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7 Surefire Ways To Promote Music On Instagram Story (Free Tools)

Let’s face it:

Telling compelling stories on Instagram as a musician is a guaranteed way to promote your music to more eyeballs.

Storytelling has been around for ages and being able to tell compelling Instagram stories with your music will skyrocket your fan base, tremendously.  

In short:

If you want to get more Spotify streams, giant followership, and ultimately make more money.

Then stick around as I show you how to promote your music on Instagram stories fast.

The best part?

In the end, I will show you free sophisticated tools to create high converting and compelling stories for free.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in.

Importance of Instagram Stories To Musicians

Before kicking things off with how to promote your music using Instagram stories, as musicians you need to know if Instagram stories are even worth your time, energy, and money.

Most musicians don’t know the importance of leveraging Instagram stories. That’s why they trivialize it.

Here are some of the importance…

1.   Discoverability

The best way to skyrocket your fan base and build a huge brand is when people discover your content, organically.

It’s not rocket science that people feel attached to some brands even when you know they are clearly underperforming. it’s called brand positioning.

Say a prospective fan discovers your music by just searching a random keyword on Instagram.

How do you think they will feel?

First off, they will attach some level of credibility and trustworthiness to your music and personality.

Second off, it’s certain they will follow and engage with your content.

And lots more.

How Do You Get Discovered On Instagram Stories?

  • Add location
  • Geotagging and tagging

There are features on Instagram that allow you to tag others and add specific locations to your content.

More on geotagging and tagging below.

2.   Pull In Followers

Instagram stories give you an unfair advantage to garner more loyal followers.

Here’s something pretty interesting.

When you leverage a new feature of any social media platform, being that the algorithm is testing things out, you’d be promoted pretty easily. 

Get more followers on Instagram? Leverage Instagram stories.

How To Promote Music On Instagram Stories

  1. Monetization On Instagram Stories
  2. Geotagging, Hash-tagging & Location
  3. Sell Your Merch Using Instagram Stories
  4. Share Social Media Snapshot & Testimonials
  5. User-Generated Content
  6. Countdown To Release Promotion Strategy
  7. Q and A On Instagram Stories

#1. Monetization On Instagram

With over 500 million daily active Instagram stories users worldwide, (statistica).

Do you know you can monetize your songs on there?

The best part? You can monetize your songs without sacrificing your followers’ engagement and loyalty.

In fact, they’ll keep engaged with your content while you make tons of dollars. You need to leverage cool Instagram hacks to start with.

Want to be let in?  keep reading.

Let me lift the veil….

Instagram has direct integration with Spotify. This means, that you can integrate your songs on Instagram stories directly from Spotify.

More importantly, the more your audience engages with your content the more money you’ll make from streams.

Add a story, find the song on Spotify, and then play it in the background of your story.

instagram stories spotify

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve got more news for you….

Get other people to use your music in their Instagram stories. That way, you’ll generate more revenue.

More on this, below. 

#2. Geotagging, Hashtagging & Location

Instagram algorithm built in some sophisticated engagement tools to help creators engage their audience.

Here’s what’s pretty cool….

If you’re up to 10,000 followers, Instagram gives you more powerful features to help you maximize the platform.

But the basic tools are more than enough.

You might not comprehend geotagging, tagging, and location or how to use it.

What Is Geotagging And Hashtagging?

Geotagging is the process of attaching a strategic location, or geographical coordinate information to an image and video on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

In layman’s terms, geotagging is attaching a specific location to a post on social media.

Say, you’re on a tour, and attaching the location of that place to your stories will boost its engagement 2X.

So, hashtagging (like #musicpromotion) is a pretty generic way of telling letting others in on what you’re doing. 

Better than that, eyeballs from related users will find and interact with your content.

How Do You Add Location To Instagram Stories?

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to attach a location to your post on Instagram stories.

  • Snap a photo or video.
  • Tap on the sticker Icon.
  • Tap on the location sticker.
  • The sticker will pop up on your screen. From there, you’ll be able to customize it.

In a nutshell, after you’ve finished with number one (#1 Monetization on Instagram Stories) it’s time to attach a location.

The benefits? Your story will be automatically featured on that location’s stories. That way, you’ll surge in followers, and engagement and ultimately make more money.

#3. Sell You Merch Using Instagram Stories

With over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, can you sell your merchandise? Yes!

instagram stories
SOURCE: Statistica

That makes Instagram the second-ranked traditional social network in terms of active users, behind Facebook.

How Do You Sell Your Merchandise Using Instagram Stories?

It’s really simple, follow the step-by-step process on how to add a location to an Instagram story above.

But this time, add a product sticker instead of a location sticker.

Then add the link to your products. That way, your audience can directly buy from there.

Here’s a caveat.

Instagram takes a cut of the revenue but it’s well worth your time and energy.

#4. Share Social Media Snapshots On Your Instagram Story

You’ve probably seen this on Instagram.

instagram stories for musicians

It’s a trend that’s showing no sign of declining any time soon.

I know what’s running through your mind…

What would that do for my music?

Truth be told, it doesn’t have to always be about your music. People will get bored seeing your music and face all the time.

More importantly, it’s also a great way to cross-promote and advertise your other channels as well. 

That way, you’ll have double the opportunity of selling them something in the future.

I’ve personally done this and more for some of my friends(artists). Where a friend made an inspirational post on Twitter and I just took a screenshot, cropped it, and featured it on my Instagram stories.

On the other end of the spectrum, sharing testimonials of your fans is a great way to look professional. It can be comments, winners of your contest…etc.

It builds credibility for you.

#5. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Churning out content on daily basis is tougher than ever. Musicians are always engaged.

What if there’s a way top-notch influencers can be creating content for you?

User-generated content is having other people create quality content for you. After which you’ll repost it.

Let me lift the veil…

Look up influential but regular content creators and send messages to them directly or use this email pitch:

instagram stories

The pitch is not pushy or degrading but helpful to both parties.

But, it would be degrading if you’ve not got a considerable number of followers. Because every influencer wants more fame and influence.

Therefore, if your proposal is not beneficial to them, they won’t consent to it.

Consequently, if the Instagram influencer consents to your proposal, you’ll be tagged which is also an avenue to gain more followers and vice versa.

#6. Countdown Promotion Strategy

Have you landed on a sales page to see countdown timers?

What do you think they’re meant to do? Take a guess…

Well, they’re meant to trigger some level of urgency and emphasize the scarcity of the product.

Since scarcity attaches a great deal of value to a product.

The countdown promotion strategy is one of the most powerful techniques online marketers and business owners use to create buzz around their products before the launch date.

I know what’s running through your mind……

…I’m not a marketer why should I listen to this information or even try it out?

Truth be told, you’re a marketer of songs and emotions. Considering music is meant to repair broken souls and propagate uprightness in society.

In doing this, you’ll at some point market your songs, merchandise, and concert tickets to potential customers hoping to make sales, right?

With Instagram stories, it’s pretty simple.

Add a countdown sticker and a day on it. Make sure you do it 4 weeks before its official release date. That way, people are fired to hear it.

And they’re much more likely to pull the trigger.

#7. Q & A (Question & Answers)

There’s no better way to create content that resonates with people than allowing them to ask questions.

Every fan wants to get an insider perspective on whose music he/she listens to. And the values that pilot them.

Pro Tip: Be discreet and concise about what you share especially your personal lifestyle

That way, you’ll have more than enough data to create content that resonates with them.

Adding a poll sticker is a great way to get into their heads to find out mind-blowing content ideas.

Talking about content ideas, I’ve created a complete list of the most converting content ideas for musicians.

Best tools For Creating Eye-catchy Instagram Stories

1Open CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
2HD CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
3Footej CameraAndroidRecordingHD/4k Portrait
4Fish EyeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
5Camera AwesomeiOSRecordingHD/4k Portrait
6imovieiOSVideo Editing60Fps
7VideorameiOSVideo Editing60Fps
8VlogitAndroidVideo Editing25Fps
9VivavideoAndroidVideo Editing25Fps
10Moviemaker Film MakerAndroidVideo Editing30Fps
11CanvaPCGraphics Designing
12SnappaPCGraphics Designing

Wrapping Up – How To Promote Music On Instagram Stories

Musicians, Instagram stories have come to stay. Other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp have integrated it.

One of the largest online music distributors, Spotify is testing out Instagram stories functionality on their platform.

So, leveraging the techniques listed above will change Instagram for you.

Over to you:

Which of these strategies are you going to try first? 


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