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Top 5 Sites to Upload Gospel Music For Free (With Photos)

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Let’s face it:

Free online music promotion for unsigned musical gospel artiste is critical for branding, awareness, and most importantly propagating the gospel. Have you been surfing the World Wide Web for sites you can upload gospel songs for free?

Well, I’m elated to say, there are tens of thousands of gospel music websites you can upload your song for free. Accompanied by bad governance that slaps us the youth on our faces.

But you cannot limit your scope and potentials to the occurrences in Nigeria. That is the reason; I created this post to help ease your journey to the pinnacle.

In this article, I will give you a definitive guide on how to upload your gospel songs free, get links you can share with your potential fans, friends, and family for free.

With that said, I want you to stick around; it’s going to be awesome helping you.

Before we delve right in, I will leave you a little disclaimer here. The sites and steps I will be listed in this article have no affiliation with me or my site. It’s purely a means to help you get your message to a global audience.

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There are dozens of websites that will gladly accept your art for free promotion since it’s free of charge; they tend to snub you and your songs but it’s ok.  In this case, it’s not going to be like that.

I went all out to surf the web after a critical and constructive evaluation I listed sites you can upload your songs for free.

Let get right in.

Sites To Upload Gospel Music For free

  1. Audiomack
  2. Gospel Chops
  3. Gospel Naija
  4. Rocks Gospel
  5. YouTube

1.   Audiomack

Audiomack is a platform that offers free music promotion services. Coupled with lingering uncommon advantages over your competitors in the Nigerian gospel music industry. It gives you flexibility plus unlimited access to upload songs, podcasts, and videos for free.

How To Upload Songs On Audiomack Successfully

#Step1.  Click on the Audiomack homepage here and select any of the following.

sites to upload gospel music for free

#Step2. Create a profile using the different social media accounts [Google mail, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple]

sites to upload gospel music for free B

After successful registration, you should see this screen.

sites to upload gospel music for free A

#Step4.  Select any one of your choice below [Podcast, Song, or Album/EP] then click “Next”

sites to upload gospel music for free S

#Step5. Select your file by clicking the “Browse to your file” button

Select your file and wait till it uploads. Make sure it’s of high quality

#Step6.   Make sure to add relevant hashtags to attract the right audience.

#Step7.  Ensure to add the song to the right genre.

That’s all there’s to know about uploading a song to AudioMack. If encounter any difficulties leave below this post.

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3. Gospel Chops

Gospel chops is an online video platform that gives unsigned artiste the undiluted opportunity to publish their music videos and gain attraction. Feel free to check their website here. Follow the guidelines and on the site. Make sure your song is original and authentic.

The reason, I didn’t stipulate the step-by-step process here is because, it’s self-explanatory, on getting to the site you just need to fill out the form. Then wait for their confirmation. I enjoin you not to poke your head in one direction rather diversify your efforts. What I mean is, do not stick to one free online music promotion platform.

Click here to upload your musical video.

4.    Gospel Naija

GospelNaija is an emerging Nigerian-oriented social media platform with the purpose to promote positive entertainment which includes music, movies, talents, artists, bands, brands, innovations, events, and more. They have a huge following of audience, therefore, getting your song on there will save you years of hassle and frustration.

All you need do is click here to open an account for free. Hey, don’t worry it’s just a free account you can use your email. Gospel Naija is giving you exclusive access to their dashboard as a member.

5.   Rocks Gospel

Rock gospel is an online music promotion platform saddled with the responsibility of sending your gospel content to a global and loyal following of people. Rocks gospel is more of an online gospel platform where you stream live, buy musical-related digitalized products at a pretty affordable rate.

What are you waiting for? But it’s a bit tricky and not streamlined like the aforementioned online promotion of gospel music platforms.  All you need do is send “I am interested” to 09066590837.

Truth be told, I haven’t actually verified the enrolment process, but there’s no harm in trying, right? Give it a try, if it goes through, tell me in the comment session, otherwise, also tell me in the comment session below. I will love to know.

6. YouTube

music make on on youtube

Youtube is such an incredible opportunity to a massive audience by just uploading your song on YouTube. What you just need to do is create a static image then merge the song and the audio into a video.

With that, you can have thousands and thousands of views. If you don’t have a YouTube Channel as a Musician then follow the recommended articles below to get started right now.

That said, if you follow the steps and strategies in the above-listed articles, you’ll end up with a money-making machine.

Wrapping Up – Top 5 Sites to Upload Gospel Music For Free

Hey, congratulation! to you. You have meaty access to more free online music promotion platforms. Before you kick start the process here is little-known advice.

Do not poke your head in a narrow path. It’s super important to diversify your efforts, that way, you will have more opportunities lingering in the air.

What I want you to do now is, gather all the links to your songs send them to all you’re your social media channels.  Most importantly pray fervently and God will see you through. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination.

Which are you trying first? did you encounter difficulty? tell me below.

ThankGod Uket

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