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How To Use Spotify In Nigeria On Android/PC (Step By Step)

Coming from a third-world country like Nigeria where some apps and services like Spotify are restricted that is, whoever searches for Spotify in Nigeria won’t gain allowed access.

The discrimination from our counterparts is annoying. So, I devised a means to solve this problem permanently.

In short:

I will show you a step by step guide on how to download Spotify on android and pc for free.

The best part?

At the end of this article, I will show you how to download any region-restricted app right from Nigeria without hassle.

Make sure to follow through with the steps to the end.

Keep reading!

What Do You Need To Get Started?

First off, like anything else, you need to change your browsing location (IP Address) to an acceptable country to be eligible to download Spotify for free.

Countries like USA, Germany, UK etc… 

The reason being that, obviously, Spotify is restricted in Nigeria and some other countries.  

We need the following to get started.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

What Is VPN? How Does It work?


In a nutshell, VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects your device (pc, smartphones, and tablets) to another computer (geography or server) somewhere in another place allowing you to browse the internet using another country’s connection (geography).

Let me lift the veil…

Here’s the deal.

Considering Spotify is not allowed in Nigeria the only way to download and use it in Nigeria is to change your internet server (location or geography).

Obviously, that is not possible without a Virtual Private network.

But the big question is,

How do you change it? Is it even possible?   

Can you imagine being able to surf the internet in the USA, Canada, or the UK from Nigeria?

That’s the power of VPNs

Stay with me as I show you how.  

How To Use Spotify In Nigeria Or Any Country?

  • Step#1. How To Download VPN (Android & PC)
  • Step#2. Confirm Your Location Has Changed
  • Step#3. How To Download Spotify On PC
  • Step#4. How to Download VPN On Android
  • Step#5. How To Download Spotify On Android

Step#1 How To Download VPN

Having laid down the foundational meaning of VPN. Let’s get down to how to download VPN app on Android and Pc.

How To Download VPN For PC

First things first, kicking things off with VPN for PC, when you try to download Spotify without VPN in Nigeria, the screen shot below is what you’ll see.


To find remedy to this solution permanently, follow this step by step process below.

Step#1. Go to

Step#2. Click on The “Download Windscribe” button.


Step#3. Follow the necessary prompts to get it installed.

Step#4. Click on The Dropdown Icon to select a country where Spotify is acceptable.


Step#5. Toggle the on & Off button (Turn It on).


Congratulations you’ve just installed and activated VPN on your PC.

But how do you confirm the location has changed?

Follow the steps below to authenticate if the VPN actually worked.

Step#2 How To Confirm Your Changed

Follow the step below to confirm your location has changed to your preferred one.

  • Step#1. Go to “”
  • Step#2. You should see that your location has changed successfully. Like the screenshot below.

Now let’s proceed to download Spotify for free.

Step#3. How To Download Spotify On PC

Before kicking off this step, make sure you’ve completed the steps above.

Let’s get down to how to download Spotify In Nigeria.

Step#1. Go to


Step#2. Click on the Download Button on the Top menu.

Step#3. Launch the app and create your account for free.

Yay! You’ve just downloaded Spotify in Nigeria. Go ahead and enjoy quality music from our artiste in Nigeria.  

Step#4. How To Download VPN On Android

For android users, I will show you how to download VPN on Android phones.

To get the same result as me, follow the steps below.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Step#1. Go to Play store
  • Step#2. Search for “VPN Master”
  • Step#3. Tap the Download button. 
  • Step#4. Activate it.

Let’s get on with how to download Spotify on android. It’s pretty easy.

Step#4. How To Download Spotify On Android

After downloading, installing, and activating the VPN master app, its time to download the Spotify app on your android device.

  • Step#1. Go to Play store
  • Step#2. Search for “Spotify”
  • Step#3. Tap the Download button. 
  • Step#4. Create an account with Spotify (It’s free). You can either use your social media account or Gmail account.

Either way, it’s pretty streamlined.

Congratulations, you’ve Spotify on your Pc or/and your Android.

Pro Tip: Whenever you want to use Spotify make sure your VPN is connected.

Bonus Tip: How To Download Any App

As promised in the introduction of this article, I will show you how you can download any app or visit any site that’s country-specific without hassle.

The best part?

This method completely free and is without cons at all. It works even if you are from Bangladesh…. etc.

Whenever you want to download or visit a site that’s not supported in your country, change your location to where it’s accepted.

That’s the hack.

Hope it works for you.

Wrapping Up – How To Use Spotify In Nigeria Or Any Country

Is it a crime to be born into a third world country, why should some apps or services be restricted here if there’s truly equity and equality of rights?

Well in a bid to find a remedy to some of the problems, I came up with a strategy to help Nigerians or any country enjoy music on Spotify for free.

The best part?

The strategies I highlighted above are legitimate and support any country at all.

Over to you:

Tell me your experience with the strategies above in the comment section below. Did it work for you? 

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