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9 Unique Purposes/Importance Of Music Ministry In Church

The music ministry is a super important aspect of the church. 

Lots of miracles in the church today mostly come from worship which is one of the purposes of music in the church.  

Think about this:

How do you feel when worshiping God?

……..” your body, soul, and spirit open up, it seems as though you are a baby without worries and responsibilities”. 

How much more God!

In today’s article, I’ll show you some unique importance of music ministry in the church. 

So stick around. 

Importance Of Music Ministry In Church

  • Mind Repositioning 
  • Opens Possibilities
  • Giving Glory 
  • Planting Truth 
  • Repentance 
  • Comfort & Strength
  • Unity & Identity 
  • Witness 
  • Healing 

Mind Repositioning 

It’s a no-brainer that we love talking about ourselves. At least I do almost every single day. 

It’s always ”I”. 

In fact, whenever we kneel to pray, more than often, we end up praying more for ourselves and our families. 

But, it is actually a moment of personal communion with God. It’s a time when you tell God how much you love and adore Him.

Specifically, it takes our mind away from what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. 

It helps us learn the art of focus and gratitude to God. 

Open Possibilities 

In music ministry, one of the significant signs that come with it is possibilities. 

Nothing becomes impossible for God to do, because His presence is around.

Because when you worship, God is moved to attend to your request immediately. 

Therefore every ministry must communicate Christ to the world. 

In fact, go as far as putting them on the payroll. 

A ton of music ministers divert to secular music because of the maltreatment in most churches. 

Now, this is not a debate about if musicians should be paid or not. 

Having networked with a ton of music ministers on this blog, I can categorically say that; they are not getting the financial support they need to make the body of Christ (church) fat. 

Giving Glory 

Why were you created? (leave your reply in the comment section below).

I’m just curious to know.  

….the major reason we were created is for management. 

Let me lift the veil…

According to Genesis 1:28

” And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth ”. 

The above biblical verse is talking about management and taking control of the artworks (humans and animals) of God. 

Therefore when these artworks (you and I) don’t live up to the standard of God, glory isn’t giving Him. 

Specifically, if a song is not showing this sign it, therefore, means it’s not glorifying God. 

And more importantly, cannot be termed a gospel song

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According to: (Psalms 150:5)

” Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord”

The reason for existence is to give glory and adoration to the one that created us. 

Because of being alive, praising God is the ultimate goal. 

Excluding the music ministry in the church, is the same as excluding God’s glory.  

Planting Truth 

Purpose Of Music ministry in Church

Who is referred to as the truth in the bible? 

…..Jesus, right?

Expressing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the truth. Not being ashamed of recruiting soul for the kingdom through spiritual songs. 

 According to (John 14:6)

”Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.”

According to (Colossians 3:16)

” Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”

There are dimensions of God the church will not see until they engage in the music ministry. 

God finds delight in spiritual songs that are geared towards preaching the truth(gospel). 

Haven’t you seen a pool of people giving their lives to Christ through a 4-minute ministration in song? 

I bet you’ve witnessed it or probably seen it on TV. 

That’s the power of music ministry in the church.

In other to plant the truth(Jesus or gospel) in all the earth, the music ministry is an essential instrument in giving birth to that reality. 

Again, songs that aren’t geared towards planting Christ as the savior of the world shouldn’t be regarded as gospel songs. 

Because songs are a channel of communicating God to unbelievers and believers in a melodious way.  


This is closely related to the point above.

Worship reminds us of our brokenness and our need for God’s forgiveness. 

Worship is the most accurate channel of communicating repentance to any generation.

Do you know why?  

It’s not pushy and direct, but rather emotional, soul bending, and teary. 

Some call it; ….”A ladder to possibilities”. 

Despite what we’ve called it, the word of God needs to be preached through spirit-filled songs. 

Songs that reveal Jesus’ sacrificial life on the cross for the sake of humanity and the need to live aright. 

Fishing for souls for the kingdom is one of the purposes of music in the church. 

 Comfort & Strength

People come to church with numerous burdens; hanging bills, no food to eat, no money to pay children’s school fees, marital issues, etc…

All manner of burdens, looking to be helpful and provided for someday. 

All these burdens and responsibilities tend to weigh us down at times. 

Sometimes it hurts our focus and gives birth to hopelessness. 

When we come to church, the spirit-filled song’s birth a sense of hope, comfort, and strength in us. 

And suddenly you can pull off a bold smile like one that won a billion-dollar contract.

That’s the confidence we have in Christ! 

More so, it’s the reason you feel re-energized after every service in the church. 

Everything suddenly speaks comfort to you. 

Imagine for a second: absence of the music ministry in the church, what would be the fate of the body of Christ?

Unity And Identify

Songs can connect us with the present and those that were before us. 

Christians have a solid foundation of who we are and what we represent. 

That’s why it’s easy to spot an unbeliever though matter the level of pretense. 

let me lift the veil…

Roman 8:16 

” The spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God.”

In the virtual world, when someone shows a trait that’s unique to your family. what does it tell you?

…that person is probably a member of the family, right?

In the kingdom, we are identical; that is, we behave alike, talk alike, dress alike and relate alike. 


Because we were fathered by the same experience (The death and resurrection of Christ). 


Our songs are a testament to our relationship with God. Every music minister sings from their experiences with the trinity. 

It’s often evident in what we sing about, and how we proclaim the gospel. 

A music minister that has encountered God will always sing with conviction. 

More so, the conviction is always visible to everyone even the blind.

It’s something we can’t hide, it’s also the driver behind the number of souls we win. 

Because even unbelievers can easily detect a music minister that’s faking the born-again experience. 


Again, it will be visible in how we sing and relate to spiritual conversations. 

Experiences are scars that can’t be hidden, rather they speak. 


The healing anointing is an aspect of the music ministry. More often, testimonies of healing come from worship. 

Because one of the ways to bring down the healing dimension of God is through worship.   

therefore, when you worship, it seems as though you are weightless, joyful, and without worries. 

In that state, the healing power of God comes down to touch the people. 

Because the songs have made Him overjoyed and the only way to express it is to release miracles. 

Wrapping Up – Importance Of Music Ministry In Church

Without any shadow of a doubt, the music ministry is a super important instrument in the church. 

Therefore, music ministers should be well cared for to enable them to focus on God. 

It is of necessity that we allow music ministers to grow and flourish in the church. 

Over to you; 

What did you learn in this article? Don’t forget to share. 

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