get more views.

How do you get these juicy and underserved keywords?

What I want you to do;

Go to

Punch in some of the keywords you want to go after into the search bar and YouTube will automatically suggest other variations.

For example, I’m going after Way Maker by Sinach


First off, start typing in the keyword.

Second off, scroll down to see the suggested keywords.

Third off, pick 3 keywords that are closely related to the main keyword. In this case, I will go for Way Maker cover, Way Maker lyric, and Way maker Sinach.

Below is a sample of video descriptions using the keywords.


6.  Use Relevant hashtags

It’s undoubtedly true that hashtags have become a significant way of tapping into the audience of others.

If used strategically, can bring amazing results.

So, how do you use hashtags?

Pro-tip; use hashtags that have a huge number of posts and are closely related to your topic.

 If you want a guide on how to use hashtags on Instagram and other social media platforms leave a comment below.

7.  Share On Social Media

Social media is incredibly amazing with music promotion. I highly recommend you open a Facebook group or telegram group.

That way, you can drive good traffic to your YouTube channel from there.

Above all, it’s free and streamlined. No money or hosting required to make this work.

All you need to do is, be up and doing in the group. Your fans need to be aware of your every move. Nothing should take them unawares.

Nurture them likes babes feeding on breast milk.

8.  Add Links To Your Bios

I carried out a private study on musicians on Instagram across different countries.

Guess what I found?

I found something pretty similar to all of them.

Consequently, artists always change the links on their bios to match the newly uploaded YouTube content.

So, I highly recommend you replicate that. You can create a short version for Instagram (1 minute with 1:1 size).

For Facebook, you can upload the full video and make money from it.

In Conclusion  

The internet is saturated with pretty amazing offers for musicians. But can you see them through this article?

Let me go over what we covered;

Free actionable ways to promote your cover videos and get thousands of views.

Choose trending songs, make quality videos, create eye catchy thumbnail,

Intention grabbing titles, add a video description, use relevant tags, share on social media, and add a link to your bios.

Was this article helpful?

Which step are you going to try first?

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