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TikTok Music Promotion: 8 Easy Strategies To Increase Engagement and Go viral

TikTok is over 315 million total downloads worldwide with over 500million active users, which is a goldmine for music promotion.

Not only is this a whopping 58 percent increase from the previous quarter, more impressively, it is also the highest amount of downloads an app has ever received in a given quarter.

In short; if you want to increase your engagement and go viral with your music on TikTok, you’ll love the actionable and incredibly simple strategies in this article.

Without further ado, Let’s get started.

Tiktok Music promotion: 8 Easy Strategies To Increase Engagement and Go viral

  • ·        15 seconds hook technique
  • ·        Leverage comic kits
  • ·        Collaborate with other influencers and musicians
  • ·        No more Traditional use of hashtags
  • ·        Bio Optimization
  • ·        Do giveaways
  • ·        Host Contests
  • ·         Allow Influencers Use Your Song For free

Let’s start with

1.   15 Second Hook Technique

This is a pretty cool technique that will dramatically increase your reach in minutes without having to pay for anything.

Basically, the TikTok algorithm runs on 15-second videos, therefore its super important to go back to your song and choose the best performing one.

Now, that you’ve chosen the best performing song. Take your time listen through your song and find the perfect 15 second moment that catches the attention of the listener.

It may be a transitioning, parable, or wise saying.

If you don’t know, inquire from your friends you’ll get a perfect moment that would work.

That out of the way, take a critical look at the chorus or verse you’ve selected. What clip will match the message? What would you do to bring out the visual message therein?

Now, you know what to do. Make a video off the 15second hook using apps like, Bandlab, Inshot, and the likes.


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2.   Leverage Comic kits

Everyone likes to laugh. A little giggling here and there will tremendously increase your reach.  

I know what you are thinking; I’m not a comedian how do I make people laugh?

It’s fine to feel that way, but you don’t have to be a standup comedian to radiate laughter and smile on people’s faces.

I highly recommend posting comic kits from other comedians that have cracked you up. If a hilarious clip caused you to laugh, it’s likely that your fans will laugh too.

As people laugh and react to your video, TikTok Algorithm will automatically suggest your content to more people.

Better still, you can film yourself cooking in the kitchen and finally eating the meal.

In the video, make sure your song is playing in the background. Chances are your fans will inquire of the song and probably download it.

If you leverage this, your fan base will see a spike and probably increase your engagement.

3.   Collaborate With Other Influencers and Musicians

There’s a popular saying; “No man is an island”. At some point in your career, you need others to make an impact.

Before you go looking for influencers and musicians, make sure they are related to your genre of music.  Do not go looking for a musician that’s into RnB when you sing contemporary Christian music.

It will conflict down the road and obviously hurt your brand in the long run.

4.   No More Traditional Use Of hashtags

Everyone is talking about hashtags on social media. I have seen some spamming the algorithm with unnecessary hashtags. Hashtags that don’t move the needle.

In my studies, I discovered that 30% of Nigerian artistes use hashtags to explain their moods and feelings.

It’s a million times wrong.

Hashtags are used to tap into the fan base of other artistes and probably increase your reach.

Typically, Hashtags with more posts and engagements tend to do well versus generic hashtags that are not related to the content you are posting.

5.   Bio Optimization

Whoever lands on your page should get a clear idea of what you do and how to contact you.

Your bio shouldn’t showcase your hobbies and dislikes, rather it’s an avenue to showcase your core areas of specialization and how they can contact you.

Bio optimization is super important for conversion.

6.   Do Giveaways

It’s no news that everyone likes freebies. I like freebies. You like freebies. Definitely, they will like freebies.

When you do a giveaway, it shows you love your fans and acknowledge their efforts.

Truth be told, they expend data on downloading your songs, staying up to speed what’s happening with you. They deserve something extremely cool from you.

Doing this, don’t go overboard. I highly recommended giving away airtime.

7.  Host Contests

As a musician, the most important thing in running a contest or challenge is to keep to your promise of rewarding your fans and incentivizing them to participate in your music.

There are different kinds of contests to choose from. Comedy kits, lips syncing, and dance challenge. The contestant with more engagements could be offered a free ticket to one of your shows, VIP, or a treat to an eatery.

Better still, the contestant with the highest engagement can get a signed T-shirt and shoes.

In essence, do something memorable to acknowledge them. It will speak volumes in your musical career. 

8.   Allow Influencers Use Your Song

It can be enticing to wanting to charge influencers for using your songs for production but do not restrict people from using your songs at your early days.

The reason being that, more eyeballs will feed on it. Truth be told, you won’t be making money off it because it’s being used for free.

But you stand a better chance of getting your songs to more ears. In the long run, your popularity will pay off in cash.

So, starting out, you shouldn’t consider the profitability. Leverage every channel to market your song and grow your fan base.

Wrapping Up – TikTok Music Promotion Strategies

The surge in downloads is most likely a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Under lockdown, consumers were spending increasingly more time on their mobile phones and seeking out entertainment and new ways to stay connected, which in turn, drove TikTok downloads.

So, leveraging the actionable techniques in this will dramatically increase your followers, engagements, and music downloads over time.

Over to you;

What technique in this article are you going to try first? Did I omit anything?

Let’s talk in the comment section. 

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