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How To Make Money Uploading TikTok Videos On YouTube

If you want to make money uploading TikTok videos to Youtube without copyright strike and watermark-free. 

You’ll cherish this post. 

It’s no news that Tiktok is speedily growing and almost phasing out Youtube because both platforms share the same video-based audience. 

Like you and i.  

The best part?

In the end, you’ll be able to upload Tiktok Videos to Youtube without copyright strike and watermark. 

Enough of the talks, let’s get on with it. 

Can I Use TikTtok Videos On YouTube?

Tiktok videos can be uploaded on YouTube only if they don’t contain content identity tracking code or if the song hasn’t been pre-distributed on Youtube Music. 

Let’s look into what that is and how to upload TikTok videos on YouTube and ultimately make money.  

Make sure you read to the end in other not to get your Youtube account banned or demonetized.

What Is YouTube Music? Or Content Identity? 

Before we get on to how to upload TikTok videos to Youtube, let’s talk about what it means to distribute songs to Youtube Music or Content identity system. 


Content ID system monitors content containing copyright and immediately flags it.

Simply put, Youtube music is likened to Spotify and Apple Music. therefore, musicians distribute their songs on digital stores like Youtube Music to make money from streams. 

For more on music distribution read the article. 

So when a song is distributed to Youtube Music, Apple Music, etc. it automatically generates a Content ID to enable the creator to lay claims on the property if used illegally. 

It means that the creator owns the legal right to take down your channel or the video if used without the creator’s permission.

So when a Tiktok video is having a song in the background, check to see if the song is copyrighted before uploading it to Youtube. 

It can get your account banned.   

Read this article to understand what goes into copyright and how to scale through.

Want to make money through uploading videos to youtube? 

….There is a technical part to YouTube called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure to read  Youtube Music marketing strategies.

How Do I Upload TikTok Videos To Youtube Without Watermark

Before getting on with this step, make sure you are following the steps above. 

Let’s get on with it!

Before I get on with the game, let me say this upfront, there are no benefits of removing TikTok watermarks.  

Nevertheless, follow the steps below to remove any TikTok Watermark.

How To Remove TikTok Watermark On Android

  • Go to google play, then download and install “Remove & Add watermark”.
  • Tap Select Video, Next, tap Remove logo and Choose the TikTok video you’ll be using your app. 
  • Then, move the rectangular box on the watermark. 
  • Tap “Save” once completed, then tap on the checkmark icon. 

Congratulations! Share Your experience with others in the comment section below. 

How To Remove TikTok Watermark On Videos Using iPhone (iOS)

  • Download the “Video Eraser” from the App Store on your iOS device. 
  • After downloading it, launch it. 
  • Tap the “More” icon, then tap Crop video to delete the watermark, then pick the TikTok video you want to process on your iOS device. 
  • Next, pick the TikTok video aspect ratio, and choose the watermark on the video. 
  • Last up, tap the export icon once completed to begin erasing the watermark from your video. 

Congratulations! Share your experience with others in comment sections. 

Wrapping Up – TikTok Videos On YouTube

Youtube is such an incredibly streamlined way to make money online. 

I highly recommend it. 

If the solutions in the post helped you a ton or vice versa, leave your experience in the comment section. 

If you would like me to cover more topics like this, leave a comment below. 

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