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16 Free Proven Ways To Promote Your Songs In Nigeria (Helpful Guide)

There are dozens of ways to promote your songs in Nigeria. Some are not true, some are true. Some are realistic, some are not.

In this article, I will work you through free practical ways to promote your songs and brand across the internet – Plus, you will see a dramatic increase in brand awareness.

So, stay tuned.

15 Free Proven Ways To Promote Your Songs In Nigeria

  • · Make soul-stirring Music
  • · Cover Videos
  • · Optimize social media Bio
  • · Make Lyrical Videos
  • · Join online Contests
  • · Turn Your Music to dwells
  • · Network with bloggers
  • · Go hardcore on YouTube
  • · Collaborate with other musicians
  • · Attend shows regularly
  • · Blog Your Songs
  • · Social Media Promotion
  • · Organize street concerts
  • · Email outreach
  • · Paid Advertising

Let’s get started.

1. Make Soul Stirring Songs

First off, make soul-stirring songs. If your song doesn’t resonate with people, marketing the song would be fruitless.

Marketable songs are songs that have done 50% of the work, which makes your journey a lot easier.

As an artist, your song should not be based on personal experience. Make it relatable so it resonates with your audience.

They’re over a billion mind-blowing tracks. Songs that would swing you to the limelight within a twinkle of an eye in the bible.

Take for example; Minster GUC was signed into EeZee Conceptz sometime 2 years ago.

He’s undoubtedly making waves in the gospel music ministry. All that matters is on the lips of many. I can’t seem to get over it too.

2. Make Cover videos

This is huge.

Music cover videos are shot music clips of you singing to popular songs of artists.

You should have seen this on Instagram.

A ton of artists has made big brands with this strategy.

In fact, Minister Mercy Chinwo from EeZee Conceptz is a product of this proven strategy.

Mercy Chinwo voiced to songs of Panam Percy and the likes. It actually boosted her carrier.

This is what I want you to do.

Go to Google play store or App store depending on your device. Search for any of the following free video editing apps.

  • · Vlogit by Wondershare (No Watermark)
  • · Viva Video (With Watermark)
  • · Moviemaker
  • · Viva Video

To get all the video editing apps, click here (scroll down to the table).

8 Free Steps To Promote Music Covers On YouTube (2021)

Do your best with the song, I mean sing like your life depends on it.

After creating the video, what do you do next?

Make sure they are trending songs on Instagram. Use relevant hashtags to attract the attention of the said artiste. Don’t use hashtags like my grandma. lol

For example, I want to attract Mercy Chinwo’s attention with her song, Obinasom.

My clip will have my Instagram handle boldly written on the video. Don’t go overboard with this. Then, I’ll Inscribe the handle at the footer or header of the video

Use the following hashtags;


Replace the hashtags in the screenshot with your own.

Benefits of A Creating Cover Video

  • · Reposting of your video
  • · Publishing your clip on the artiste’s official YouTube channel
  • · Automatic brand publicity
  • · You may be awarded a record label or collaboration deal.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Bios

For efficient online music promotion, your bio sends a strong signal to potential sponsors and brands – plus, tags you as a professional.

Unfortunately, it’s underused by the upcoming artiste today. Recently, I got talking to an artiste only to look at his Facebook bio and nothing was there.

Now, crafting a bio is not enough. Your bio is one of the most powerful ways of converting fans into potential sponsors.

Follow these;

Tips On How to Optimize Your Bio

1. Add your area of specialization.

This is so important that whoever stumbles on your bio should get a glimpse of what you do. Be straight to point because of the limited characters.

Use slashes or commas to divide your core areas. Like my bio below.

Twitter contains just 20 characters only. Instagram is about 150 characters. Facebook bio contains 101 characters. so, use them judiciously.

2. Add Your Email

Your potential sponsors and fans can easily contact you. Make sure is working email plus it’s accessible on your phone.

That way, you will be able to respond to incoming emails.

How To Craft A PERFECT Instagram Bio For Musicians

3. Give A Strong Call To Action

Always include a link in your bios. I can’t emphasize this enough. CTA is prompting your fans and potentials sponsors to become insiders.

Minister GUC includes a link to his YouTube channel.

promote your songs

Do not add a link to your other social media pages. Your website and YouTube channel are great for converting fans into sponsors.

I can help you create a professional responsive YouTube and website. Call me on 08096763980

4. Make Lyric Videos

For independent artists, this would be the best thing you’ve ever done in your carrier. Funding musical videos are way too expensive. Over 500 thousand naira.

Creating high-quality graphic animated videos requires the touch of experts.

So, outsource that. You can check some lyrics video Kingdom Echos Youtube Channel

Below is one of my works.

I can help you create a high-quality lyric video that would be published on YouTube. Reach me on 08096763980. ONLY SERIOUS MINDED PLEASE.

5. Join Online Contest

As an artiste, you’ve tons of opportunities online. A ton of Nigerian artists hold online contests now and then.

Guess what?

You can win grand prizes like Cell phones, a recording deal with the artiste, and so on.

What I want you to do is;

Go to Instagram. Follow all the Nigerian gospel artiste, like, Tim GodfreySammie OkposoAkpororoMike Abdul, and the likes.

Or you can follow on Instagram, indicate you are a gospel artist by sending us a message. We will tag you when there’s an opportunity.

6. Turn Your Music to A Dwell

It’s slightly related to the point above. In this case, you are organizing a giveaway.

This technique is extremely effective for online music promotion. Just follow through.

What I want you to do is;

Set aside a few thousand naira. Ideally 10,000 naira and above. Depending on your financial capacity.

Create a banner that displays the amount you’re given away. Something like;

promote your songs in nigeria

The screenshot depicts what your effort will get. What do you think will happen to minister Sammie Okposo’s song? Viral, right?

Push it into all your social media pages, use relevant hashtags to attract fans.

Then, give away 5 thousand naira each to the luckiest two that would make a video and post on Instagram with your own created hashtags.

The two videos with the highest engagement should be awarded. Make sure they leave feedback on their experiences.

You’ll be astonished at the dramatic increase in downloads and brand awareness.

7. Network with Bloggers

There’s a popular aphorism; it takes money to make money. I modified it a bit.

You’ve got the talent, we’ve got the platform and technical skills

Music is somewhat complementary. Like a husband and wife, bread and butter. Music promotion is incomplete without music bloggers.

I mean bloggers with unfiltered enthusiasm for Christ and the things of the spirit.

But I must warn you; it’s not the power of a blogger to bring an artiste to the limelight. It’s purely an election of grace.

Networking with bloggers is great. Create an unbiased relationship with them.

I practically spend all my time on social media interacting with artiste and others.

Awesome people.

8 Go hardcore on YouTube

YouTube is the second highest-packed social media platform in the world with over 2billion users worldwide.

Gone are the days when music promotion in Nigeria is reliant on blogging songs. These days, there’re proven opportunities out there.

How do you leverage YouTube music promotion?

Create cool and professional lyric videos or better still shoot an official video then upload it on YouTube.

Best of all, YouTube is free and easy to use. It only requires some touch of expertise so, your videos rank high on YouTube and Google.

So, that’s where bloggers and YouTubers come in. Don’t be afraid of approaching bloggers for tips on how-to.

Better still, you can pay to get your work done. Surprisingly, I don’t charge an outrageous amount. My clients can testify.

Reach me on 08096763980 (calls)

Interestingly, one of Nigeria’s most prominent artists is crushing it on YouTube. 

How To Market Your Music Through YouTube And Make Money

9. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Collaborating with other musicians in the industry is pretty random advice, Right?

Anyone can sell you this advice, not because it’s no more effective in the industry. No, it’s extremely relevant for music marketing and brand awareness.

But, how do you hook them up? Where do you hook them up? How do you get like-minded artists?

The setback is not how to make artists pick interest in your craft. It’s getting the attention of a like-minded artiste. By that, I mean, not all artiste synchronizes with your genre and kind of music.

Secondly, not all artists are saved.

How Do You Get the Attention Of An Artist?

The most effective ways are;

· Cover Videos

I know you’re wondering why I’m always emphasizing this. Because it works tremendously. How?

First off, look him or her up on Instagram.

Follow the artiste’s page. Then, always leave impactful comments on his posts.

Now, whenever he/she releases a new song that tickles your fancy. Go all out to make a cover video. Sing to the best of your ability.

After that, post the video on Instagram tagging the artist and using the song’s hashtag. For example, I want to attract Minister Nathaniel Bassey’s song, No One Like You.

That brings us to the second point;

·  Mail

Humans naturally respond to text faster than calls. Make sure your pitch is not pushy or spamming. Use the following pitch to ask for collaboration deals.

How To Promote Your music With Email Marketing

promote your song in nigeria for free

As you can see, the script is not spammy or pushy in any way. It gives credit to the artist genuinely.

Feel free to use this copy. Or better still, contact me to get another intriguing copy.

With this, there would be a tremendous change in your music and brand, if you leverage this hack.

You would be introduced to a new set of audiences and chances are, your song will go VIRAL.

10. Attend Shows Regularly

Every show is an opportunity to show off your craft to prospective sponsors and win more fans. See musical concerts as an opportunity to show the world your uniqueness.

Dozens of concerts would gladly allow you to perform. For the time being, money shouldn’t be your priority. Stealing any available microphone is paramount.

Whenever you’re opportune to perform at a concert, sing your songs. But be discreet not to give a bad impression of yourself.

Where do you find concerts?  

Tons of concerts to choose from on social media. Precisely, Instagram. Instagram has unarguably given rise to music promotion in Nigeria and the world.

Hangout on Instagram, there’s a ton of opportunities.

11. Blog Your Songs

 I have put together a complete guide on reputable music websites to promote your songs in Nigeria for free. Yes, you heard me. Top 5 Music promotion websites in Nigeria.

While considering promoting your songs on free websites. is your friend.

Here’s why we are different

We attract both artiste and prospective sponsors with our in-depth and instructional articles that spell out all the requisite tips for efficient music promotion in Nigeria.

Secondly, we run premium high converting advert to meet a wide range of fans and potential sponsors. Read more of this on our music promotion page.

12. Social Media Promotion

best social media site for musicians that work

A recent study by wearesocial discovered that over 4.5 billion people use the internet while social media users have surpassed the 3.8 billion mark.

Nearly 60 percent of the world’s population is already on social media.

How many of these people have you converted?

For efficient music marketing, you need to leverage social media.

Do you know?

  • WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users
  • Instagram has over 1 billion active users
  • Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users
  • Twitter has over 330 million monthly users

I can go over and over again but that is not helpful to you. You need to start spending time strategically on social media.

Pro Tip: –

Study your fellow artiste pages and how they approach their musical carrier. How interactive and original they are. Then, replicate on all your social media pages too. Add passion to YOUR craft.

13. Organize Street Concerts

One of the most powerful and underused ways of promoting songs in Nigeria is organizing mini street concerts.

I know it sounds ultra-expensive. Wait until I lay it down. So, let’s go.

Guess where I coined this from?

…. Akpororo; Nigeria’s standup comedian, dancer, and artiste. One of his trending songs; “God No God Same Us”.

If you follow Akpororo Aka Ororo King, you will notice he holds mini-open street concerts, which attracts a ton of people.

What I want you to do is;

Hire drums or use your church drums and keyboard. Set them in public and just enjoy the moment. Make sure you have it on tape.

14. Email Marketing

The strongest weapon of internet marketing and blogging is the strategic use of email marketing. It’s so powerful with a high conversion rate if used strategically.

According to Wikipedia, Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people.

Creating a website is paramount for this technique.

 Call me on 08096763980 to create your affordable but professional website.

But you can integrate email marketing campaigns with your Facebook page. If you are interested hook me up.

I will also help you craft intriguing email scripts that would keep your fans engaged.

Email marketing Musicians Today.

The following are E-mail marketing platforms:

If you are ready to get started with email automation (emails that go out automatically) reach out to me with the number in this post.

15. Paid Advertising

We do a very good of marketing your songs through paid advertising.

It comes a time in a man’s life when you’ve to inject money into your carrier to get the desired result.

Paid advertising is running a premium advertisement on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or YouTube to get more fans and reach more sponsors.

Best of all, you only have to pay a token to get this done. A lot of artistes have tried it and failed miserably.

In fact, I got a complaint from a friend that ran adverts for Facebook brand awareness (page likes) and got just 250 page likes for four thousand naira.

Unbelievable, right?

You might have too. But I can help. Shoot me a phone call on 08096763980.

You can reach more 2,000 music downloads in 3 days with a little token.

In conclusion – Promote Your songs in Nigeria

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this in-depth article on proven ways to promote your songs in Nigeria for free.

The secrets in this post are not some randomly sourced tips from another blog post on the internet. They are proven. Success stories have emanated from them, year in, year out.

So, in this article, we were able to explore all the possible ways of promoting your songs in Nigeria for free.

Quick recap; Making cover videos, joining an online contest, turning your music to dwells, and so on…

Over to you;

Which of the secrets in this article are you going to try first? Did I omit anything in this article? I’d like to hear from you in the comment section.

If you got value, share!

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