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How To Start A Music Career In Nigeria With No Money

Let’s face it: 

I will show you all the fundamentals needed to start a successful music career in Nigeria and the world at large.

More importantly, the strategies I will show you will make you more money, reduce your cost and even hand you a digital skill that’ll benefit you for life. 

Like the sound of that?

Let’s jump right into it. 

How To Start A Successful Music Career In Nigeria {Earn In Dollars}

  • 1. Put Your Passion In Check
  • 2. What Type Of Music Appeals To You
  • 3. What Type Of Music Are You Good At
  • 4. Time For Real Deal
  • 4. Don’t Quit Your Job
  • 4. Join Popular Music Talent Hunt Shows
  • 5. Don’t Neglect YouTube
  • 6. Stay With One Music Blogger
  • 7. Basic Music Copyright Laws 

1. Put Your Passion In Check

I know you’ve probably heard this passion talk a million times…

But pause for a second… I’ve promoted lots of songs on this blog. I have met tons of musicians that are in for the money. 

Of course, if the music business is not profitable there’s no need to waste your time right? 

But, you’ll agree with me that it’s impossible to make money off something you don’t have passion for. 

Because you won’t be ready to pay the rigorous sacrifices of spending money and researching to make your craft better. 

I tell you the truth: 

The music business is highly profitable but the questions are: 

Do you have the passion to stay productive even when it takes time?

Let’s face it: It’s going to cost you a ton. And if you don’t have passion you can’t stand the taste of time. 

In general, not to scare you, I will show you a complete step-by-step process to build a long-lasting musical career.

That out of the way…let get on to:

2. What Type Of Music Appeals To You

Lots of so-called music promoters will advise you to go with trends or indulging in crazy kinds of stuff just to get the attention of people on social media. 

Please, don’t do it.

Here’s why…

If you decide to go with trends, when the trends elapse, your fame and demand in the market go with it. 

You suddenly discover people who used to engage with your music no longer care. I believe you don’t want that. 

Here’s what you should do instead…

First things first, discern the types of music that appeal to your soul.  

Secondly, what are the ingredients in the song that appeals to you more?

Thirdly, list out all the qualities and personalities of the singer you like and omit the ones you dislike. 

That brings us to the next thing…

3. What Type Of Music Are You Good At?

The worst mistake I see from upcoming musicians is sticking with genres of music that are proven to be profitable. 

In the short run, you may make a decent amount of money but you’ll definitely bourne out and run out of ideas.

Do not venture into a genre because of its profitability. 

Rather, what I highly recommend is that you find songs you’re good at singing. 

If you don’t know how to discover this, use the following proven techniques…

  • Ask your friend to tell you the songs they think you’re good at.
  • Inquire from your fellow choristers or music director if you’re still in the choir.
  • observe your feelings when you sing. 

If you use these techniques you should be good to go. 

All in all, now you know the type of music that appeals to you and also the ones you’re good at. 

Here’s what you should do next…

Merge all the personalities, qualities, and genres into one song and you’ll blossom. 

In fact, I believe so much in the secrets above that if implemented will change your music career for good. 

That out of the way, you’re not going to magically blow up. 

You need to promote your songs!

I can’t overemphasize it enough…

if you don’t promote your songs effectively, the strategies I’ll share with you above will all be fruitless and hold no weight. 

4. Time for The Real Deal 

Now you’ve discovered your Unique Selling Point (UPS). It’s time to write the song. 

I am by no means a songwriter but I am a writer. You don’t need a university degree to be a profound songwriter. You don’t need to have years of experience to write a song. 

But what I can tell you is that you need a music director to critique your first song. 

Subsequently, you can build on the corrections and recommendations from the music director. 

I know it may be tough to get a music director to criticize your work without having to pay, but if you can pay, you should pay. 

For the rest that can’t afford it, then hook up profound musicians online that you’ve built a relationship with and they’ll be glad to help.   

5. Don’t Quit Your Job

I know you probably heard otherwise. Some motivational speakers will tell you; you cant be a jack of all trades and succeed at any. 

In fact, they go as far as saying for you to be successful you need to leave other things and pursue your music career.

Although that may be true for some people that are financially well to do or have built up considerable financial strength over the years. 

For the rest of you, it’s a bad idea to leave your job and kickstart a career in the music industry. 

Here’s why…

I know it’d be a bit distracting and demanding to work all day and still be an effective musician in Nigeria. 

Especially with the recent hike in the price of commodities and the decrease in the standard of living. 

It’s tough! that’s why I advised that you ensure you’re passionate about music earlier on. 

Now back to the point I was illustrating…

If you decide to quit your job for music and it doesn’t pay off as quickly as expected it’ll definitely bourne you out. 

More so, you have family responsibilities to take care of. You can’t possibly shy away from your responsibilities as still be good at music.


6. Join Popular Music Talent Hunt Show

start a music career

There are numerous music talent hunt shows in Nigeria. For most of them, you need just 5 to 10 thousand Naira to get enrolled. 

Talent shows have proven to be relevant in the music scene in Nigeria. 

Although, some of the famous talent shows have gone into extinction. 

Some are poping people into the limelight even to date. 

Music talent shows like: 

  • Access The Star
  • The Voice Nigeria

The above-mentioned shows are still relevant in Nigeria. While the talent shows below are no more:

  • Project Fame 
  • Nigeria Idol 
  • Nigeria Got Talent

Mercy Chinwo, Praiz, Inyanya, Esther, Timi Dakolo, Chidinma, etc are products of these talent hunt shows. All in all, they are still relevant in the Nigerian music industry. 

Strive to win, but if you don’t win, np problems, you have a huge skill set and popularity you can build a sustainable music carrier on. 

7. Don’t Neglect YouTube

I repeat; Don’t neglect Youtube!. 

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Every minute, 500 hours of videos are published on YouTube. 

Wow! What does that tell you?

The platform is highly beneficial to any profession. 

I know you are probably asking what type of content you should post when you’re starting out on YouTube. 

Well, fortunately, I create lyrics videos that can be uploaded on YouTube. And also, I highly recommend that you start making cover songs. More on cover songs below. 

By now you’re wondering how to start and grow a YouTube Music channel. 

Luckily for you, I’ve created two massive guides on how to start and grow a successful Youtube channel even if you don’t know anything about it. 

Check the recommended articles below:

How To Start A Music YouTube Channel (Complete Guide) 2021

Secrets To Grow Your Music YouTube Channel Fast (2021)

That brings us to the next…

8. Stay With One Music Blogger

The reason some families recommend one family doctor is not because they don’t have sufficient finances. 

It’s solely because of insecurity. 

Let me explain:

If a doctor has been treating you for example and suddenly, you change to another, there’s bound to be complications in your health. 

Now, that’s if the doctor is doing a good job before the switch. 

Why am I saying all these?

You are likened to the patient and the doctor is the music blogger. 

Except your present music blogger is incompetent, do not switch from one music blogger to another.

It’s very dangerous to your music carrier. It can make or destroy your career.  

If you’re a gospel musician and would want me to help with your music promotion, then leave a comment below this post and we will talk from there.

9. Basic Music Copyright Laws 

start music career

The music business in Nigeria and the world is governed by some basic laws. 

And if violated can cause severe punishment by the law. Below are some of the basic music copyright laws you should know:

  • ⦁ Do not use anyone’s song for any commercial purpose without obtaining a license.
  • ⦁ Do not use the same music name or song title as another registered artiste. 

For more basic music copyright laws read it.

Wrapping Up – How To Start A Music Career In Nigeria 

Starting a profitable music career in Nigeria is hinging on the strategies I mentioned above. 

I guarantee that if implemented accurately will be loads of results. 

But I must warn you: 

No good thing comes on a silver platter, it takes time, consistency, and investment to work. 

Now, over to you:

Which of the strategies are you going to try out first and why? 

Let me know in the comment section below.  

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