Top10 Nigerian Gospel Songs

#KE Top 5 Nigerian Gospel Songs of the Month (October 2020)

The Nigerian gospel industry is undoubtedly skyrocketing in the international community. And as such some songs have soaked the lips of many far and wide.

Kingdom Echo will not fail to identify some of the soul stirring and prominent songs.

Therefore, we will unleash the best performing songs that is determined by our audience – Via number of streams, downloads and social media engagement.

Top 5 songs with really powerful messages and most importantly they resonate with our audience.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is not Nigerian specific. Your blessing is not tied to understanding the language but your connection with the melodious flow of chants and instruments.

Without further ado,

Let’s get started.

Before we delve in, I will be unleashing them in ascending other.

So, stick around and enjoy.

Top 5 Nigerian Gospel Songs of the Month (October 2020)

  1. Holy Ghost – Judikay
  2. Oronomo Nise Fayati – Dunsin Oyekan Ft. TY Bello
  3. Intentional God – Happy Clement
  4. Calling – Ebuka Songs
  5. Awone – Naomee Ft. Chris Morgan

Top#1.  Holy Ghost By Judikay

From the stables of EeZee Concepts hail the Nigerian gospel minister, Judikay on this one titled “Holy Ghost”.

The renowned gospel artiste Judikay has been in the entertainment scene. Holy Ghost is a track from the robust Album Man Of Galilee.

Top Nigerian Gospel Songs

Top#2.  Oronomo Nise Fayati Dunsin Oyekan Ft. TY Bello

The spontaneous worship leader, Minister Dunsin Oyekan releases a chant featuring Minister, TY Bello entitled Oronomo Nise Fayati.

Top Nigerian Gospel Songs

Top#3.  Intentional God By Happy Clement

Nigerian fast-rising, phenomenal gospel minister, songwriter, praise machine, and performing artiste, Happy Clement delivers a worship song “Intentional God” produced by “FavourEjexs”.

Top Nigerian Gospel Songs

Top#4.  Calling By Ebuka Songs

Ebuka Songs is a young Nigerian scintillating music Minister with the Vision of Preaching God’s Word through His Sounds.

Top Nigerian Gospel songs

Top#5.  Awone by Naomee Ft. Chris Morgan

Awone is one of the soul-stirring songs from the Naomee’s debut album notably cited as “Beautiful by Grace”. The kingdom Echo is delivered in code-switching between English and Idoma languages (Benue State).


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