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How To Sell Your Music In Nigeria On Kingdomboiz Store (All You Need To Know)

I won’t bore you with things that are not practicable. Rather, I will show a proven platform to sell your music and make a reasonable income in Nigeria. 

One of the major problems associated with selling your music in Nigeria is having to use international distributors like TuneCore, Distrokid, among others. 

Which means your payments will be made in dollars. As you know there’s constant fluctuation in the exchange rate of Naira and the dollar. The dollar keeps soaring higher than the Naira.

More so, you have to use internationally accepted payment methods. That’s a hassle, right? 

What I’m going to show is stress-free and without all these objections listed above. 

Let’s delve right in. 

What Is KingdomBoiz Store? 

Before I show you how to sell your music, you’re probably wondering what KingdomBoiz Store is. 

Or maybe a few of you that know KingdomBoiz and used their services may not know they now sell music worldwide.

In fact, in over 150 countries worldwide.  

Let me lift the veil for you. 

KingdomBoiz Store is a gospel music distribution platform that takes your music to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack, Deezer, Soundcloud, etc, and gets paid for every stream.

In essence, whenever people stream your song(s) on these platforms you get paid a royalty fee. And what amazing is that you get to keep 100% of the total revenue.

To know more about how music distribution works read this: Music Promotion And Distribution: (Difference, Importance, Comparison)

Why Should You Choose KingdomBoiz Store?

One of the hassles of distributing your songs using other international aggregators is having to pay the equivalent of dollars in naira. 

What does this mean for you?

For example, the price for distributing your single is 35 dollars, you would have to pay the equivalent of 35 dollars in Naira that’s a whopping 14, 350 naira. 

What’s more, the exchange rate changes over time because the Naira seems to be growing weaker daily giving strength to the dollar. 

Therefore, there’s a possibility you may pay less or even more in the nearest future. But with Kingdomboiz Store the price doesn’t fluctuate like the dollar rate. It’s more stable and you pay in Naira. 

Another incredible thing about the store is, all your payments are sent directly to your bank account. Meaning you don’t need any third-party platform like Paypal to receive your revenue.

Let’s get down to the real deal. 

How To Sell Your Music Using KingdomBoiz Store (Step by Step)

Step 1: First, click Here

Step 2: Visit the Kingdomboiz Store pricing page 

kingdomboiz store pricing page

Step 3: Choose any plan of Your choice 

kingdomboiz store pricing page

Step 4: Proceed to check out page and fill in all your billing information

kingdomboiz store check out page

Step 5: Fill in your billing information

kingdomboiz store

Step 6: Follow the prompts to upload your song

Congratulations! Your song has been successfully uploaded on the platform.

How Do You Get Paid Through KingdomBoiz Store?

At this point, you’re probably asking how do you get paid.  

Well, I teased it a bit above. 

KingdomBoiz Store pays directly to your Nigeria bank account. Just like wired transfer. Without stress. 

Wrapping Up – How To Sell Your Music On Kingdomboiz Store

The process is streamlined and down to earth. If you encounter any difficulty in the above-outlined steps then drop a comment below the post. 

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